Lindsay Lohan is sober

July 16th, 2007 // 102 Comments

Linsday Lohan officially completed her stay at the Promises rehab facility in Malibu last Friday, and she’s volunteered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet to prove her sobriety. Her rep released a statement yesterday, saying:

“On Friday, July 13, 2007, Lindsay Lohan successfully completed her 45 days of residential and extended care treatment at Promises. She has transitioned to an intensive outpatient program, which includes attendance at daily AA meetings, outpatient therapy and daily testing. On her own, she has also made the decision in support of her sobriety to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet. In part she is wearing the bracelet so there are no questions about her sobriety if she chooses to go dancing or dining in a place where alcohol is served.”

Right after getting out, Lindsay headed to Vegas and was seen partying at Pure on Saturday, voluntarily wearing the alcohol monitoring bracelet her rep was talking about. Although since nobody ordered her to wear that thing, I’m not sure who’s checking it. When she gets home it’s probably smoking and sparks are shooting out because she’s overloaded its tracking limit. Then she takes it off, stumbles over to her computer where it’s flashing “Legally Dead” and she lifts her hands in the air and screams, “I’m cured!”

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  1. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    They let her have a microphone eh? I imagine it went something like this

    “Ummm I’m like not in like rehab anymore like and umm I’m like better and stuff and I just want to like thank eveyone for like not selling all of thier like embarrassing photos of me like blowing that basset hound and stuff so like that was really adequite like.”

  2. astella

    wow lindsaylohan is overdressed for once!

    why is there a chick in bra and shorts? is that a new dress code for hollywood coke parties?

  3. She looks like Liz Taylor–the current 60+ version that is!

  4. Aubree

    she and Cameron use the same dermatologist. I think they should get a second opinion.

  5. Nothing

    Looks like the girl in the bra and shorts forgot to remove the small cloth bag that comes attached to bras with additional straps.

    I guess she just saw the bra and thought “Ooo Shiny” and threw it on.

  6. Carnac the Magnificent

    She is definitely looking at the chick in the gogo skirt with vajajay envy. I’m sure she was part of the after hours entertainment.

    The haggard whore sitting next to her looks like the coke is starting to corode her septum.

  7. Texas Tranny

    @52…I think it’s a home lingerie party. I think she’s modeling the “tranny-whore-look”, but then again I wouldn’t wear panties that the threads are falling off. Take a close look at those black panties in the last pic.

  8. veggi

    Dang! That last picture, #16, wow. I can almost taste that girl’s sweet ass. If I were at that party, I’d just go ahead and get in a few furtive licks. When she turned around, I’d blame it on the dog. And she if she smiled…

  9. Zanna

    Did anyone notice what finger she’s wearing her rings on? She got those fingering that Ronson chic. If she keeps going she’ll find car keys and Jimmy Hoffa up there.

  10. Waffleholic

    Lindsays face and body are hot. But like Paris, knowing a divatude and drug problem comes with that somehow makes it hard to fantasize about her.

  11. Zanna

    If she smiled, then SHE’D blame it on the dog.

  12. Em

    #28 & #39 – Seriously. Where’s this bracelet thing at? I want to see it, up close (not personally), flashing and shit before I’ll believe she’s sober.

  13. Uhhhhhhgghmmm, is anyone else curious as to why the ‘bracelet’ is not visible with the exception of 1 shot where it’s mostly hidden. Are those the pussycat dolls, or just random block rocking missile twisters? Enquiring minds want to know.

  14. Kristen

    Is the bracelet the thing on her leg? I wonder if it monitors for coke as well…..

  15. Texas Tranny

    You can see it in pic #7.
    I don’t think they can detect coke or cum or vaginal juices.

  16. leelee

    the police have no reason to actually check her bracelet because it is all voluntary. She’s just doing this to try to keep herself out of jail(Liberal judges love a good ‘I’ve changed’ story) and prove to the public that she’s a good girl.
    She’s so dependent on how people feel about her. So sad. Maybe that’s what she should be working on in rehab.

  17. interloper5

    She’s not fooling anyone. Fuck the dumb bitch ! let her kill herself !

  18. Rosie's Mustach

    God does she only hang out with ugly people in order to look good. Seriously check out the freaks arund her. A she male and some nasty woman who is in denial about the fact that she’s old (get rid of the push up bra Mom you look like a whore).

    I love her hair it looks so natural with her orange seabass spotted always plump looking skin. Urg when will this girl loose her baby fat and does she ever dress well? I wonder who that Hilton wannabe is? I wouldnt stand near the crotch of some half dressed hollywood whore, I mean think of all the airborn STD’s.

    I must say the fact that the first thing she did after getting out of rehab was to go partying in vegas speaks volumes to the likliehood of her long term sobriety. Those energy drinks will only sustain her for so long. She obviously learnt nothing in rehab, the whole fucking point is to change your life for the better and not to fall back into the same routine that got you in trouble to begin with.

    Going to these booze and smack buffets known as parties and hanging around people who don’t give a shit about you sounds like a great way to lead your life when you are a recovering addict.

  19. cracka

    That first pic looks like she is trying to swallow a load of cum…….

  20. DocS

    @55 – The little baggie in #15/16′s a tip purse. The chick with the tiny, black, sequined mini is the cocktail waitress. It’s the standard uniform at Pure/Pussycat Doll Lounge.

    (Cue Vegas flashbacks to many vodka tonics at 4AM…)

  21. Bill Clinton

    She might be sober, but she’s still a skank.

  22. aisling


  23. Chauncey Gardner


    “Don’t you fucking gag, cunt!”

  24. Christ on a Crotch

    Oh, me, Mary and Joseph, puh-leaze. And her hair looks totally ass.

    You know what that bracelet is like? It’s like the people who collect their clean-time key tags and make a long-assed rope out of it and hang it off their belt loops.

    Maybe she’ll get enough bracelets to swing from the rafters, while sipping a voddie-spiked Red-bull, and getting butt-slammed by her new lesbian, DJ girlfirend wearing a huge purple strap-on.

    Or maybe not….

  25. ssdd

    This bag of shit lesbian will never change.

  26. Vel

    I smell lesbians in the air!

  27. Say what you will. She’s a greta actress.

  28. Ashley

    I hate this trashy bitch

  29. britney

    that first picture lindsay lohan really looks like a trampy drag queen.

  30. I think #68 is right. This is the first time I realize that Lindsay really likes to hang out with ugly people.

  31. mx

    You can see the thing on her ankle on pic#7.
    She looks like a fool with it.

  32. I agree with #71
    my hero….

    zhe lookz like an
    old wazhed up movie
    ztar that did crack
    and drank her whole
    life…nice look for
    a 21 yr. old bitch…

    much love to the
    bezt Prezident
    ever…B.C..the man??

  33. efftotheeff

    Jeezus! She looks a million years old! Joan Collins, take note!

  34. venus

    god, what is she, like 42 now? not bad, she looks slightly younger than my mom. and what is it about her, really, that makes her look dirty. kinda like russell crowe. even in armani, he looks like a hobo. the last time i saw her looking clean was in parent trap..oh, wait..i think that was the only movie of hers i’ve seen…

  35. firecrotchdouser

    Uggh. Who is this squaw called firecrotch.

  36. Paris Ass Goiter

    Um, does this thing detect coke too? You know she’s going to be snorting that shit by the end of the week.

  37. miss oblivious

    She goes to Vegas right out of rehab?! Who does that?! I mean, hello, City of Sin!! Granted she’s only drinking redbull, but I get the vibe that she’s probably thinking booze and cigs will be ok; its just the illegal stuff she should completely stop. But I do love her dress in these pics (though her boobs look like they’re suffocating!). And who are the old, skanky, NASTY looking broads hanging around her?! They look gross & like total ass kisses! Lindsey herself looks well into her 30′s. And is that PeeWee Herman I see in the 3rd to last pic?! I swear it is! Okay…I’m done w/ my never ending comment now!

  38. chimpy

    Whose the whore wearing that’s almost naked in the last two pics? She wants to get fucked right there.

  39. KC

    She looks old! She looks fresh though!

    I like her dress, anybody know where it’s from?


  40. jenster

    #89 like you can afford it.

    i saw the commercial for that movie she just wrapped, that “I killed me” or whatever the fuck it is.the one where she had to take “i respect those cunts” stripping lessons…..i never really heard her speak before; ive only seen pictures of her and jesus tap dancing christ, she sounds like she gargles with battery acid.

  41. TB

    In photo #7 you can see her ankle bracelet.

  42. chiari

    i seriously think she went to get her breast implants replaced b/c this new set is way better than the other ones from when her and calum were together. and it looks like she got her lips plumped up too. and the first couple weeks she was in there she was nowhere to be seen and then all of a sudden she reappears with a plumper chest. hmmm….bou tthe same amount fo time it would take for her tits to recover….

  43. how the hell are we supposed to all comment on her stupid lifestyle if the bitch is clean?


  44. herbiefrog

    looking good babe : )

    …take good care

    …later )

  45. Dachooglinman

    She just turned 21. Looks like she is in her late 30′s. What a fucked up thing that is. Rehab ain’t gonna do shit for her except delay the inevitable crash to come.

  46. jlp

    Is it just me but she looks like 15 years older that she really is? The colour of her skin is very weird and her hair color looks loke a 57 year old lady trying to be blonde. She’s such a waste, she is or at least she used to be areally talented actress but she ruined her career… she should take a long break form acting, go to college, get the hell out of that shallow destructive environment and come back in a few years, that’s the only way she’s gonna save her career and be taken seriously

  47. Lohan, got any coke?
    I noticed that
    your not wearing a
    coke monitor
    on your leg………

    U now look like the
    Crypt Keeper
    yea, U…thoze drugz
    did a # on
    your face…I wouldn’t
    take a picture
    next to your mom anymore
    coz U look az old
    az her, ugly bitch…

  48. Nikky Raney

    whose ass is that in the last pic

  49. For the true fan, here’s a nice gallery of Lindsay Lohan, the model / actress including nude photos and plenty of hot pics of her sweet bod:

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