Lindsay Lohan is f-cking crazy

Seen here during happier fake-lesbian times with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan took to her blog yesterday to write a paranoid rant titled “Random :)”. What follows is clearly a veiled warning to Anthony LaPaglia that the fire-crotch just got set to “Rape,” and now would be a good time to flee the country – without a trace. SWISH.:

head games- that’s what the tabloids and pap’s play with everyone …. don’t they? everyone plays games, but it gets to the point sometimes when you just want to know why.. well, i couldn’t sleep and am watching “Without a Trace” for a bit. Oh and yes, i love this show!!! Jack Malone is boss ;) .. well-have a good one. sweet dreams.. all my love always, Lindsay Lo xoxo

Jesus, Lindsay, the entire media is not out to get you. And to prove my point, I saw what you did!

Photos: WENN