Lindsay Lohan wants an Academy Award

May 1st, 2007 // 125 Comments

In her interview with Nylon magazine, Lindsay Lohan claims she’s more famous than Madonna and gets more attention than her from the paparazzi. She says:

“I said the other day, ‘I feel like they hound me more than they hound Madonna and she’s someone I’ve always aspired to be like.’”

She also adds that the paparazzi are what’s preventing her from getting an Academy Award because they keep distracting her from her work. She says:

“The thing about the press and why they need to leave me the [bleep] alone for a little bit is because I don’t want that distraction from my work. I want to get a nomination. I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than, like, going out. For being ‘the party girl.’ I hate that. I bust my [bleep] when I’m filming, and when I gave time off, yeah, I like to go out and dance.”

Lindsay Lohan could be the last living actress on Earth and she still wouldn’t get an Academy Award. She’d be the only nominee, and when it came time to announce the winner they’d end up giving it to a potted plant in the corner.



  1. #45/aka Conky…

    Click on my name above, please.

  2. The NYPost did a very obvious blind item about Lohan that basically said:….

    “Which hard partying starlet who always pretends to be upset about the Paprazzi in reality will have assitants call them with tips as to her whereabouts each day”

    You can tell she loves the attention because
    1. She’s telling them where she is

    2. she’s only eating at places like “The IVY” which is known for constantly having photographers out front

    Also, the reason they pay more attention to you than Madonna is that Madonna is living in her British mansion and doesn’t go out to clubs, barf, pick fights with Paris Hilton, and pound on the door of SCores at 5am in a coke-fueled rage because they are closed.

    Just a thought.

  3. megathy

    Didn’t she say like two days ago that she wanted photographers to be around her all the time?

  4. PunjabPete

    Tell me someone else saw Madonna whore herself out to American Idol… Cuz guess what… She did it with… an AMERICAN accent… Love that she turns it on and off…

    That reminds… Anyone run over an illegal immigrant today? They blocked off our streets and made it so I could not get my car down there… DAMN!!

    I love how they allow 20,000 illegals to come together in one place and the government provides closed streets, organized bathrooms, police security…. Um… Maybe a check of green cards would be in order? Just maybe?

    Fuck All Illegals!!!!

  5. Lowlands

    Honestly i haven’t seen one movie yet with Lindsay or it must have been by accident in a plane or something.I’ve to see her play in a movie first and after that i can say if she’s gona get a Oscar or not.Any babydolls want to go check some movies with me?

  6. kamihi

    Life truly sucks that dumb whore is rich and for what? I am poor and I work my ass off. Life sucks.

  7. That stupid, ugly POSER! Her every move is so calculated by her pea, fried brain! Which explains why she’s always making an ideot out of herself on Superfish & other sites and shows like this. She’s going backwards in life because she acts more like paris hilton everyday…certainly NOT Madonna. She should just be honest with herself and admit she wants to be paris. She’s collected the s.t.d’s, fucked the same guys, hangs in the same places, you stupid whore! You so-o-o need major therapy…NOT an Oscar!

  8. Don Mega


  9. HughJorganthethird

    Whatever. has she even fucked Charlie Sheen yet? Cause your nobody in Hollywwood until you do.

  10. Mz_kay

    this bitch is so full of it.

  11. FRIST!!!

    And the Oscar goes to…..yeah, that’s gonna happen. Aren’t most of her movies remakes of older movies? Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Herbie the Love Bug, what else?

  12. anna

    That bitch is ugly!

  13. kathleen170

    What she said was pretty stupid.
    Mind you, she looks pretty good in this picture. Not too blotchy of skin and her lips don’t look too pumped with botox.

  14. Hey, I thought she won an Oscar for Mean Girls.

  15. Pikachelsea

    What a moron. She just got done saying the other day that she loves the attention from the paparazzi. I hate when stars turn around and like they’re being “hunted”, when she so clearly flounces around for attention like the idiot that she is.

    And she doesn’t work hard when she’s filming her stupid movies… she’s notorious for being late to the set and generally being a pain in the arse to work with.

    As for the Madonna comment… wow, Lindsay Lohan getting more attention than Madonna… I wonder if that could possibly be because Lindsay is the one flashing her firecrotch in public and acting like a drunken, attention-seeking retard all the time. She should get an Oscar for best impression of an actual human being.

  16. .
    Seriel Killers get more attention than MAdonna too. Does that mean Lindsay is going to go on a rampage through a mall?

    Herpes must make you stupid.

  17. fergernauster

    I have a scab in my belly button.

  18. jaffo

    Someone needs to kick this stupid slut in the crotch for daring to wear an Iron Maiden T-shirt. Yeah Lindsey, like your stupid ass would know an Iron Maiden record if someone played it over and over while two hollywood club wannabes took turns fucking you in the can. What a pathetic attempt to get some old school goin on…

  19. woodhorse

    OMG! that means if I post enough on Fish, eventually I will get the Nobel Prize in literature. Adequite! — that’s kind like some story I heard once about a 1000 monkeys typing for a 1000 years- nevermind, Lindsay and I don’t have that kind of time.

  20. 15PiecesOfFlare

    She needs to talk to Daniel Day-Lewis about how to lie low. He’s good at it. Plus, they can do some Irish bonding.

  21. Lal


  22. jaffo

    THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK I’M SAYING!!! Please see above comment regarding ‘kick in the crotch’. Eddie should be real so he could show up and tear her eyes out and skull fuck her…

  23. herbiefrog

    …you think dj sam
    …doesnt know iron maiden > ?

    we all need an introduction…

    [you said what?]

  24. NCDave

    Maybe she likes Iron Maiden you numbskull.

  25. jaffo

    Lindsay likes three things: attention, chugging cock, and getting wasted. Although not necessarily in that order. Notice Iron Maiden is missing from the list…

  26. LeeLee

    #53– (and others)
    Yeah so apparently she can’t win an Oscar because these paparazzi are standing in her way, but she likes that they are in her way because they give her life a sense of fulfillment.
    So really she doesn’t want to win an Oscar!

  27. LeeLee

    Oh yeah and P.S.–
    If you want to be known for doing more than “going out”, then you need to DO MORE than that. You know like, when you’re working, find a way to not pass out and be hospitalize every week. Lazy ass.

  28. woodhorse

    #42 Madonna can’t sing, either. Only gay guys bought her CDs because they needed something to sing while they were cross-dressing. Madge is the undisputed Mother Of All Media Whores. Lindsay’s admiration of her is not so displaced other than Lindsay’s looks and talent, such as they are, have already surpassed anything Madge has done.

  29. Toonkinstein

    ….the paparazzi distract her from working??a peice of foil distracts her last movie set it has been determined that she spent hours playing with a piece of cellophane wrapper…really…she would giggle when it made that crinkly sound…she is so easily distracted…


  30. Yourfairytale

    Why is she wearing an Iron Maiden shirt? She probably doesn’t even know who they are. Lindsay stop with the band shirts, the wearing black, and the gun jewelry. We all know you’re a huge sissy. You’re not fooling anyone.

    And it’s hilarious she compares herself to Madonna. What a silly little bitch. Contrary to what she thinks, she is untalented and no one cares about her.

  31. iamsosmrt

    and I want the world to not be overflowing with worthless, filthy, stupid, moronic, selfish, waste of skin, greedy millionaire mansion living, self absorbed, vain, conceited, fat, ugly, diseased, rehab stinting, in and out of relationships, in and out of marriages, terrible parent, drugged up, alcoholic, DUI, “my comments were taken out of context”, fake religion practicing, hypocrite charity promoting, lying, botox injected, liposuctioned, plastic surgerized, silicone filled, whiny, “read my book”, “go see my movie”, “all I want is privacy”, cry baby, feel sorry for me, piece of SHIT WHORE CELEBRITIES.

    But we can’t always get what we want Lindsay, so why don’t you shut THE FUCK UP and go count your freckles. Bitch.

  32. Lowlands

    Do you think there’s any botox,liposuction or plastic surgery in the period of sarah Bernhardt?

  33. woodhorse

    Lowlands, botox or no botox, Sarah loves me, not you.

  34. Lowlands

    Any girls interested in getting an old-fashioned wasp-waist??

  35. beer

    We liked her better when she didn’t say anything and flashed her beaver.

  36. greeneyedcat

    I feel like this was the exact same interview in which she said she loved having the paparazzi around….

    I feel like if I bought that magazine something physically painful would happen when I opened it up

  37. NicotineEyePatch

    86, I have to admit, I am a sucker for corsetry.

    I think we can blame Metalskool for the bombardment of stupid little assholes wearing metal t-shirts. There’ve been a lot of these dumb bastards trying to rock these pristine, just-pressed vintage-style $150.00 metal band shirts to try and give themselves credibility for the musical taste they want everyone to think they have.
    I propose a reality show in which I (the host) give LL ten seconds to name three Maiden tunes and when she bites it, I watch and laugh as Bruce Dickinson rapes her and burns down her village. Future contestants include Ashlee Simpson, The Olsen Twins, fifteen more white people whose names elude me, and Fergie.

  38. #78 woodhorse got it right….Madonna is an old used up whore that thinks she can climb on a cross and pretend to be Jesus for Godz sakes..of all the people to act like..this whore has some nerve..Lindsay..don’t compare yourself to her..maybe one day when U grow’ll get lucky and get a decent script to actually give U the chance to win..doubtful..

  39. saltpeanuts

    Lindsay – I will always be there to take your picture, whenever you need. I will be there when you are getting out of the shower. I will be there when you open the closet door. I will be there to open the door on your cab. Other people say that you have firecrotch and that you will never love me. But, I think they are all wrong. I love your firecrotch and your little red pubes and even those cute little anal warts that whats-his-name gave you. I just want you to know that with me around you will never thirst for anything again, for I will always be there to quench your thirst. Likewise, I know that you will always be there for me. Friends 4ever. If we are hungry, we will partake of each other and if we are thirsty we will drink the juices of one another. In conclusion, if you ever need me I am already there for you. I am ready to reunite and make beautiful movies together, once I get out of jail. Love, Joe Francis

  40. _Slaytanic_

    Why is she wearing an Iron maiden Shirt?! And by the looks of it, the same exact one I have! (The “Powerslave” themed one with mummified Ed and bolts of electricity). I am not sure whether to throw my shirt away now or praise her for liking a brilliant band!!

  41. techclerk

    Maybe this plan could work… Wait for Jamie Lee Curtis to win the Oscar and then switch souls with her.

    Which leads to the question:

    Lindsay Lohan in Jamie Lee Curtis body
    Jamie Lee Curtis in Lohan’s body.

  42. frenchie

    Mr. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Did you get any confirmation on her touring dates for the Monster of Rock 2008 tour? Is she opening or one of the headliners? She could do a ballad of “the stars are blind”.

  43. techclerk

    I know why she wears an Iron Maiden shirt. She wants to be portrayed in the next album cover.

    I can’t believe she is pretending to identify with honest, hard working pot smokers. What an insult to their intelligence!

  44. techclerk

    I know a couple songs from the Genesis “Duke” album that would be appropriate for her to sing.

  45. frenchie

    96- No, I don’t think so. Phil Collins would be rolling over in his grave.

    I think a monster ballad of Paris’s'es “stars are blind” is more her speed. Phil Collins use too many 3 syllable words in his lyrics.

  46. NicotineEyePatch

    Judging from the shitty music she used to do she should be wearing a Janet Jackson shirt.

    Or, maybe her tastes are varied, one day plain, next day strawberry, and so on.

    Fucking Metalskool.

  47. LeeLee

    The day she wins an Oscar– no wait- the day she’s NOMINATED for an Oscar, is the day I stop watching movies.

  48. That’s great, and I bang’d her in the back of Jerry’s Deli while eatin’ pickles. Big deal. Get outta herre! (East Coast accent)

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