Lindsay Lohan hired as ‘artistic advisor.’ Why not?

September 9th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Seen here in SoHo last night showing more yam than an overturned yam truck in Yamtown, Lindsay Lohan has been hired as the artistic advisor for Paris fashion house Ungaro where she’ll “oversee” Spanish designer Estrella Archs. Because when important decisions are being made, you want Lindsay Lohan in the room trying to lick coke out of her scarf. WWD reports:

For her part, Lohan, 23, told WWD she hopes to take Ungaro to a “younger place” with a harder fashion edge.
“When I’m involved in a project, I give my all to it,” the controversial celebrity said. “I feel like there’s a correlation between everything I do, whether it’s pop music or film. I’ve always played a big part in what I wear, the costumes. Clothing is something that’s so expressive in so many ways. It really interests me.
“To be in a position where I’m working with a fashion house in Paris sets it apart from every other celebrity brand.”
Lohan said her first fur coat was an Ungaro, which she purchased about 10 years ago. She prized its leopard spots and a pale pink lining that gave it its je ne sais quoi.
Asked to describe her role in the creative process, Lohan said she “kind of oversees everything [Archs] does, while working with her. Different generations have different ideas.”

So I’m going to assume the board of Ungaro woke up one morning and said “Hey, what’s a great way to lose a shitload of money stupid fast?” And here we are.

Photos: WENN

  1. dmt

    hmmmmmmm ginger

  2. slovenia rocks

    second bitch :)

  3. KIKI

    There are so many talented clothing designers out there that are young and cool, yet here we are with Lilo, always looking like a orange clown.

  4. Valerie

    HOW does she still have a double chin?!

  5. These pics aren’t too scary (can’t figure out her clothing selection process though).
    Maybe Palin will ask LiLo to be a running mate later. If Speidi declines.

  6. farles chew

    These are actual crime scene photos of Lohan shoplifting at Target.

  7. KIKI

    My grandmother in-law wears her knee high hose with dresses, dang G-Ma, you are cutting edge!

  8. Lindsay Lohan is so HOT yet a train wreck. But that’s why we all love her. She wears the absolute sexiest outfits I’ve ever seen. Her body is so hot!! She’s great at getting media attention too!! Way to go Lelo!!

  9. Martina

    No matter how many lines of coke, no matter how much alcohol and how many pills and cigarettes she consumes, she is STILL hotter than most of the mall-rat bikini models that get pimped out on shows like “The Hills.” You don’t think so? Answer these questions: Lauren Conrad or Lindsay Lohan? Whitney Port or Lindsay?

  10. ROUGH daddy

    That is one thing Lilo got going for her, the tact to look like a hot chick…My verdict is still out on those dotted lips…

  11. Chef

    Pretty soon she be stuffin those tits down her boots. They need support, girl!

  12. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Her rack looks nice in that dress. Sadly, I never thought I would say a girl needs to stay dressed to be sexy.

  13. Wilko

    She was hot. for about 15 minutes. Now she’s ruined her figure and her skin with shitty living and looks like a 40 year old whore.

    It’s a damn shame.

  14. me

    Lindsey didn’t even finish the 10th grade, while there are young ambitious ppl from around the world who move to Long Beach, CA for 2 years to get an AA at Brooks so they can become…..Ross managers!!!??

    This is completely unfair to the fashion world! She has no education let alone credentials- just money and fame.

  15. devilsrain

    15. The whole world is unfair. Better to be lucky than smart

  16. Elisa

    At Martina….I am sorry darling but I find Lauren Conrad to be a million time sexier than Lindsay…not before though;
    Lindsay Lohan looked so amazing but now with her piss hair, orange tan, and her ugly lips, eurk, her lips, nope…find the others sexier!

    Now, now, when the people from Ungaro come screaming saying they are missing millions of dollars of money in fur, jewellery and clothes… I won’t feel bad for them at all.

  17. someone

    I must say Lilo is pretty fashionable. I think this will be a good job for her.

  18. j m

    Lindsay was an honor roll student high school.
    She & Ali are models. She’s a fashion designer.
    She knows more about fashion than almost anyone her age.
    Besides movies,television and music,she has always
    been involved in the clothing business.

  19. KIKI

    @ 19 Hi Lindsay, didn’t know you read your own press. I wouldn’t if I were you….

  20. mj

    Ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, Lindsay an honor student, ha, ha, ha ha, ha, ha! I am sure you’re right, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  21. me

    #19: You smokin out of the same pipe as Lindsey??

  22. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    san diego real estate

  23. amoi

    She may claim to know about fashion but she doesn’t apply her knowledge very effectively to her own wardrobe choices. It’s not just this series of photos – which is pathetic – but pretty much every outfit she puts together… she wears some pricey designer shit but can’t pull it off.

  24. Nameless

    LL has been hired on as an “artistic advisor” meaning “person can score all the drugs.”

  25. libz

    What? Ungaro didn’t have the balls to fire Estrella Archs, so they chose to shame her into quitting, instead?? Typical French company…..

  26. jj

    OMG i thought that was Heidi Montag at first.
    LL has the worst fashion sense. Who would want to look like a washed up, coke addicted, jobless “actress” .

  27. *******Krazyhotkelli***********

    Ugaro needz a young, frezh zuperztar like lindzay, who iz zo beautiful and young. Zhe lookz like zhe can barely pazz for eighteen! I will buy her fazhionz becauze zhe iz a geniouz.

  28. Viv

    Well this girl gets massive exposure every day and so do the clothes she wears, she’s got a ridiculous amount of followers, I mean Fish, you post on her almost daily!

    So, good or bad taste, her clothes are being seen, that can’t be such a bad thing for business.

  29. mafme

    Best she’s looked in a while… but that’s not saying a lot.

    Better than brit-brit’s snowboots, anyway.

  30. lindsay is still so hot!!! I do it to her STILL!!! here are some more pics and commentary

  31. justifiable

    #19 Does “involved in the clothing business” translate to “ripped off someone’s fur coat at a club and then got busted for it because she was dumb enough to be photographed wearing it”? Yeah, must’ve been an Ungaro.

    #29 No, fuckwit, you will not buy “her” fashions – even if Ungaro were msguided enough to taint their label with her name you could never afford them. You’ll won’t be progressing much further than the Burger King night-shift driveup window when it comes to a career, primarily because you’re a tiresome moron who still thinks substituting ‘z’ for ‘s’ makes you “unique,” instead of annoying as shit.

  32. EricLR

    Now all they need to do is hire Jon Gosslin to design a men’s line and Bernie Madoff as the company’s financial adviser and they’ll be set!

  33. *******Krazyhotkelli***********

    @33 – I use the Z because I am french, you fucking dolt. You are the annoying one. GAWD!

  34. terri

    atleast with nicky hilton and lauren conrad they went to school to become designers lindsay doesnt dress fashionable any more she use to when she looked healthy but whats with them stucking/sock things shes got on the orange tan doesnt look good either and if she stopped starving herself she would be ok

  35. Aly

    @33….that was kind of an obvious joke on french accents. relax pls.

  36. Iambananas

    And SHE was the guest judge on Project Runway??? How did THAT happen????

  37. Iambananas

    And SHE was the guest judge on Project Runway??? How did THAT happen????

  38. Sport

    Linds is a bit full of herself, as usual.
    Just DIAF already so I win my dead pool.

  39. amisaki

    @37 It would be funny if that was true, but kelli always does it on Every. Single. Post. so there’s no joke.

  40. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Number 35. Do not pretend to be me, you lozer. U r all just jealouz of Lindzay’z beauty. H8rz never prozper. And number 33, I will have my cheezburger with friez and a zhake pleaze. Lindzay will do the zame az we blow thru your drivethru and you can look at awe of uz, becauze we r zo beautiful and you r covered in greaze…juzt like your zluttly mother when zhe zpread her legz and you were concieved…too bad the bezt part ran down your trazhy motherz leg….

  41. IKE

    This look works for her. She doesn’t give off that oooooh-I-need-to-go-wash-my-hands-after-touching-you vibe like usual.
    I still wouldn’t stick my pecker in there, but at least I would consider it now. :)

  42. lola

    Look at those legs. She has stopped starving herself (or doing as many drugs)

  43. Geoff

    @35, you’re ezplaining a joke nobody got and nobody laughedz at after you ezplained itz. Or are you really Lindzey pratizing the aczent she learned after shee wentz to Madonazz Szchool of Fakez Aczents. Where’s Randal when you need him?????

  44. the chicken

    #42 Hey, crazyhottstooopid is back! How’s life in the Florida trailer park? Did daddy decide his splooge running down your pimpled chin wasn’t sexy any more and decide to make you start swallowing? Is that why you’re eating all that junk food with make believe BFF Lindsay, to get rid of the taste? Good luck with that rich fantasy life you got going, kid. The only way Lindsay would ever associate with you would be if you were paying for the blow with tips you earned from gobbling daddy’s friends. Then she’d snort it all and kick your fat french-fry-and-shake eating acne’d ass to the curb. before anyone saw you together.

  45. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    46. R U the chicken on your prizon block, taking it up the azz for cigarettes and zome more lipztick for your lipz? Cruizing for cock, but now takerz, that iz why u r here. Zuch a lozer. Lindzay and I r laughing at you…..tranniez r zo dizguzting.

  46. carmen

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    brother sent is not the comments , is lonely^^^^
    Obviously, she is deliberate,if we turning a blind eye to it

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  47. Sam

    WHY is it that once you’re a celeb, ANY celeb, you suddenly QUALIFY for ANY JOB IN THE WORLD?? What the fuck does she know about fashion, let alone OVERSEE a designer’s work?? Imagine having this screwball as your supervisor.

  48. herbiefrog

    love these photo movies she puts together
    lol at mommy sharing frame : )

    V PROUD ) OOPS CAPS [oops caps]…

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