Lindsay Lohan might be engaged

October 19th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted in several photos sporting what appears to be an engagement ring. A radio DJ in Nebraska is now claiming he received confirmation from Lindsay’s man Riley Giles that the two are indeed engaged. The DJ made contact with Riley after visiting his ex-fiancee’s MySpace page. Ok! Magazine has the details:

“I read an article about [Riley's] ex-fiance; I was trying to book her on my radio show,” JJ explains to OK!. “I saw on her MySpace that she was bickering with Riley, so I went back to the article and realized it was Lindsay’s man! This is when I e-mailed him, and tried to get him on the show.”

JJ then claims that Lindsay and Riley, who met in rehab at Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah, got engaged, at the Utah resort the actress stayed at after she first exited rehab. JJ tells OK! that it was Riley himself who revealed he was engaged.

Just to bring you up to speed, Riley Giles was engaged to another girl when he started dating Lindsay Lohan. Riley stopped calling his ex and let her find out things were over by reading the tabloids. On the flipside, Lindsay was doing coke in rehab and having sex in bathroom stalls. These two are practically like Adam and Eve – but assholes.

Photos: Splash News

  1. kagres

    I look forward to another hollywood divorce in the tabloids. :)

  2. kagres

    ps. BOOBS!!

  3. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    No wonder she was in no hurry to leave. Twatnik #2 of the day. And I’ll bet, like Brit-tit, she thinks this guy really loves her and it’ll last forever. Hah!

    When you steal another girl’s man, you get exactly what you fucking deserve. Fucked over.

  4. kpol

    Dear God, please do not let her reproduce.

    Although, she might out Britney Britney at mothering skills.

    Random Cop: “Mrs. Giles, that’s not a bong. That’s your child. No, I don’t know where you put your bong. Please take the lighter away from his ass.”

  5. Tehlilmuffin

    how long have they been dating….
    Her boobs like gianormouslytastic in these pictures

  6. Nice boob shot

    For once LL has a nice pic! Great tit shot!

  7. Clem

    “I feel like over the last 4 hours I’ve really come to know you – and you really know me!”

    “Yes, it’s like…um….we have like, er,…a real like, connection!! So Cool!”


    And it is then that if there is a god he/she/it would have acted.

  8. Vince Lombardi

    She’s into bondage. Check out the necklace.

  9. cashitin

    Why is she shopping – I thought she was broke. Nice white-headed zit just below her lower lip. I do kinda wish that big ol tittie would have fallen out though. Skank!

  10. I fuck fat women

    she has great tits for such a skinny bitch

  11. Sheva

    Hookup in rehab. Get out, get married. Divorce. Repeat.

    Thought one of the rehab tenets was not hooking up while undergoing change.
    Of course none of that would apply to Lindzer Lowhore, the lowest of the low.

  12. nofan

    do they give you condoms in rehab?
    i bet she’s pregnant.

  13. Clem

    I think she and Britney Spears must share a manicurist.

    By manicurist, I mean someone to smash their hands in with a mallet every other week after they have whittled down their nails to the skin.


  14. It was so nice when she was in rehab. We did not have to hear about her every day. Now if we could get Britney and Paris in to rehab for about a year

  15. meddingminx

    Sorry to poop in the punchbowl, but wasn’t there just a story about Lindsay’s dad presenting her with a diamond ring, apparently to signify their renewed commitment to one another?

  16. Dick Richards (escape artist)

    The wedding’s being planned as we speak. It will take place atop a gigantic moutain in the sierras. Everyone will be on snowboards and whatever fag-holyman they use to actually marry them will be one of her fiance’s snowboarder “bras”. Nothing says love, or testosterone like carving the side of a mountain on your perfectly waxed board, dude. Or pulling twelve Gs on landing from, like, the most gnarly jump ever, dude! Or like fucking one of your buddies after he landed his first double-twisty-magoo backflips, dude. Extreme. Extreme living. Only the strong survive. No wonder she’s gonna marry him. Keeper!

  17. CelebrityLottery

    K-Fed got britney. Now skateboarder gets LiLo. I guess dating these dollies is cheaper than buying Lotto tickets. And when the sex gets boring and the marriage ends there can be more money than winning lotto in the divorce.


    Getting engaged in rehab? That is karmic irony!!

  19. Oh, so once again no one tells me there is a new post??? You guys suck, I was still commenting on the last post and then I heard (literally) grasshoppers.

  20. supes


    On a side note: Superficial sucks ass!

  21. Catch up Fish

    This has already been disproved, about two days ago. Her dad bought her the ring, presumably at Your Diamond Store, Zales.

    I’m guessing Lindsay has forgotten Riley ever existed. What began in Utah stays in Utah.

  22. Ted from LA

    She’s marrying her dad? That’s messed up. From where in Mississippi does she dwell?

  23. Sam Hain

    well, i’d rather look at her than britney…
    oh and #20 you say that like it’s a bad thing. buh-dum-bump!

  24. Mick

    # 9 that’s not a zit. It’s a herpes score!

  25. Mick

    Her boobs are oddly shaped.

  26. Shit4Brains

    Pending wardrobe malfunction…………….

  27. Auntie Kryst

    @16 Too funny! I got nothin’ after that. I’ll just say great side boob shot.

  28. FRIST do you want me to send you an email when a new post comes out? Whats for lunch today?

  29. Veggi

    great boob shot. i wish mine looked that good. oh well… back to work on the farm!

  30. Auntie Kryst

    Wait wait, I got it…ahem…Fucking stupid twat. Nice goddamn photos of her looking all happy and shit out at the park. “See everyone I’m working the program, taking it one day at a time. I’m loving nature now that I’m working my twelve steps. See, see, see me everyone?” Skank isn’t fooling anyone.

  31. bas

    Now that she’s married I’m afraid I won’t bump into her at a club in Hollywood and bribe her with coke to fuck me in the bathroom :(

    Wait, no…that can totally still happen. It’s just a marriage. *phew*

  32. ssdd

    I wish I had $1.00 for every freckle that goddamn hideous bitch has on her.
    ALso she needs to take a look at the tabloids sometime and checkout her side profile…her hair is receding like her pedophile daddys did.
    You could easily sit something up on TOP of her head clearing her hair all together.

  33. veggi

    @29- dude, my farm animals do not want to fuck you, mmmm k? get lost.

    PS- my tits are pretty nice, really.

  34. It's Pat

    Well then veggi I want to splooge on them. Or fondle and lick them in a very womanly way. Your choice.

  35. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

  36. fuckyou

    wow 35. maybe you could find some enjoyment in crawling up yer pigs ass. or is that your wife.

  37. N

    Yay, she’s marrying a guy who got busted for forging prescriptions to get controlled substances. They are made for each other! Who will be the first to od?

  38. Sam Hain

    yeah AK…

    it works
    it’s worth it
    so work it
    you’re worth it
    it won’t work if you don’t work it.
    work your it or it your worka wokka wokka

  39. I’d be more polite but I have to say I agree with #35′s basic idea. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t be more polite

  40. J-Sin

    I would sooooo hit that…

  41. ToTellTheTruth

    Engaged to who? Or should I say WHAT. A fucking gin bottle? Who’d marry this drunken lying bitch?

  42. jake

    I hate fake boobs, but you gotta give it up for Lindsay’s chemical bags. No natural boob would look like that in a side shot after the punishment she’s dished out to her body, and you don’t even see the baggie ripples. Kudos to the leering fondler who did the surgery.

  43. gotmilk?

    oh is this like when she wore a diamond ring when she was sleeping with Jared Leto? bitch just wants to be talked about, that’s all.

    and let’s be real, no one would marry this soon to be Dina Lohan look-alike, and Lindsay certainly wouldn’t marry a nobody snowboarder.

  44. Italian Stallion

    Cocaine is a helluva drug, shit, you might even get engaged in rehab………..

  45. Wink Eubanks

    She’d be hotter if she wasn’t a Ginger Kid with all those freckles all over her and if she wasn’t such a skank.

  46. 1MILF Hunter

    That is an OK jug shot.

  47. J-Sin

    #46 Skanks know how to fuck. And her boobies are real. And spectacular.

  48. raydurz

    Side boob!

  49. Katrina

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually true. I grew up in Utah and the people there get married like falling off logs. A kid I went to school with was actually proud of the fact that he waited four whole months to ask his girl to marry him rather than the usual two. That may sound like a joke but he was very serious and very ready to finally, you know, “go all the way” with a girl rather than spanking it everynight to the underwear section of his mom’s Sears Catalog. fucking mormons.

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