Lindsay Lohan makes awesome decisions

Lindsay Lohan has decided to bail on the required alcohol education classes that keep her out of jail and instead head to Cannes to promote her new movie Inferno which is already struggling financially before production has even started. TMZ reports:

Simple math — If Lindsay doesn’t complete at least four more classes, she’s in violation of probation and the judge has made it clear … Lindsay will go to jail.
Sources say Lindsay — who is in NYC right now — has made it clear she’s flying to France for the film festival. We’re told she’s going to publicize her movie about Linda Lovelace.
We’re told Lindsay will fly from NYC to L.A. today, get her stuff and then head off to France tomorrow. A lot of flying … but no alcohol ed.
And there’s this … if Lindsay doesn’t complete the required number of classes and doesn’t show up in court next Wed., it’s standard operating procedure for the judge to issue a warrant for her arrest.

Setting aside the fact Lindsay Lohan will never see the inside of a jail cell because she saw Arnold Schwarzenegger penis at her 16th birthday party (Mystery solved.), what kind of publicity does she honestly hope to generate at Cannes? “Hey, it’s Lindsay Lohan shitting in the harbor after a night of drinking. I suddenly want to see her act!” I can she how she would think that might work, but at the same time I can also see how syphilis makes a person goddamn insane.

Photos: Splash News