Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian again

May 18th, 2010 // 95 Comments

So apparently Lindsay Lohan has been secretly dating photographer Indrani (above) of Markus Klinko and Indrani, according to the New York Post:

Klinko said the pair are good for each other.
“Lindsay and Indrani have been seeing each other since we shot her last fall,” he said. “I’ve seen them on dates, I have seen them making out . . . Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay. She is the opposite of a party girl — a Princeton graduate, she’s into art and is a philanthropist — not what you’d expect the typical girl for Lindsay to go out with.
“When they are together, they talk about art and the deeper meaning in life.”

They get together and talk about “the deeper meaning of life?” Is this before or after Lindsay goes out and whips bottles of vodka at Samantha Ronson? I’m just trying to get a timeline here.

Noon – 1 PM: Have secret, existential lesbian love affair.
1 PM to Noon Next Day: Get black-out drunk.

Photos: Markus Klinko and Indrani, INFdaily, Splash News

  1. huhs

    fuck this useless cheetah cunt

  2. Lulzorz

    She looks fuckin gooooooooood

  3. smack

    you are an idiot if you believe this shit. wait!, what? “THEIR BRAVO TV SHOW DOUBLE EXPOSURE PREMIERES JUNE 15!”

  4. Jane

    Lindsay always looks like she needs a good wash.

  5. frankw

    For me, she brings new and more profound meaning to the word “skank”.

  6. put it in her vag

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Parker’s shit stick.


    Give me a break. Fake lesbos are so five years ago. If you’re going to be an attention whore at least do something “new”.

    Hopefully they’ll just slap the cuffs on her at the airport.

  8. Anonymous

    Dating since fall? Good influence on Lindsay?

    This is the same Lindsay Lohan that the papparazi take pics of EVERY freakin’ week of her on the ground— fallen down drunk, right? Same Lindsay about to go to jail for missing her court mandated AA classes?

    Hate to see how Lindsay would act if that b*tch was a bad influence. LOL

  9. Danklin24

    She’s pretty cute but shorter than Lindsay? i didnt think that was possible. Is she an elf?

  10. oh i know

    lind’s always looks like she’s taken 6 too many vicodins! she’s got that opiate induced “my pupils are too constricted to see that far” squint (pic #4) in all her pics….

  11. oh i know

    duhhhh, i mean pic #3……

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    This lesbo chick (not Lindsay) is much more beautiful than Miss US 2010.

  13. Professor Fate

    Lindsay is just warming up for her jail time. Except for the fact that in jail she’ll be the one being penetrated by foreign objects and household appliances.

  14. Sport

    So when does the whole ‘being a good influence on Lindsay’ thing start?

  15. Armando

    “Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay”

    Does that press agent work for Obama? If not they should. I guess Indrani helped influence Lindsay into acting like a drunk cum dumpster waiting for a jail sentence.

  16. M

    Tyra would be very disappointed in the lack of neck in pic #2.

  17. i wish she would make her mind up lol

  18. Robert

    LL is more confused than a G.I. Joe wearing Barbie Clothes.

  19. Anonymous

    Jesus, Lohan is nasty. Blech.

  20. Mike Nike

    Those freckles on her inner thighs make me wanna hurl. I bet those freckles go right up inside her stinky fire crotch. I bet her bum stinks. Shes disgusting and for some reason just wont fucking go away.

  21. cind

    So, Lindsay Lohan is probably one of my least favorite people ever. Even so, there is such a thing as being being bisexual. You should research it, it just might explain her “magically” switching back and forth between men and women.

  22. Do_Freebird

    . Must be an old picture. Her hair is fairly clean and I can’t smell the skank seeping out of my keyboard. I have a feeling they met once or twice, took some pics while Lilo was fairly sober and that was it.
    . Really, has anyone seen any Paparazzi shots of the two. Yeah, me neither.
    Lohan must be deperate if she’s trying to ride the coat tails of some fahion reality show no-bodies on a 3rd rate cable TV channel.

  23. PunkA

    This Indrani chick must be desperate to be a fame whore if she is willing to tie her wagon to the grease fire known as Lilo. The things people will do for fame. Damn, it is embarrassing for them. No self respect.

  24. Sexy McSex III

    I just want to go knuckle-deep with my pinky in her stinky.

  25. Sex A

    I just want to go knuckle-deep with my pinky in her stinky.

  26. blackout

    well.. shes got a nice pair of tits, ill give her that

  27. Tek

    I smell bullshit. I mean c’mon… Lindsay hooking up with someone to discuss art and the deeper meaning in life? HAHAHA! Right… it’s a smoke screen, people. She’s going to jail, so it’s time for some distraction tactics. Oh look they’re posing together, they must be lesbian lovers! >_>

    That said, I think Linds looks bangable in these pics. Yeah I said it.

  28. Antonio

    White trailer trash……………………… what a bunch of stupid pr stunts…. u have to be that dum to believe anything this white trailer trash actress does is real….. Young hollywood is so stupid….. I have no respect for this cunt…. America spends money and time on stupid celebrity issues. when the world has real problems….

  29. Wes

    I dont think it’s lindsay be an attention whore..i think it’s the 30 some yr old lady trying to be someone in hollywood!

  30. Joey

    Man girls are hatersssssss….she looks beautiful…she might be a WILD but she’s living her life….stop being obsessed with these ppl…look a yourself!!!

    SmartTV is the future of TV btw…i just saw this at

  31. Joey

    Man girls are hatersssssss….she looks beautiful…she might be a WILD but she’s living her life….stop being obsessed with these ppl…look a yourself!!!

    SmartTV is the future of TV btw…i just saw this at

  32. sahara

    you know, i’m pretty offended with all the “she’s a fake lesbian” sort of comments

    whats it to you if she’s a lesbian or not? i thought we’d come further than that in the world but clearly not. some of you are pathetic.

  33. Fati87

    Why anybody would want to have sex with Lindsey Lohan, much less so DATE her, is totally and completely beyond me.

  34. 7L

    2nd pic is hot as fuck! I’m never ashamed to say that i would gladly fuck the shit outta her on a daily.

  35. jinx

    @32 get over yourself, you stinky lesbo. nobody cares if you prefer licking pussy to sucking cock.

  36. sahara

    @35 did i mention anything about myself? no. i didn’t.

  37. Sex A

    I don’t get Antonio’s comment above, correct me if I’m wrong, but not only is he “wasting time” on, but he’s even going as far as to spend more time commenting whilst staring down his nose at people who do the same thing he’s just done. Tell us Mr. Pot, how black is the kettle again?

  38. eatme

    yup, this is just an example of the worst kind of publicity stunt for a new show. Celebrity photography is ultra super lame. They think they are artists. I have way more respect for paparazzi that have to hit the pavement for a pay cheque.

  39. ROUGH never sleeps

    I heard Superficial’s competion will run with this title.

    Lilo to tuna: I cant quit you..

  40. minx

    Completely agree with #7 SLAP CHOP.

    Also #12.

    But #21 cind – Disagree. Bisexual doesn’t exist.

    It’s just an excuse. If a guy says he’s bisexual, it means he’s not ready yet to step out of the closet all the way. Bi now, gay later.
    If a girl is “bisexual” then she’s just an attention whore. Google it.

  41. Badger Bob

    which one is lindsay?

  42. mfbinc

    I’D bang both of em…

  43. She’s pretty but nothing special.

  44. the EPA

    If Kendra is a C O A L B U R N E R then what is Lindsay?

    Someone fuse Swamp Loggers and Deadliest Catch to accurately portray this whorebortion.

    Deadliest Swamp Catch?

  45. tom tom club

    the original “cheetah girl”

  46. Grover

    at least this chick is hot and doesn’t look like gollum… still you know she’ll circle back around to some dick eventually

  47. frankinfish

    Fake lesbo me once, shame on you
    Fake lesbo me twice, shame on me

    translation… I don’t buy it

  48. micci

    Jeez… i need LiLo & that Tila chick dead before the new year to win my death watch pool…I wish she get busy & kill herself already… I get bonus points if it’s with pills

  49. I have seen the creation Indrani is a good effect on Lindsay. He is the antithesis of party girl follow-up at Princeton, his art and philanthropist.

  50. Rasputins Liver


    Hell, I don’t care she’s a carpet muncher. So am I! And I’m a guy! I relate!

    My only concern regarding Lohan is that I want her to snub the judge in her case, give her a very public fuck you so that then the judge can show some symbolic balls and chuck Lohan in jail for at least a few months.

    I really, REALLY, want to see Lohan’s arrest, booking and jail door slam photos. As long as all that happens as it should, I’m cool.


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