Lindsay Lohan might have stolen Amanda Seyfried’s boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan has already denied she’s in a lesbian relationship with a photographer who basically pulled a publicity stunt for an upcoming reality show, but it turns out Lindsay’s in the home-wrecking business now. She was spotted last night in Cannes with Amanda Seyfried’s boyfriend Dominic Cooper, according to E! News:

“They were having fun, paryting,” an eyewitness tells E! News. “Lindsay was dancing.”
Cooper is in town to hype his new film, Tamara Drewe; Seyfried, meanwhile, is back in the States promoting her new chick flick, Letters to Juliet.
At one point, Cooper was dancing on a couch while Lohan stood on the floor beneath him.
“They were being coy with each other,” the clubgoer says. “Not really touch, but flirty. After Grace’s performance the sat down at the table next to each other and were hanging out.”

It should be noted that in the past few weeks Amanda Seyfried has publicly suggested Lindsay Lohan hasn’t grown up and Dominic Cooper is probably not “the one.” Then again, I don’t want to suggest this is some sort of karma unless Amanda’s also an underground sex trafficker. But even then, losing your man to Lindsay Lohan? Did she drown a baby, too? Because I still don’t get it.