Lindsay Lohan is the Bruce Banner of drunks

February 5th, 2010 // 63 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was on the warpath last night and reportedly threw a drink in Samantha Ronson’s face after the two got into an argument at Crown Bar, according to RadarOnline:

“Lindsay was drinking straight out of a bottle of vodka and I saw her take an orange prescription bottle out of her bag and pop a couple of pills that she said were Adderal, she even offered some of the pills to a friend that was with her.
“Lindsay was trying to get Sam’s attention, but she was working and studiously ignored Lindsay. You could see Lindsay getting more and more worked up the more Sam didn’t pay her any attention. At one point Lindsay was dirty dancing with this really pretty girl right in front of Sam, obviously to try and make her jealous.
“Sam just got sick of it all in the end though and started taunting Lindsay about her being all drunk and messed up. She said to Lindsay, “Why don’t you just have another drink?” and even told her, “You’re a disgrace”.
“That made Lindsay just totally flip out on Sam. She picked up a drink and threw it straight in her face! Sam was absolutely furious and picked up some DJ equipment that was by her and threw that at Lindsay. It was crazy!

What amazes me most about this story is that somebody didn’t hand one of them the club’s emergency fire axe then walk away whistling. Nobody knows how to solve problems in Hollywood?



  2. ZERO COMMENTS!!!! =)

    ZERO COMMENTS!!!! =)

  3. Argentino

    She’s apparently spending the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Can you imagine what will come of it once she finds her way to the drug dealers downtown? She’ll never leave.

  4. ZERO COMMENTS!!!! =)

    ZERO COMMENTS!!!! =)

  5. ZERO COMMENTS!!!! =)

    ZERO COMMENTS!!!! =)

  6. Excuse me, correction. “LINDSAY SMASH!”

    Sooooo, if I don’t get cleaned out after the Superbowl does anybody want to start a “Lindsay Lohan shaves her head and attacks SamRon’s SUV” pool? $20 to buy in.

  7. marie e.

    remember when she told tara reid that tara “was so over in this town its not even funny!” right after she did mean girls. Karma is a bitch

  8. anon

    It sounds like Lindsay is the bitch not karma.
    Seriously throwing a drink in someones face?
    What a little girl. Shouldn’t she grow out of hissy fits?

  9. I hate all lohans

    OK. Lindsay is a 3x rehab vet, and she’s drinking straight out of a bottle of vodka? Where the fuck is her stupid enabling momager, “white oprah”? Someone needs to do an Al Capone from the Untouchables on that douchebag…

  10. havoc

    No longer newsworthy.



  11. brian

    Please tell me someone got cell phone footage of this or it didn’t happen(Though it most definitely probably did)

  12. Alex

    Is she losing her hair?

  13. LPB

    Agree with #10.

    Other than the fact that someone can use a phrase like “…but (the DJ) was working….”

    Yeah, I know, they somehow get people to pay them. Yeah, i know, they claim to somehow get people to pay (some of) them a lot of money.

    But “working”? Now you’re getting carried away.

  14. Wow, Lindsay is one classy, hot lady (click on URL on my name).

    Excuse me while I go vomit.

  15. Frito

    Just an irrelevant has-been.

  16. conniecorleone

    why even bother with the seatbelt?

  17. Sport

    Just die already Lindsey.

  18. Ripper Owens

    Clutch that lighter cancer breath.

    She has to have the ugliest smile ever.

    If she was a dude, I would give her a Swift kick in the Cock!

  19. Jimmy

    Good to know that the paparrazzi is making money shooting pictures of this skanky piece of pond scum. What an absolute antithesis of a role model: drunkenness, smoking, gratuitous sex (with who knows what). This piece of crap should be the poster child of STDs, AA and DARE.

  20. Jimmy

    I’ve heard rumors that screwing this bitch is like rolling around in an ashtray, and she will screw anyone period. Can someone set the record straight?

  21. Die, you hag

    Someone needs to kick the shit out of her & wake her up to the fact that no one likes her, no one cares about her & it’s all her fautl. She’s the one who chooses to become a drug addicted alcoholic; no one forced her to drink or drug it up. She’s the one who’s flushed her career down the toilet. I say fuck her. She can’t die fast enough…

  22. arealcad

    maybe a Peter North special will help her complexion.

  23. 24 COMMENTS!!!! =)

    24 COMMENTS!!!! =) zomg zomg 24 COMMENTS!!!! =)

  24. Doc Schweinstrudel

    In that “fur” and that hair she looks like half cremated evil monkey

  25. God of Thunder

    Pic #1 She looks like she has a corpse thumb thats been in the morgue for a few days.

  26. Beebee

    I don’t know about the last part of this story. I don’t know of any DJ worth his or her salt that would throw their *equipment* at someone, anyone. Even Firecrotch McFail.

  27. herbiefrog

    he said itll be fine

    somewhere ?

  28. Randal

    Great to see you around The FISH again Lindsay, it’s been far too long! Just wanted to take the time to say how great you look in these pictures. You have such a healthy glow about you and returning to your natural hair color is a big hit with all your fans here.

    Keep looking beautiful. xoxo


  29. mish


  30. anon

    We have a tree hugger here.
    I bet you don’t shave your legs? Guess we could use your leg fur as a substitute.



  32. james

    it looks like she needs some shampoo and some feminine wash for that stank pussy ASAP!

  33. bribios

    There are about 5 versions of this story I’ve heard, each one way different except that it took place at night. What the hell should I believe?

  34. orange skinned man

    Hey lindsey, go smoke another cigarette you dirtbag!

  35. Pal


    What matters is that if there is any truth in this story she needs to take better care of herself.

  36. Little Indian Man

    Does she even matter?

  37. The dark hair really suits her and it is so close to her original coloring. See she’s not ready to give up the contact lenses. Lindsay has brown eyes, just like Paris Hilton. Must suck to always make sure your fake eyes/props are in place. I thank the heavens every day my blue-green eyes are real.

  38. minx

    On a more positive note, I’m glad she’s back to dark hair. That stringy ashy blonde that blended in with her sullen skin, splotchy spray tan, and those sun spots she calls freckles was not doing her any favors.

  39. sandie

    She looks younger and less trashy with dark locks.

  40. r k

    why does the news insist on calling her an actress? isn’t “former actress” more accurate? lilo has less acting talent than gary coleman…

  41. sdfsdfds

    38, THANK YOU. I’ve been saying she has contacts for so long now cause in some pictures it’s just so painfully you can see her “green” eyes and the clear spot where they end with brown underneath. However, I don’t think her eyes are brown, but hazel.

  42. grace

    Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted…


  43. Jeff


  44. Reina

    Its sad people scrutinize her so harshly. She’s a product of two very messed up parents, as well as Hollywood ideals and lifestyle. Your environment shapes you more then you realize. So many former child stars end up this way. At least have some sympathy for her, anyone raised how she was in such an environment is more likely then not going to be screwed up.

  45. Rough daddy

    I would pay a large sum of money, just to see the face of the mole while IT doling these intricate details. I imagine thats what having a life is like which i very much envy.

  46. Pic 3 she’s like “what you lookin at foo!??” Yeah hand axe, walking away..problems solved. Nice.

  47. John Fante

    I feel like she’s such a little Angelina Jolie wannabe. Everything about her is so fake, especially her mannerisms. It’s annoying.

  48. Pic 3 she’s like “what you lookin at foo!??” Yeah hand axe, walking away..problems solved. Nice.

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