Lindsay Lohan is back on the penis

Lindsay Lohan has finally returned to her wang-ly master and has been shacking up in hotels with male model Petey Wright (above), according to The Sun:

The Mean Girls actress was snapped leaving the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood with a male model called PETEY WRIGHT, after the pair spent the night together.
The couple had been seen kissing at a nearby nightclub the night before.
The sexually fickle star, who split with DJ SAM RONSON earlier this year, met Petey at a photoshoot at the hotel on Wednesday and, according to onlookers, it was instant attraction.

Of course, some might say she never really left the penis and point to Samantha Ronson as evidence. Coincidentally, those people would be smart as fuck and should probably be working on a cure for cancer instead of reading this site. Seriously, I appreciate the traffic, but my liver’s not going to cure itself once this cirrhosis kicks things up a notch. Unless the trick is to drink myself healthy, in which case, nurse! Gin me.

Photos: Splash News