Lindsay Lohan has confusing girl feelings

July 11th, 2007 // 185 Comments

A friend of Lindsay Lohan has apparently given Star magazine access to her private MySpace area and in it features Lohan professing her love for her openly gay deejay friend, Samantha Ronson. Gatecrasher reports:

Details of the affectionate correspondence appear under the headline, “Lindsay’s Lesbian Love Letters!”

Lohan allegedly tells Ronson: “Babe, if I don’t have you in my life then I should just go die. … I want to marry you and have children with you.”

Apparently Lindsay isn’t fussy about who changes her name.

“Go to bed babe,” she wrote to her pal late one night.

“I love you. – [signed] Lindsay Ronson.”

Some people might have a problem with this, but not me. If two hot women want to make out with each other that’s cool. And if they want to do it on my bed that’s cool too. And don’t mind the blinking light. That’s not a camcorder, it’s a privacy light. It means you’ve got privacy. Shh, let’s not spoil this magical moment with talking.

NOTE: I’m not trying to imply that either of these two are hot. Lindsay Lohan is Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronsom is, well, an 80-year-old man. I’m not even sure if they’d be considered lesbians anymore.

NOTE 2: I swapped the picture with something more fitting. If you miss the shot of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini you can check it out here.


  1. micros101


  2. Superevil

    usually 2 chicks are hot but definetly not in this case

  3. Sheva

    Lindzer Lowhore. It’s not that she’s a lesbian. She’s just willing to do’em all.

  4. ph7

    I love confused horny girls with big racks and and no morals.

  5. I swear this is probably a publicity stunt- i mean c’mon now..this girl is pathetic!

  6. cmon Fish don't be so lazy

    “If two hot women want to make out with each other that’s cool.”

    Lindsay’s beat, and Ronson’s a beast. You’re not even trying.

  7. jiggs

    talk about stacked. we need more pics (high res too) of her in that bikini asap!

  8. jrzmommy

    Typical behavior of a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder. They’re easily the most annoying people you’ll ever encounter.

  9. ieo

    who the hell is samantha ronson??

  10. good second effort Fish

    Now that’s the right picture for the story, to capture the WTF! gut reaction. Good edit.

  11. Lindsay's Clit

    don’t care who licks me as long as I get some good tongue. That giant hole below me can just shrivel up and die. I am so tired of a different dick every night and they all think the own the place. They are in for 30 second and then it is so long. Well fuck them!!!

  12. Lindsay Lohan

    Oh Samantha! I just lose myself in those twin-anus eyes of yours!

  13. Shannon Rose

    Oh man. I think I got herpes just by LOOKING at Samantha Ronson.

  14. Samantha Ronson

    The only boderline her personality has to get over is the one between my gash and my asshole.

  15. combustion8

    she’s a shity dj as well.. how does she get her gigs? she sure aint fuckin anyone… besides lohan.

  16. Mr. Black

    Man, that chick is fucking disgusting!

    So is the dee-jay.

  17. Mick

    I knew Lohan was a loser but after reading this, I’m almost embarrassed for her. She’s so lame. “Lindsay Ronson”?… she is such a loser.

  18. bearandbu

    What, there’s no attractive lesbians in LA?

  19. Jimbo

    I dont know about you guys, but I’d definitly hit it. Both. And at the same time. Because I have 2 penises.

  20. miss oblivious

    That Ronson “chic” is seriously disgusting looking. If Lindsay stays “friends” with her, I seriously doubt her ability to stay clean and sober. And I mean clean as in… literally, just sanitary at all. Yeeech.

  21. schack

    the difference between lesbians and sluts is that lesbians fuck women, while sluts fuck anyone (or anything). lindsay is, well… (sometimes sentences don’t require finishing)

  22. Jim's Uncle

    That’s the beauty of having every STD under the sun, Jim…the freedom to just FUCK with wild abandon. Speaking of which, how’s your mom?

    Remember: Laugher is the best medicine…unless you have gonorreah.

  23. Jim's Uncle

    and sometimmes you can’t finish the sentence because you don’t know that many words. Or you have ADD…hey look….a butterfly…

  24. LJ

    Not to state the obvious or anything but…”I want to marry you and have children with you.”

    She knows that 2 women can’t physically have a child together, just the 2 of them right? You’d have to you know, do it with a guy or get fertilized or adopt.

    Oh who am I kidding, that Samantha Ronsom is totally a dude so it’s completely possible for them to have their fugly kids!

  25. I missed the July 4th Lohan bikini pictures. Looks like the lack of cocaine has her boobs growing back.

  26. Jimbo

    What’s the difference between sluts and skinny whores?

  27. schack

    hey zack-rabbit. leibniz’ or leibniz’s?

  28. venus

    god, lindsay lohan must’ve like the worst taste in friends (they always seem to be willing to be bought or at least, flap their holes)…or she’s got the worst choice in passwords. “ooh yeah, beerand party! beer seems like a good password. uhm ok, maybe not, too long..adequite..oh, crap, i’ll have to remember how that’s spelled! ok, beer, there, you go, short & sweet just like me!” *giggles as she types “bear”* i really do think she is sweet, though, reminds me of my highschool doodles..venus loves chuck norris..venus norris. it almost makes me wanna cry….

  29. Jim's Uncle's Uncle

    Howzit bruddha? Any how’s your mom? Tell her I said hi.

  30. johnsmith

    she is fucking puke my fucking guts up ugly and that other fucking thing needs to be unplugged and put in the fucking trash

  31. no1justminda


  32. dani

    girls talk like that to each other as a joke.
    taking it seriously as lesbianism is also a joke.

  33. THAT’s Samantha Ronson in the picture?!? I seriously thought that was a dude. An ugly dude. An ugly, possibly homeless, dude.

    Of course, maybe Lindsay’s been in and out of rehab so many times she can’t remember what month it is, and seriously thinks this is a killer April Fool’s joke.

  34. Jim's Uncle

    I told her you said hi but I can’t understand what she said cuz my dick’s in her mouth.

    Now..everyone..take a good look at Ronson’s face. That’s what riding Lohan’s gant will do to you.

  35. Jim's Uncle

    Doug…it’s July, dude….

  36. Jim's Aunt

    Dani..the last time I told a bitch I wanted to hump her face, I wasn’t kidding. And then I humped her face. And then she looked waterlogged. Then I left.

  37. whitegold

    I get it, this article is about gay lovin…but who are the two dudes in the picture and what do they have to do with LL and some female dj that she’s hot for?

  38. eyedoughno

    OMG!! I thought that was Pete Doherty. She would make a great celebrity look a like.

  39. Big Bambu

    Lindsay and Pete Doherty. Who would have guessed?

  40. Aislinn

    This Samantha chick looks like a cancer victim. Well, that’s the only way I’d let that skank Lohan anywhere near me, is if I was dying anyway.

    Between Paris and that little girl, Hillary Swank in a bikini and now this…I’ve lost all hope in humanity.

  41. Big Bambu

    #38 – Great minds… etc, etc.

  42. lambman

    I hate this Samantha Ronson chick,

    she looks like Pete Dohrety on a bad day, and by all acounts is pretty much mostly to blame for getting Lindsay into drugs in the first place.

    lesbians have the worst taste in women

  43. lambman

    Why can’t she date a cute lesbian/bi chick.

    Michelle Rodrigez, Terminator 3 chick, Piper Parabo (Coyote Ugly, Prestige) all are into women

  44. Kinda Makes Sense, fucking a bunch of guys, doing a bunch of drugs, typical of a girl trying to prove to everybody that she is straight, and taking the drugs to deal with all that other stuff. Her being a lesbian could explain why, no matter WHAT she’s wearing she always looks a little butch.

  45. schack

    And I prefer to be known as a slut and not a lesbian

  46. You're crazy

    Oh damn, I can’t believe the fish has an advertisment for Cebuanas – the place where pervy old guys go to buy young asian girls. Pretty pathetic, fish dude.

  47. guys you meet when manic

    i wouldn’t worry about that…

  48. choon

    The Ronson family are talentless hacks. This one’s a crap dj. Her brother’s a shite dj/”producer”. And the other sister is a lousy clothing designer.
    Being the step-kids of some cunt out of Foreigner should only ensure that you are met with gales of laughter, not semi-successful “careers”.

  49. sloppy...just sloppy

    #45 – no caps, remember? sheesh

  50. gyno

    That Ronson thing is so skinny she makes Lindsay look Moore-ishly chubby.

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