Lindsay Lohan makes Jessica Simpson cry


A little late on this one, but Linsday Lohan confronted Jessica Simpson last Thursday at The Dime and caused her to cry. According to witnesses, Lohan sent over a round of drinks to Jessica Simpson and Brett Ratner and they failed to thank her. Afterwards, Lohan approached the table and confronted Simpson. A source says:

“Lindsay said, ‘What’s the matter? When your sister is around, you can talk shit about me, but now that Ashlee’s not here, what are you going to do? C’mon! I’m 19 and you’re 25. Say something, you coward!”

Simpson’s response? She burst into tears. “She told Lindsay that she didn’t want to cause a scene,” says the source. But Lohan only grew more infuriated. “She said, ‘Let’s go outside then, you and me. Alone. I don’t need to embarrass you. I’m not causing a scene. You think I care? Step outside! Let’s go,'” says the source. “Ratner tried to calm down Lohan, to no avail.

I usually enjoy it when Lindsay Lohan throws one of her signature diva fits, but picking on Jessica Simpson is a little too cruel. It’s like bullying a mentally challenged child. Sure you made her cry, but so did the scary dog at the supermarket.