Lindsay Lohan legitimately invited to Golden Globes party

Despite the fact she hid her face with a hood and enough bronzer to make those Jersey Shore kids pop erections of envy, Lindsay Lohan was actually invited to the The New York Times Style Magazine Party and didn’t crash as some outlets claimed yesterday. Gossip Cop reports:

Gossip Cop spoke to the party’s organizer, Peggy Siegal, who told us, “She didn’t crash. She was expected.”
And, among the reasons Lohan came to the party — which also drew the likes of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges, Jane Fonda, Adam Lambert, and Anna Kendrick – was that she wanted to see Best Screenplay nominee (“It’s Complicated”) Nancy Meyers, who cast her way back when in “The Parent Trap.”

Of course, none of this makes any sense. After being recognized by your peers and the Hollywood Foreign Press, who the hell wants to walk into a celebration where Ninja Lindsay Lohan’s trying to fellate her career back to life? I’d rather see a spider monkey with AIDS dishing out the shrimp. “Thank you, Popo. Haha, look, everybody, he’s biting my ear! Whee!”

Photos: Getty