Lindsay Lohan is a cutter. I DON’T BELIEVE IT!

November 11th, 2009 // 32 Comments

Another day, another horrible breach of privacy by Michael Lohan. In the latest tape “leaked” to the press, Dina Lohan blames Michael for driving to Lindsay to cut herself. RadarOnline reports:

Michael is talking with Dina, telling her that he represents the bad things in her life and Dina interrupts him, saying “Her cutting herself and hurting herself? Yeah, it’s bad Michael, it’s bad.” Lindsay has been photographed over the years and recently with scars on her wrists, a sign of the cutting, which is a desperate cry for help from the troubled starlet.
As Dina has said in previous recorded conversations, Lindsay has suffered from the treatment she received from her father, even going so far as to sleep with Dina when she’s at her house because she is so fearful. “I know that it’s going to happen,” Dina responds to Michael when he says “If something happens,” and Dina continues “I will feel it’s all your fault, that’s how I will feel, it’s not about me.”
In the 2008 call Michael doesn’t accept any blame for Lindsay’s situation, telling Dina “I will feel like it’s everyone else’s fault.”

Well at least Michael Lohan’s fully prepared to rationalize his daughter’s death that he’ll be most, if not entirely, responsible for. You gotta appreciate a story with a happy ending.

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  1. J-Money

    I’d cut her vagina with my penis

  2. i think she looks really good here
    and wheres the proof that shes cutting herself.

  3. Jim Lahey

    Come on. I mean really… Who cares about this talentless pig anyway.

  4. Roughzilla

    Is this equivalent to some girl in Africa getting a clitoridectomy @ age 12 by her father? if it is I sympathize with Lilo

  5. obz

    fuck off and die lohans, you can go cut yourselves up, but just fucking hurry

  6. she can sleep in my bed and hide from boogie monsters anytime!

  7. Seventh?


  8. fuckfuck

    EMMMMOOOOOOOO hahah just playin’ folks….but she’s nice…a nice girl…it’s sad


    Cutting is a pretty common feature of Borderline Personality Disorder. SO is chemical addicition, blaming everyone else for your troubles, really unstable relationships, suicidal thoughts, lashing out, mood issues, & eating disorders. I would be really surprised if she DOESN’T have this disorder. But the parents really shouldn’t go around telling everyone about it. It really just points to them. 75% of BPD patients were either physically abused, verbally abused, sexually abused or just plain neglected. I see Lindsay as a neglected child of two narcissistic parents. She didn’t stand much of a chance as a child, but as an adult, it’s up to her to make changes.

  10. Sport

    She cant even do that right?

  11. Jimmy

    “death by a thousand paper cuts.”

  12. lololololol

    out of all the things wrong with this chick, cutting is the least of her problems.

  13. Jammy

    Yeah…. a FART cutter!

  14. herbiefrog

    number nine… number nine…

    si is used to escape from the feelings caused by abuse

    it is pretty shallow of the rest of you to trivialise
    such a problem just cos you hate celebrities…

    we are all [mostly] ]trying to be good human beings
    your responses show that you just dont give a f*ch
    most human beings…

    so …shame on you

    hope that you can feel proud of yourselves
    for your inhuman comments here… out

  15. I thought she just cut lines on a glass table. How stupid of me.

  16. jay

    who the fuck cares? cutting urself for attention? thats mighty retarded. u want attention? u want someone to care about u? how about placing a bullet right in ur head lindsay? that will get my attention. that will show ppl ur trying to get noticed. cutting urself is such a pussy-ass thing to do. how bout cutting ur clit off? thats another idea. cutting wrists is wack

  17. c'mon

    I know this site is meant for humor’s sake, but c’mon, people need to lay off Lindsay Lohan. Her problems clearly ARE serious, so why contribute to them?

    #16: Really? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re in high school. You, like Lindsay, are obviously seeking attention. Maybe you could get it through earning good grades or developing a skill rather than spreading hate on the internet. Your post is wack.

  18. KB

    i think that Michael Lohan is trying to help Lindsay by releasing these messages — because Dina has has bothered to try to help her. And Lindsay refuses to admit she has a problem. It is admittedly strange of him to release the tapes, but i think he is baffled about what to do next, and he is trying in the best way that he can, since he isn’t a very good father to begin with. And this just proves that Dina is indeed the world’s worst mother ever!

  19. Slice

    I agree that a lot of times people cut for attention, but it’s not like she was out prancing around showing her arms to the paparazzi. her disgusting father recorded personal conversations and then leaked them to the media. the fact that he felt the need to record calls with lindsay and her mom just goes to show that he’s an opportunist who only cares about his own interests. i really don’t like lindsay, and i can’t stand when people don’t take responsibility for themselves, but stories like this honestly make me feel bad for her. she’s clearly a very troubled girl, and instead of getting the help she needs, she’s surrounded by selfish people humiliate her for their own gain.

  20. spaceyQQQ

    This girl is so eff’d up and the parents are even worse. They all need help.

  21. anonymous

    As much as I think ML is an opportunistic, psychologically abusive asshat for releasing these tapes – I’m kinda glad that he did, for the mere fact that its been a footbullet of epic proportions.

    He comes off as someone who is more concerned with looking like a good parent, than being a good parent. He needs to STFU and get HIMSELF into some hardcore therapy. The fact that he thinks that these tapes will make him look good is indicative of what a parental failure he really is. His daughter doesn’t want to see him for a reason, and from the sound of it a VERY GOOD REASON!

  22. stupid

    I hate fucking EMOS. DIE EMO DIE.

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  30. r4i

    it is pretty shallow of the rest of you to trivialise
    such a problem just cos you hate celebrities..

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