Lindsay Lohan knows how to do a B&E

Lindsay Lohan, or “Skulls O’Grady” as she’ll now be called, locked herself out of Samantha Ronson’s house last night and eventually broke in. But not before calling a locksmith who she refused to pay, according to The Sun:

The 23-year-old star walked around the entrance of the house as the locksmith started working on the door, watched by Lindsay’s pal Christy.
She then found an open window and exclaimed, “What the f***, the lock just came undone. You know what sir, we already got in, thanks. We just broke in. We just found a way in.”
She then refused to pay the man’s call out fee, claiming he was asking for $300.
“He’s trying to charge me $300. I’ve paid these guys before, $80 (£50), and now he wants money for trying to get me in, he didn’t do his job!”
The star then offered the locksmith £13 ($20), before returning indoors and refusing to pay anything.

I love how during this whole debacle nobody thought to question if Lindsay Lohan was really supposed to be in Sam’s house even while watching her essentially break in. I’m not saying it wasn’t an innocent case of forgetting her keys, but I’m also not saying Sam wasn’t missing a kidney this morning and Lindsay’s now $5 grand richer.

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