Lindsay Lohan is all yours, England

February 24th, 2010 // 46 Comments

Seen here proving how much she hates alcohol last night, Lindsay Lohan has announced she’s moving to Londontown:

Moving to the UK is in my near future* better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!

Unfortunately this was obviously meant as a dig at Samantha Ronson who I’m sure went home and cried herself to sleep after such a wicked burn. No, really, getting insulted by a tweaked out cokehead who might as well have typed she’s moving to space? There’s no coming back from that.


  1. Taz

    see ya

  2. Toolboy



    QUACK QUACK says the duck.

    She’ll fit in fine with the chav subhumans over there.

  4. Josh

    Makes sense, it’ll stop all the cocaine rumors. She only looks like a skinny addict because she’s surrounded by bloated Americans eating Big Macs.

  5. william antrim

    Lindsay Lohan moving from the United States would cause a huge rift in the time space continuum. If Ms. Lohan leaves the future of our nation would rest in the hands of Britney Spears. “Ya all know I had C-Section….Hit me baby one more time”

  6. Mike Nike

    If I was England, I would put a stop to that nasty business. Last thing they need is her stinky freckled puss invading such a small space.

  7. anon


  8. Tom

    but we dont want her.

    I suppose that does mean that i can throw things at her if i saw her

  9. bribios

    Oh thank God. First Madonna now Lohan. Britain has become our human waste dumping ground.

  10. Pix

    We don’t want her!

    If we have to have Lohan, the States can take Kerry Katona.

  11. Simon Hodson

    Thanks a lot America, after supporting you in the middle east, this is all the fucking thanks we get.

  12. Spent, that's what she is.

    How many times do I have to say it?

    This chick is SPENT!


    The only humane thing to do with her is to bring in the dart gun and relocate her to the wild.

  13. herbiefrog

    our vote is with the rift : ))

    lol babe )

  14. gross

    Why? Like we don’t have enough coked up skanks over here anyway.

    I’m gonna run around london with a bag of flour writing “lindsay” everywhere and film her trying to snort it.

  15. Frenchie

    Yeah, and it’s the ChAnnel, not Chunnel.

  16. herbiefrog

    #16 chunnel is a local colloquialism

    if you were from around here…

    you might hzave gotten it… : )

  17. anon

    Chunnel is correct.
    CHannel tUNNEL

  18. gtht

    I’m not sure about that!! All my hot and sincere friends on ======[PLUSFLIRT dot c O m]===== are talking about this!! BBW, it’s the place where hot models and sex y young men;and handsome folks with sensu al chick s meet and mingle! You may wanna check it out! LOL DFFFFFFFFFFFFFDD

  19. Don Boogie

    She meant Paris Hilton, right? Paris Hilton is always chunnelling away.

  20. Rasputins Liver


    Good. Dumbass bitch can go hang out with the likes of Amy WEinehouse, Pete Dougherty, Kate Moss and that idiot model Katie “Jordan” Price.


    Fuckin’ island’s become a goddamm third world country these days, what with the insidious influx of radical Muslims, Indians and the high crime rate from all the “hooligans” and “yabbos”.


    Make the queen and her inbred family get off their asses, return some of the millions they get every year for poncin’ around back to their citizens and get their nation back on course.


    But, since they want to turn their nation over to radical Muslims, well, I see no problems letting the Brits have custody of our loonies. Can we send Britney, Whiteny Whoreston, Palin, Bachmann, Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, Octomom and a whole host of other whackjobs along with Whorehan? I mean. if Britian wants to become the third world garbage nation it’s becoming from letting other nation’s trash immigrate there, then let them keep Hagdonna and let’s send some more of our trash as well.


    Give the radical Muslims who’re fast becoming the dominant force there something to do in dealing with all of them whackies.


  21. Lindsay is a good kid. I like her and she looks cute here.

  22. I’m sorry to say but for a North American in GB there is absolutely no competition from British women, even for Shanty lookin’ Lohan. Canadians and Swedes clean up over there. That’s why she wants to go there.

  23. turd da third

    This bitch looks like she is just about ready to blow chow….ewwwwwwwww She is such a skank loser! (and an alchy, muff-divin’ whore too)

  24. Hi Guy’s,
    Ms. Lohan leaves the future of our nation would rest in the hands of Britney Spears. “Ya all know I had C-Section….Hit me baby one more time”

  25. @dsi – way to go for bucking the negative trend!

  26. captain america

    ……………..ENGLAND is now posessed too?

  27. Let me just say that on behalf of my fellow americans good riddance lindsay lohan. When you move to england take your white trash family with you too because people have had enough of them too. When you relocate feel free to do all of the drugs that you want over there when you hook up with people like amy winehouse, kate moss and pete doherty. If you think that the tabloids in america are bad then wait till the british press gets a hold of you and carves you up like a thanksgiving turkey. The british tabloids have never hidden the fact that they pay for interviews that appear in their daily tabloids and you can make some money to feed your habit over there as you snort your way to an early grave. You are way past your expiration date in america lindsay. You had your moment in the sun but now it is time for you to take your diva attitude elsewhere bitch.

  28. patie

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  29. Big B

    she’s still hot to me. I’d love to drop a load into that chick

  30. wtf

    so why does she think its so easy to just move? regular people can’t just move to another country…you a visa or to be married to a person from that country or something…why the hell shouldn’t she need one? i could see an actor getting one for being talented. but she is NOT talented. she is also a waste of human life. they shouldn’t want her.

  31. j m

    So the most beautiful woman in the United States will now become
    the most beautiful woman in Britain.
    Now her gorgeous sister supermodel Ali will be the most lady in the U.S.

  32. Rhialto

    How about north of Scotland!? Perhaps Ireland?

  33. Darth

    I know a nice place run by nuns on the Channel Islands.

  34. GG1000

    See, that’s what you buggers get for trying to offload Posh Spice onto us. Two can play at the “yeah, let’s stick ‘em with all our useless, annoying, dipshit celebrities” game.

  35. Jenna

    I really want that dress. For once she is wearing something cute!

  36. anon

    having your trash come over here doesn’t seem so bad now as long as you’re not.
    Please never get a passport.

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