Lindsay Lohan keeps running into people she had sex with

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to go anywhere without running into someone who’s visited La Crotcha de Fuego. Recently, she ran into three of her exes in one night at a West Hollywood club that Samantha Ronson was DJing at. InTouch reports:

“Lindsay chatted with her ex Harry Morton for a few minutes,” a witness explains about the first encounter. “Sam wasn’t thrilled.” Lindsay, 22, was there to support her live-in galpal, who was deejaying the event. But before the night was over, another of Lindsay’s exes, Calum Best, showed up, followed by former girlfriend Courtenay Semel. Although Lindsay’s rep says, “It wasn’t awkward for her to be with all of her exes,” a witness says, “That was definitely enough drama for Lindsay.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Lindsay could walk around blindfolded in a Nebraska corn field and still manage to bump into someone she’s had sex with. The only safe place for her is the moon. And even then…