Lindsay Lohan lied about saving kids? GTFO.

So remember when Lindsay Lohan tweeted about saving 40 kids in India last week? She made that shit up to, I’m assuming, absolutely no one’s surprise. NY Daily News reports:

“She was not even in the country when this raid happened,” Bhuwan told the Telegraph.
The children were reportedly freed Tuesday from a central New Delhi workshop and taken to the Ashram rehabilitation centre before being united with their families. Bhuwan says the operation took place hours before Lohan landed in India and a day before the actress and a BBC Three film crew visited the rehab centre.
“We’ll be complaining to the BBC and talking to our lawyers,” Bhuwan said in the paper. “Would Lohan know where these workshops are?”
Bhuwan accused the “Mean Girls” star of trivializing a child rescue operation that the local police and magistrates reportedly took two months to plan.

In Lindsay’s defense, I don’t think she was attempting to trivialize the operation as much as minimize its importance while making it look like she’s the Firecrotch Rambo of child-saving.

*looks up definition of “trivialize”*

Okay, that guy might’ve been right.

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