Lindsay Lohan is drinking again


Lindsay Lohan supposedly hit the bottle over Thanksgiving weekend in New York. Friends say she did have a few drinks and a fight with her boyfriend Riley Giles may be the cause, according to NY Daily News:

After a late-night visit to the Beatrice Inn on Monday, says the source, Lohan was calling Manhattan pals for a place to stay. One friend received numerous voice messages around 4 a.m.

Hey, just because you call someone at four in the morning, doesn’t mean you’re drunk. I do it all the time. Sometimes I have something really important I need to tell my ex-girlfriend. Things like “Binge drinking has filled the hole you left in my heart. And so did chicken wings.” Or “This trash can I puked in is all the love I need.” None of that indicates I consumed an entire milk jug full of Jager then wasted my only phone call at the police station. That’s, wow, pretty judgmental of you to jump to such a wild and accurate conclusion.

Photos: Pacific Coast News