Lindsay Lohan: Jewel Thief?

June 16th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is being questioned by police after $500,000 in jewelry went missing from her latest photo shoot with Elle, according to BBC News:

The necklace and diamond earrings were loaned to Elle magazine by fashion house Dior for the shoot on 6 June. They were reported missing two days after the shoot with the 22-year-old.
Elle said it had no reason to believe she was “in any way responsible”. Her spokeswoman told US website Radar she had “shot her cover story and left”.
“We haven’t been contacted yet by anyone,” Leslie Sloane-Zelnik said. “Lindsay hopes they find the missing items.”

There’s no way Lindsay could be responsible. She’s way too classy for that. I mean, just look at her… Check her purse.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Stuey

    DAMN, is it THAT hard to hold your life together?

  2. why do you think her shirt’s so blousy? all the jewels are hiding in there…

  3. Courtyardpigeon

    She had the chance a long long time ago to be the hottest star on the planet, but lack of real talent and lack of self control ruined that for ever.

  4. Danny


  5. havoc

    She traded half a mil in jewelry for an eight ball and a pack of Marlboro Reds?


  6. Ella

    She HAS to know that this type of behavior is inappropriate for any type of high level of celebrity. Hell, this type of behavior is inappropriate for any human being.

    I have actually found myself unable to dislike her anymore. I just feel sorry now….

  7. shift

    Am I the only one having trouble seeing the site. It seems everytime I try to come here, it throws a trouble box saying that it cannot open the site. This is the only site it’s doing it on.

  8. Nobody’s gonna find them jewels, unless they enjoy fisting some fire-snatch.

    Vagina, not just for penii and lezbo tongues anymore. It’s your own personal storage container!

  9. So… she’ll be playing Amy Winehouse in her next “role”?


    #7 – Use Firefox.

  10. ph7

    I like bad girls. I want to snort coke with Lindsey and fuck HARD

  11. Stuey

    @3, yep you are right. She could have cultivated a super star career with as much as she was in demand but she threw it all away. Seems like there is a whole generation of stars that do that because they are more worried about partying.

  12. norton

    This chick is built for porn…

  13. Zanna

    @12 – no. She’s built for poon.

  14. KingDong

    @12… i bet she loves big black meat aswell. She deserves it.

  15. The O

    I find her oddly hot in a trashy, pull my hair, spank me, and don’t forget to leave 5 dollars on the nightstand kind of way.

  16. Darth

    What’s the reason you think she barely wears panties?

  17. Nero

    That’s a good catch! Congrats Lindsay!

  18. #13 – More like har-poon…

    Do you see what I just did there???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


  19. Zanna

    I saw it. And I liked it.

    @15 – you need to Febreeze your junk.

  20. Salsa

    Make no mistake: I’d hit it!

  21. Kathleen

    I think she’s too stupid to pull that off.

  22. Jammy

    Lindsay Lohan?!?!? I thought it was Marg Helgenberger!!!!!

  23. Sheena

    I’m with #6 – This kid is just pitiful now. For fuck’s sake, why doesn’t her mother or her friends or someone, anyone, stage an intervention or something?

  24. Ego

    hmm .. is it wrong to want to take advantage of a mentally disturbed slut? Oh wait .. that’s my type of lady! *shakes bag of Coke* .. here Lindsey .. here Lindsey.. >:)

  25. netstarman

    She is a big mess, as soon as the shoot was over she should have given it back to the owners on the set, it is that easy now she has to go thru this turd of mess to prove she didn’t take it but she is on hard times she has to steal. Vincent Gallo wouldn’t screw this broad.

  26. Czar

    what a disaster!!!!. I mean I would still nail her, but what a mess!

  27. joejoe

    just like the time she didn’t steal that fur coat that one time or whatever it was…oh, poop.

  28. zoolander

    C’mon LILO…continue what you’re doin’ and you will end up face down! And it’s coming baby..DON’T STOP NOW!

  29. warrior-woman

    Of course she stole it. Those of us who live in NY remember last year, when she was accused of stealing some chick’s fur coat from the restaurant 1Oak – it was some vintage thing the girl’s grandma had given her, they were both in the restaurant that night, and the coat disappeared. Next night Lindsay was photo’d wearing it, and the chick flipped, produced pictures of herself in the same coat to show the media, and talked about suing. It was all over the papers. The coat was given back with some mumbled excuses and the whole story was hushed up, but this chick is a walking advertisement for kleptomania.

  30. Whyyyyy

    I’m speechless at the blogging epidemic. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Keep your vile to urself. Words are energy that must be used wisely. Why don’t you put your business in the street and lets debate about that. Eye for an Eye.

  31. Kelley

    I’ve no doubt she took the jewellery … what a fucking joke … first she writes “Scarlett Johansson is a bloody cunt” on a washroom wall and then claims in an interview she was raised to be a good person (by Dina Lohan, no less), and then scoffs all the jewellery. What a riot !!! If I were a man I wouldn’t fuck it with Pete Doherty’s dick.

  32. el ces

    My my my, she looks good.

  33. sardonic

    Winona Lohan

  34. incorrect use of the word scoff

    #31, incorrect use of the word scoff, even as slang, even in the UK.

    Lindsay is like the hottest chick in the trailer park. Like the type you could hook up with in the middle of the day, and then buy weed from her brother. I see nothing wrong with that.

  35. Frank

    If you have RENTED jewelry in a room that is worth half a million dollars, maybe it is a good idea to keep an eye on it, you know, at all times.

  36. Kelsey

    $500,000 can buy a lot of fucking cocaine.

  37. stu

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

  38. She’s looking porn-tastic lately.

  39. JIm

    she looks like trailer trash, i used to think she was hot too +o(

    dont get me worng tho, i’m still going to watch the inevitable porno ;)

  40. captain america


  41. my god


    DID WE JUMP BACK IN TIME TO THE 90′S? she always looks dirty, smelly and trashy but this is just getting ridiculous. how was she even allowed on the red carpet looking like that? i’m glad i never jumped on the HOhan train, i always thought she was an ugly, 10 year old boy nipple having, freckle covered trashy nothing.


  42. Galtacticus

    Does Lindsay Lohan like to wear Ninja outfits? And does she know how to handle lill crossbows?

  43. prideofchucky

    Dammit Superficial would you stop putting “hot links” to advertisers in your posts? I thought the “purse” was a link to an older superficial post about her stealing.

  44. OMG!

    Its common knowledge in hollywood that she is a total kleptomanic. She stole a fur coat from a NY debutant & had to return it & that she steals from friends regularly.. which is why she has no friends!

    Im sure she stole the jewelry since she has “asked” if she could keep it!!

    To the slammer with her Elle Magazine!!

  45. jessjane

    Yes I don’t see her jewelry but what about her wedding rings. I think she pull off her wedding rings also. lol

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