Lindsay Lohan looks unfamiliar

October 26th, 2006 // 89 Comments








  1. MamaK

    Ew …. fist!

  2. They are all on drugs ,but she is looking very sexy…

  3. She looks the same as she always does… Kim Katrell’s Older Sister.

  4. beifiori

    We’re not used to seeing her face, fish, hence the difference.

  5. jrzmommy


  6. beifiori

    my guess is she blew one while giving the other a handjob aka the hohan special.

  7. jrzmommy

    PS–Why does Horhan look like Ian Ashbury from the Cult, circa 1987??

  8. MalynLaReina


    awww… third is never an accomplishment… but someday, someday, third will be mine.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Look at that greasy face, that and her whack-ass body just gives me a raging soft-on for this chic.

    oh, that, and all the STDs

  10. MalynLaReina

    damn someone beat me to THIRD! THIRD!

    i really can’t win…

    even hohan is beating me at the game of life…

    i mean really getting to hug K-FEd what an honor… that’s +50 points in the game of life…

    *if you can’t notice the sarcasm dripping from my words you should just die and give up on the game of life. right now*

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Being third is overated, you always feel like you’re two places behind.

  12. jrzmommy

    poor soldiers…..they survive Iraq only to succumb to Toxic Crotch Gasses.

  13. LilRach

    Loves the hair – hate everything else – what the fuck is up with her outfits lately? superficial guy that’s an insult to Demi Moore – she looks more like Demi in 20 years time.
    From a distance she looks hot but up close…… Ew yuck! I can’t believe she is only 19!

  14. hamacus

    Hohan to the guys in uniform…
    how many shots do you guys have in those things? No…not the rifles silly!

  15. She looks like she did after that 4 hour sex romp we had the other week.

    Call me Linds!!!

  16. siren823

    Obviously, she had her lips done. She is such a pretty girl. Why is she wrecking herself?
    Oh, yeah. Lack of parenting, drug abuse.

  17. Laurie1122

    lip collagen much?

  18. BarbadoSlim

    Hey Mommy, I think you’re right that IS Earl, so I guess she bedded him at her earliest opportunity.

    She’s pregnant now…

  19. Madrid Marriott

    Last photo… why the fuck is that guy wearing knee pads? I think that violates the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.

    And it would be easy to say that Hohan should be wearing the knee pads, but really, she doesn’t need them anymore. That bitch has built up such callouses on her knees from routinely giving head and getting dog-pounded on pavement, gravel driveways, bathroom floors, etc….

  20. slantingthroughdarkness

    Oh my God, it’s happening. Lindsay’s turning into Stevie Nicks.

  21. jrzmommy

    A Horhan/Earl child.

    There’s not really much left to say now. So….um……….okay….keep it real, guys….I’m gonna go take a bubble bath with my toaster now…..

  22. el_princess

    Jesu…someone’s been hitting the “sugar” jar a little hard lately.

    And by “sugar” I of course mean blow.

    What a crackwhore.

  23. BeautifulNightmare

    Horhan is total *white* trash. Maybe it is good she is hanging with good ole’ Earl, that way she doesn’t miss home that much – the trailer park!

  24. gatorbates

    Jeesh, her face kind of looks like the massive taco bell lava eruption I just left in the 6th floor toilet.

  25. ponk

    lmao @ #19
    i think in that last picture she’s being placed under military arrest for impersonating a potato sack.

  26. assfacecocknocker

    she looks slightly less horrible than usual.

    i would slip a salty length up her.

  27. Sheva

    It’s blow-whore, dusted with blow to the max.
    This chick is more tense than a two day straight meth user.

    At least she’s getting sensation back in her lips. That should help with fellatio.

  28. SonJaSpiCe

    Remember how hot she was in Mean Girls? Sigh.

  29. mrs.t

    Jrzmommy is right….She Sells Sanctuary.

  30. cole007

    the upper lip pout is ridiculous-looking. few can pull off “looking hot.”

    She sorta looks like a mid-nineties Laura Flynn Boyle in some of those pics.

    the clothing IS BAD. is she competiting with Sienna on who can be the crappiest-dressed little bad-accress?

    She does look extra skinny in the face from all the blow. You can see that a mile away. Snort it up, honey, you’ll all run out of money eventually. And where would it have gotten you? In the archives of superfish.

  31. cole007

    And by the way, I forgot the most important thing – she STOLE my hair color. I got that exact color wash on August 20th. Bitch. Copycat bitch. Get your OWN hair color, Linds… and keep out of my LIFE!

  32. mrs.t

    At the very least, she doesn’t always look completely miserable like MK Olsen. How can a 23-year-old millionairess be that luke ALL the time? Is she just hungry, or are her new chinese torture booties just way too tight?

    Lindsay’s mom should be jailed along with her crackhead dad-that kid didn’t have a fucking chance in hell to not be a coke-whore.

  33. I am hoping that Pic #9 (which you can’t see here) is a picture of those two guys pumping about 2,000 rounds of lead in to her Morticia Addams looking ass.

    Honestly, she looks like Tara Reid with black hair. Maybe they’ll be roomies at the Betty Ford clinic one day.

  34. frenchtoaststix

    She looks like she ate a pork chop with her hands tied behind her back.

  35. Hey, what do you know? BLOGSPOT is down – AGAIN!

    That fucking thing goes down more that Paris on a first date.

  36. Actually, now that I really look at her she looks more like Michael Jackson than Tara Reid.

  37. Italian Stallion

    If she’s gonna choke K-Fed to death, she needs a better grip then that. Shit, the two fucking military guys want to do the world a favor, fucking start blasting the shit out of those two fucking retards………..

  38. Italian Stallion

    My bad Ferret, didn’t see post 33…….

    I added K-Fag in the killing though……..

  39. herbiefrog

    …on the sea shore


    looking babelicious
    [excuse me who said that]

  40. BarbadoSlim

    Or Bill O’Pervo err I mean O’Reilly

  41. carvideos

    She looks my my sisters friend in this video

  42. yuckyfresh

    she got rid of her freckles!!! how’d she do that? the same way jacko got rid of his blackness?? how sad….

  43. amhi

    Anyone elso notice K-Fag’s shirt?
    It takes a special kind of class to wear a promotional t-shirt for your own album that says when it’s coming out.
    Playing With Cyanide, I’m waiting for that debut. Or Playing with Sledgehammers. Playing With Gravity As I Throw Myself Off A 49,223,438 Foot Building would do as well.

  44. carvideos

    amhi good catch. Man what a dork he is.

  45. I may actually do her with that hair

  46. ApacheRose

    @35, Ferret, I think I saw yet another notification of a “planned maintenance” time. Why the hell they have to do that two days in a row just mystifies me.

    Goddammit, Blogspot, get it together!

    Oh, and TypeKey sucks ass.

  47. @35 Ferret – That precisely what I’m talking about. I’m not worrying about Blogspot for at least a week.

    Check your e-mail

  48. @42 carvideos – Thanks for that site. Anybody who links a site with big, giant Asian boob videos is okay in my book.

  49. sayll

    Underneath the hair dye and fake tan, she’s still a pasty freckled ginger kid.

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