Lindsay Lohan is delusional

Seen here for the Seven Nyne debut at Sephora last night, Lindsay Lohan updated E! News on all things Lindsay:

While the recent onslaught of Lohan bikini pics has given way to yet another rounds of concerned critics slamming her for being too skinny, the star defended her body, saying, “I like the way I look.”
As for her day job, Lohan told E! News that she is in final negotiations for a film that is scheduled to start shooting in October. She would not divulge any details about the potential project, however, as it has yet to be a done deal.
“It’s not signed, but we’re close.”
She also said she’s close to returning to the recording studio, and named Pharrell as a producer she would like to work with–that is, if he wasn’t, for some unknown reason, feuding with her.
However, sticking true to her promise to get her life drama-free, Lohan did her best to nip the beef in the bud, imploring the fellow artist through the E! News cameras to call a truce.
“Pharrell, don’t be mad,” she said.

Okay, the only thing I believe up there is that Lindsay seriously likes the way she looks. As for the rest, I don’t know who she’s kidding. At this stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay starts telling people she’s replacing Christian Bale in the next Batman movie and found the Holy Grail floating in a can of Red Bull.

Photos: Getty