Lindsay Lohan knew burglary suspect

September 22nd, 2009 // 39 Comments

Lindsay Lohan allegedly was acquainted with the suspect arrested for breaking into her house and Audrina Patridge’s earlier this year, according to TMZ:

Several people who worked with her on the movie “Labor Pains” — which was shot last year — tell TMZ they saw Nick Prugo hanging out on the set with Lindsay. One person who worked on the set estimates she saw them together at least 10 times.
Prugo — who is 18 — was arrested for cocaine possession last February. He pled guilty and was placed in a drug diversion program. He was also arrested last month for DUI.
We don’t know if Prugo had been to Lindsay’s house prior to the break-in.

Wait. He was busted for coke? She knew him. But feel free to check his penis for scorch marks if you feel the need to be redundant.


  1. Pilatunes


    Oh, and she is going to prison yaaaay!

  2. R.I.P.Each

    Her hair is bleached so we don’t notice her going bald.

  3. Kim

    “Knew him” = He was Lindsey’s coke dealer. Probably robbed her because she stiffed him.

  4. R.I.P.Each


  5. Peter's Penis



  6. R.I.P.Each

    Guess I really was farth.

  7. Valerie

    3 An 18 year old coke dealer? Uhhhhh…a go-between if anything.

  8. A dealer or someone who worked for the dealer.


  9. gotmilk?

    won’t she just drop dead already?

  10. Randal

    Lindsay, you look amazing in these photos! I’m so loving the pouting lip look you’ve mastered, which many other celebrities are trying to imitate. Hope they find your stolen goods, nothing like having what you worked so hard for taken away from you.


  11. KG

    Thought it said “Lindsay Lohan blew burglary suspect.” Which I consider a tautology, and not worth posting.

  12. havoc

    Drug burn.




  13. Never a dull moment in the life of Lindsay…

  14. Fry Brain

    She needs to fire her hair colorist ASAP, white/blond roots and yellow hair is really ugly. I know that both Sears and Penny’s have beauty salons that would’ve done a better job for 1/10 what she paid.

  15. Rod

    ENOUGH of this attention-starved leprechaun whore. She’s like a living, breathing, walking version of that rape scene from Crash.

  16. EricLR

    She was probably working with him. They no doubt came up with this brilliant money-making insurance fraud scheme in the middle of a coke binge (along with the clever idea of starting a fast food chain specializing in deep fried fruits).

  17. She is so STUPID! And whats up with her hair, is she losing that too? She already lost her damn mind!

  18. xxxRandalxxx

    Dear Randal, the pouting lips are from the injections, dumbass.

  19. titsonsnack

    Did she get her top lip inflated?
    Why do people do that?
    It never looks good. It only ever looks silly.

  20. Galtacticus

    Due the lack of a piece of brain named ‘common sense’,this girl gonna be in big trouble one day.

  21. ING

    @7 … Have you ever BEEN to LA?? Coke is in such high demand there that I’d probably only do a double-take if I saw a 4 year old selling coke.

  22. wethepeople

    I ordinarily will not speak about people’s substance problems, but this is really sad.
    I haven’t seen any movies that she’s been in, nor do I plan on seeing any in the future. She’s still a human being, and therefore I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Her crazy behavior aside, she has obviously got many demons that haunt her.
    It seems to me that her troubles began with that Volkswagen Beetle with the Disney Corp. I’m in no way saying that Disney is the cause, but there seems to be many ex-disney stars with substance problems, and a generally chaotic lifestyle

    We would do well to realize that she is still a human being. I doubt that any of us would put ourselves in her position to begin with, but if by chance or circumstance we were thrust into her position. I wonder how we would cope.

  23. R.I.P.Each

    Now Randal is one of those people who makes me feel good about myself. everyone here posting on this superficial site should thank him.

    Randal is the epitome of a person with celebrity worship syndrome, frequently comorbid with other, more serious psychiatric ailments. He is great because he is the one commenter on this site who is at least as ape as all of these celebutards that we love to hate. Randal is the quintessential superficial.
    Because of him we don’t seem sick or sad.
    Because of him, there are laws against child molesters.
    Because of him, there are currently no available computers at the local library.
    Hats off to Randal, the man who’s a fan.

    R. I. P.

  24. Slutn hoe USA

    Whyd this bitch put shit in her lips for? Stupid broads

  25. R.I.P.Each

    @ #16


  26. Danielle

    lindsay lohan is a has been. i wouldnt doubt that she was in on all of this. always looking for attention. i love how she covers up her face like she doesnt want the paps to take her pic. she is one of the most annoying celebs out there. too bad, what a waste.

  27. DrunkenJules

    These pictures are so fucking pathetic. Just sad.

  28. Oh, she’s still alive?

  29. cc

    She’s only still alive because she ate Jessica Simpson’s dog.

  30. datroof

    She is looking rugged. The hard-living is taking its toll.

    She’s going to be chaining the face lifts real damn soon if she doesn’t kick this monkey off her back.

    The cola has its talons buried deep in this bitch.

  31. Mama Pinkus

    that gal has aged 20 years in the past five years – is that a friggin’ age spot on her hand?

  32. SuGarDadKiss

    Seeking your sexy partner ON ===SuGarSMinGle.CoM==

  33. Jer

    She is sooooo hot, I would do her instantly for 24 hours straight.

  34. anyhow, i dont love her..

  35. cc

    In a pinch, I’d still plunder her asshole.

  36. EricLR

    #22, no the problem began when she was born to a stage mother who dreamed of living vicariously through her daughter. It just so happens that stage mothers tend to accumulate around Disney since Disney employs more child actors than anyone else and is always actively seeking new talent (to replace their constant stream of former cuties who either age out of the Disney system or scandal/drug their way out of the Disney system).

  37. realist

    Hollywood is rough…..soooooo I’m tired of hearing about the same celebs…new people pleeeease!!! These people bore me now…..

  38. Her hair resembles those old witch halloween wigs that you couldn’t brush the tangles out if you brushed for years without ripping the hair out of it. AWEFUL

  39. am adding this blood. I really like

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