Lindsay Lohan is still innocent


Some people close to Lindsay Lohan are coming forward and claiming she’s innocent of, well, basically everything. Lindsay’s uncle says that her former assistant Tarin Graham’s mom almost got into a fist fight with Lindsay, and that Lindsay wasn’t even driving the car that was chasing them.

“She [Lindsay] may well have not been driving the car. This girl and her mother are letting Lindsay take the fall, but hopefully the truth will come out! That would get rid of most of the charges.”

Not only that, another family insider Gina Glickman says the former assistant’s mom didn’t even know who was chasing her and that it could’ve been the paparazzi she called the cops on. And the cocaine in Lindsay’s pocket? Well it wasn’t hers because she was wearing somebody else’s pants. Seriously. This is what she’s claiming. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure if you go to court with that defense the judge is legally allowed to laugh in your face and have you put down. She might as well go to court and claim her evil twin sister did it.