Lindsay Lohan Loses Card

20041208lohanlicense.jpgLooks like somebody found Lindsay Lohan’s lost driver’s license and American Express Centurion Card (Black Card). I don’t care much for the license, but somebody get me that friggin card. I doubt I could afford the $2,500 annual rate, but the privilege of owning one would be well worth giving up eating. Plus I hear that when you flash the Black Card around, poor people actually vanish. It’s like the card can magically sense when people worth less than $10 million are around and physically destroy them. Man, if that card number wasn’t blurred out I would so buy myself an island on eBay.

*UPDATE: A reader sent in a version of the scan without the card number blurred out. I’d put it up, except I’d prefer to keep all the illegal online shopping to myself. eBay island here I come! Oh, and there’s the whole not being a complete asshole on the internet by putting up other people’s private information thing.