Lindsay Lohan kicked out of the big girl’s club


Looks like this harrowing saga just keeps going. Sunday evening Lindsay claimed Paris hit her with a drink at a house party, saying:

“[Paris Hilton] hit me last night for no reason, apparently, at my friend’s house, and I didn’t know she’d be there, and she hit me, and she hit me with a drink and poured it all over me, and it hurts, and it’s not okay.”

Then Monday morning she was seen with Britney and Paris outside the Beverly Hills Hotel and changed her story to:

“Paris never hit me. She’s my friend. Everyone lies about everything. … Please, stop trying to make us hate each other.”

And now it’s being reported that later that same day the two blew up at each other at Hyde, with Paris yelling at Lindsay:

“You’re a fucking coked-out whore; don’t ever say you’re my friend again!”

And as Paris and Britney headed back to Paris’s house after the incident, paparazzi recorded someone who sounds like Paris screaming:

“Tell that Firecrotch she’s no longer welcome!”

I’ve run out of things to say about these three so I put up a shot of Britney and Paris looking about as close to lesbian lovers as is possible without tongue kissing.