Lindsay Lohan is broke


Lindsay Lohan is out of money. Apparently her coke and booze sprees have cost her millions, and her three stints in rehab haven’t been cheap either. News of the World reports:

And now the 21-year-old is so skint she can’t afford her own place–and has become a lodger at a rich pal’s mansion.
Her extravagant spending spree includes:

* A MILLION dollars on just one hotel bill
* $137,000 in rehab costs as she battles her hopeless addiction to drink and drugs
* THOUSANDS more in legal fees after multiple drink driving convictions.

We can reveal that after jetting back to Los Angeles this week following her two-month stay at the Utah’s Cirque Lodge rehab clinic, Lohan is staying in the guest house of billionaire Tom Gores, executive producer on her recent film I Know Who Killed Me.

Lindsay shouldn’t feel too bad because I hear Britney is running out of cash too. I mean, she has to be. I’m not an accountant, but, based on my estimates, Britney spends at least $1.2 billion weekly at Starbucks. I’m not even factoring in the extra whipped cream. Maybe these two should buy a house together. Then they each can save some extra cash and do things together. Like try on make-up, pretend to read books or flash their vaginas at the paparazzi. You know, girl stuff.

Photos: Splash News