Lindsay Lohan keeps body parts in her freezer

January 25th, 2007 // 89 Comments

Lindsay Lohan reportedly keeps her appendix in her freezer because she was so worried it would end up being sold on eBay she asked the hospital staff if she could take it home. Additionally, her friend Kimberly Stewart is trying to get her to auction it off for charity herself.

There’s something very wrong with Lindsay Lohan’s brain. It’s like everything she learned she learned from watching Saturday morning cartoons. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hides her cereal in her closet, constantly paranoid that the people she runs into are secretly the Trix rabbit in disguise.


  1. BarbadoSlim

    Is her dignity and acting talent somewhere in there too.

  2. gasiper

    awesome, now we can all break into her house and go into her freezer, steal her appendix, and then sell it on ebay.

  3. FecalPellets

    Oh this is just fucking nuts, even for Hohan.

  4. Tomorrow’s headline is going to read, “Lohan mistakes frozen appendix for beef. Doctors remove appendix for a second time.”

  5. JandalOfDoom

    What’s the big deal? I keep my pancreas in a jar in my pantry.

  6. FecalPellets

    And by “appendix”, she really meant “liver”.

  7. D'oh Eyes

    I hear saving and eating body parts/byproducts are all the rage in Hollywood right now.

    I hear appendixes are scrumptious scrambled up with egg. It’s the new chorizo.

  8. Okay, she’s driving the crazy train now.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    “the new chorizo”

    hahahaha GOLD!

  10. Is Paris keeping her miscarriage in the freezer, too?

  11. D'oh Eyes

    Don’t worry, the staff just gave her the back portion of a book and Lindsay never knew the difference.

  12. imakemistakes

    i shudder just thinking what she does with her used tampons.

  13. wedgeone

    #8 – D’oh! Chorizo … beautiful!!

    This one ranks right up there with Madonna having to have a fresh toilet seat in her private dressing room bathroom at every venue she played on her most recent tour. And it had to be destroyed immediately upon her completion of the show, just so that no one could sell a toilet seat on eBay that Madonna sat on.

    How ego-maniacal! And LiLo doesn’t have even 1/4 of Madonna’s “star-power” (no, I’m not a Madonna fan – I just know what I know). What a hooch!

  14. If I would be her I would keep it too for future food reserve, when all the money, fame and mercy is gone….

  15. polypam

    One wonders if Blowhard started the rumor herself, hoping it would at least stomp out the other rumor that she hadn’t had an appendectomy at all.

    I’m just glad to see that her already inflated ego is still intact, even if her liver is not.

  16. Kristin

    LMFAO @ the cereal part.

  17. outoftown

    they crazier thing is that people DO sell crap like that on ebay.

    does anyone know if your insurance points go up for running a light with a camera on it? in north carolina?

  18. CarnieWilson

    Well what you don’t know is that, Lohan is so paranoid about her appendix that she keeps it in that cup while going out, just in case someone breaks into her freezer when she not at home.

  19. Binky

    Well I guess it wasn’t a ‘plastic job’ in hospital after all. And you can’t call her gutless any more. The proof is in the …freezer.
    (But I thought she was a Cocopuffs gal from way back. Trix are for kids)

  20. I bet she keeps it next to nicole richie’s stomach and michael jackson’s original nose.

  21. NicotineEyePatch

    Guh? For her to even be egomaniacal enough to fear that happening in the first place, or to even think of it, is crazy enough. But the fact that her ‘friend’ thinks it’s a good idea, totally legitimizing her egomania and fear, is super crazy, and almost makes Lindsay seem less crazy. But then, the appendix in question is in her freezer, which is fairly damning.

  22. cherie

    Tomorrow’s headline is going to read, “Lohan mistakes frozen appendix for beef. Doctors remove appendix for a second time.”


  23. metaphor

    I’d bid for her appendix.
    What are they going for these days, anyone know?

  24. omelette ze roar

    Creepy, much?

  25. Quarantine. Q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e. Quarantine.

  26. Ace

    What the heck is in that bucket? I thought it was the appendix before she hid it. Wait a sec. Why is she keeping it in the first place. Just go bury it. Hold on, what do people usually do with their surgically removed body parts? Hmm, never thought of that.

    Ps. #24, LOL

  27. DieFrau

    Do they sell poop on eBay? I have plenty of that and I could really use some extra cash.

  28. xTropicalx

    I’m going to shoot her. She’s wearing a Canada sweater. This doesn’t make me proud.

  29. Miss Skyline

    Well, at least when she goes broke, she has something she can eat for a short while.

  30. you_betcha_iris

    #5 #11 and #13, you can kill someone. That shit’s awful! Loves it!

    All those skanks that Hohan’s been with would be pissed they didnt use a condom now. Imagine what that rubber would sell for.

  31. you_betcha_iris


  32. theropes

    Brilliant #5!

  33. Missallanpoe

    Mildly interesting, but not at the same time. I saw this coming.

  34. nidge

    Waiter! Reality check, please!

    Seriously — if this story’s true, you have to wonder where these crazy notions are coming from — and yes,we can take all the “booze and drugs” punchlines as read, right here.

    What I’m saying is, we all have our favorite celebrites, for whatever reason. But just because I think, say, that Morena Beccarin is appallingly attractive, this does not mean that I would ever want to buy her appendix on eBay and have it sitting in a jar on my desk as some sort of “collectible”.

    Not ever.

    I’m sure there might be some forgot-their-meds freakshow fans out there who would want a celebrity appendix, but I doubt there would ever be a big demand. Certainly not enough for a celebrity auction.



  36. Yes, I do loves me some serious cockage!

  37. acatnamedfrank

    This girl is totally batshit!


    You can’t sell body parts on ebay – or anything containing bodily fluids. She’s screwed if her friend thinks she’s gonna auction off that nasty thing.

    Come to think of it… she’s screwed anyway; numerous times as I understand it.

  38. diamondprynzez

    Oh please, she’s probably trying to hide that she contracted some super STD that has visibly spread to her appendix.

  39. its funny that some people can crack jokes until a topic posted actually concerns a relative situation. then they take it way offensively and feels the need to hash out at posters hahahaa.

  40. lohanhasthebestcokeinCA

    you know why? cocaine.

  41. Lowlands

    If she’s already on this age a coked up whore,i expect her within 2 years to complete a Paris hilton transformation.Is there any insurance wich is brave enough to cover that?

  42. Lowlands

    Talking about appendix,i kept mine as well in the freezer.But where’s it now?I’m getting almost paranoia.I know there’re some stalker freaks out there.I’m gonna check ebay and maybe i can buy it back.

  43. Ramblebrook

    Do you idiots really believe this story?

    You’re pathetic to spend so much time ripping on other women for their weight, but you’re idiots for believing this BullShit.

  44. BarbadoSlim

    I think the only idiots here are you and lindsay lohan.

  45. mrlithium

    speaking of appendixes, i hate her voice.

  46. RichPort

    In other news, I have been knwon to keep my dick in a box.

    Mr, Fish, please refrain from any further Lohan stories unless she is unleashing the twins or going down on the LA Clippers. Many thanks.

  47. RichPort


  48. RichPort

    I have also been known to mispell knwon… I feel AWFULLY bad about that…

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