Lindsay Lohan keeps running into people she had sex with

August 22nd, 2008 // 70 Comments

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to go anywhere without running into someone who’s visited La Crotcha de Fuego. Recently, she ran into three of her exes in one night at a West Hollywood club that Samantha Ronson was DJing at. InTouch reports:

“Lindsay chatted with her ex Harry Morton for a few minutes,” a witness explains about the first encounter. “Sam wasn’t thrilled.” Lindsay, 22, was there to support her live-in galpal, who was deejaying the event. But before the night was over, another of Lindsay’s exes, Calum Best, showed up, followed by former girlfriend Courtenay Semel. Although Lindsay’s rep says, “It wasn’t awkward for her to be with all of her exes,” a witness says, “That was definitely enough drama for Lindsay.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Lindsay could walk around blindfolded in a Nebraska corn field and still manage to bump into someone she’s had sex with. The only safe place for her is the moon. And even then…


  1. juicy

    Doesn’t she own a bra?

  2. Melissa


  3. Melissa

    Darn you juicy. For being really first, AND for wishing a bra onto FC…

  4. Ted from LA

    Hey Fish,
    You ended that headline with a preposition.

  5. E

    Marlboros and Cheez-its?! What a shame that money can’t buy intelligence or class. But I must say, her breasts are in-FUCKING-credible.

  6. gobats

    She actually looks kinda foxy in the pic with her holding all those cigarettes

  7. mona

    ?Ebony & Ivory ?

  8. Frito Bandito

    Love the see-thru clothing. I could sit here for hours looking at her breasts!

  9. jaime

    i love how she insists on wearing semi-see-through clothes like black shirt and no bra!
    keep it up lindsay!
    on behalf of the male population of the world, thank you.

    if you want to do another topless shoot like for nymag, you’re absolutely welcome and encouraged!

  10. wanks

    i want to squirt my semen into her vagina! pew pew pew!

  11. jackson browne

    No doubt fish…I just ran into her at lunch today.

  12. Barak Obama

    Even though my face would melt off, I would still go down on her. Of course I would die laughing as she layed down on her back and her breast’s rolled into her arm pits.

  13. Gabriel

    One day, when I’m rich and famous, I’m going to bed that girl. Fiery crotches make my mouth water, as do bra-less breasts. This girl is F-I-N-E.

  14. Observing

    She is very very thin these days (except for the Frankenboobs, of course). Could she be ingesting massive amounts of stimulants? Hmmmmm?

  15. shante mcnasty

    Lindsey looks skinny? Good lord, look at SaMan….she doesn’t have a muscle in her body. Either way…which ever way she is swinging…hopefully she’s found peace in Hollyweird.

  16. shante mcnasty

    Lindsey looks skinny? Good lord, look at SaMan….she doesn’t have a muscle in her body. Either way…which ever way she is swinging…hopefully she’s found peace in Hollyweird.

  17. shante mcnasty

    Lindsey looks skinny? Good lord, look at SaMan….she doesn’t have a muscle in her body. Either way…which ever way she is swinging…hopefully she’s found peace in Hollyweird.

  18. you pizza-faced losers

    Can you pizza-faced losers can tell us how your blowup doll looks much better?

  19. Tight Pussy

    She must be good at eating pussy.

  20. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Wow, she actually looks good in this picture.


    Wow I am so glad that she swings my way now ;)
    those titties are absolutely terrific!! makes my friday.
    I could make her purr like a kitten.

  22. kate

    hey #18, do you just copy and paste your shitty retort every time the fish puts up something? your spam is almost as bad as those dating sites’.

  23. fun fact

    Wow Maria Cantwell, doesn’t well.

  24. La Crotcha de Fuego… priceless

  25. Peter Gammons

    I’d drink her bath water….

  26. Who said she looks foxy? I will hunt you down and give you a pine needle enema (sp?)…god she makes me sick. Freckle face fag!!

  27. typical superficial nerd

    My blowup doll is alot hotter. It has nice firm tits and no cellulite at all.

  28. Sport

    Nice tits, everything else about her revolts me. Skanky pasty ass skin, bitchy demeanor. Did I mention she has great tits?

  29. frist the mutt

    my apologies to mutts

  30. adoe

    Sam’s hair looks slightly better since it’s not that trashy blonde and black, but those damn skinny jeans are so ridiculous. Do you have anything ELSE in your closet girl??

  31. hitler

    This whore is wasting away.

  32. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    What part of “dumb, dirty, disgusting, diseased slut” don’t you understand?

  33. kate

    god. she is sooo fucking gross

  34. Anyone else notice she is buying 3 packs of cigarettes and some Cheez-its and maybe some french dressing. What a health nut.

  35. norton

    For those talking about her owning a bra… she’s 22 and her tits are still where they should be so. THAT’s why she can get away without wearing a bra.

    Give it a couple years and they’ll be at her waistline.

  36. dave

    Love the red hair, love the tits! This pics deliver! 8/10

  37. NY Ted

    Well she is quoted as saying a couple years back….”I like to FUCK because it is FUN…!” So I suppose the whole planet is filled with people this slut has opened up for…male, female and animal…!!

    And if she was ever to quit smoking her 4 packs of cancer sticks a day…I’d shove my big stick into her bum….because it is FUN…!

  38. rough daddy

    hahah can you believe you walk into a room and you banged 3/4 of em,,,thats porn star status you know…

  39. Everyone screws alot of people at 22 years old….didn’t you? As for Lindsay and Sam, I don’t know what’s up with them but they look happy and are staying out of trouble…what’s not to like about that. Give the poor kid a break you asshole.

  40. rough daddy

    hey linda im on your side,,,i love sluts!!!

  41. Perky Patty


    She will be sagging sooner cuz she has a boob job and implants are heavier. She’ll just get bigger implants to look perky but eventually her nipples will be facing her feet soon from being braless.

  42. Nathiest

    Whenever I go clubbing I too tend to run into my ex’s so whocares this is not news for anyone who is social.

  43. Obvious


  44. Bob White

    I guess its safe to say she has let go of the spray tanner.

  45. hausfrau

    She looks like absolute shit for 22 yrs old.

  46. superfluous

    Is it me, or are her breasts bigger than ever? Like, WAY bigger…

  47. Quasi

    Is it me or is Lindsay looking to date Woody Allen…that last picture I swear Sam looks like a young Woody Allen….wtf?

  48. Erica

    Anyone notice her nasty fucking feet?

  49. She still needs the money desperately folks!!

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