Lindsay Lohan [Insert Failure Here]

April 26th, 2010 // 34 Comments

Lindsay Lohan continued to excel at life this weekend by managing to get kicked off a film and banned from Trousdale within 12 hours of each other. Page Six reports:

“Samantha was DJ-ing and went to sit with her friends when Lindsay stormed over and threw a glass at her head. Glass flew everywhere, and Samantha looked really shaken up. The club owner asked Lindsay to leave and was overheard saying she’ll never come back.”

I think the thing that disappoints me most about Lindsay lately is her lack of commitment. I mean, Christ, how hard is it to pack a derringer these days when you’re somehow still “famous?” One time I saw Lindsay carrying an entire meth lab in her purse and the doorman just sort of laughed then went about his business before she made eye contact and latched onto his wallet like a lamprey. (That’s how she feeds.)


  1. Que

    Que shocka.

  2. Jess

    So sad

  3. being Rough in a classless world

    Alright, I don’t care if I get label a homo. I want to see how big Sammy’s penis is. Why can’t she stay away from Sam..

  4. Matthew

    z-level celeb that is her clam to fame a Z level celeb

  5. Matthew

    z-level celeb that is her clam to fame a Z level celeb

  6. dude

    okay, pic #5 is a contender for “world’s ugliest skank”. I can smell the ashtray, dildo latex and b.o. from here.

  7. Justice is served?

    I wonder what would have happened if a common person did that? Two laws for the land, one for the rich and the harsher one for the lowly peasants.
    Ahhhhhhh the cultus of celebrity!

  8. Hold up just a little bit longer… I get a cash bonus for getting the exact date right in my death pool…

  9. Nique

    She used to be hot.

  10. Nique

    She used to be hot.

  11. Nique

    She used to be hot.

  12. xylus

    Damn, a pic of Lindsay is enough to give me a burning sensation during urination…

  13. all of us

    thanks for the triple post Nique, dumbass

  14. all of us

    thanks for the triple post Nique, dumbass

  15. all of us

    thanks for the triple post Nique, dumbass

  16. Mosby

    It was a bit more than that, Sams a friend of mine I was sitting at the table. She wasnt dj-ing we were there celebrating a friends personal success, Sam and Justin (Gaston) were sitting against the wall while the rest of us were standing around deliberately ignoring lindsay in hopes she’d piss off since she wasnt invited in the first place. Next thing we know that crazy bitch is barrelling towards us at 95mph hurdling a whiskey glass at Sams head which resulted in Brent Bolthouse kicking her crazy ass out and saying to security “Tell that fucking bitch she’s never getting in here again!” while Sam was picking glass out of poor Justins hair and Lindsey stormed off screaming. Fucking psycho.

  17. Girl

    #16…. nice.

    Yeah, I saw a vid on x17 in which Sam called Lyndsanity “an angry person” after the incident

  18. Que Love

    I LOVE the Que posts numero uno. Keep ‘em coming.

  19. bitch PLEASE

    This bitch is 1 cough drop away from death….

  20. bar room hero

    Crazy cunt…

    I’d bop it (possibly wearing a truck tire)

  21. JD

    Why won’t this dumb cunt just cave to the inevitable and die already?

  22. Stucco

    Have to love the visible rash north of the no fly zone there.

    Fail, you have your spokesperson.

  23. Beebaby

    LMFAO! Priceless….

  24. I feel really bad for Linds acting like that. How could ya not feel bad for her? The disease surely has it’s hooks in her.

  25. Rabbit

    Damn, I’d love to pull that hair back while pounding her doggystyle!

  26. BarfSack

    I’d do her in the butt once and then I’d hope she would die so I wouldn’t have to admit to it

  27. Curious


    Since you have a unique insider’s perspective, maybe you can answer some questions for us!

    1. Does she have any real friends? This is a serious question. She always looks like she’s alone or just with paps.
    2. How long do people hang out with her before blacklisting her?
    3. What drugs is she on? How much does she do? How does she get money for them, since she has no jobs.
    4.What is her level of education? I’m going to guess maybe 6th grade?
    5. She looks like a hooker for old men. yes or no?

  28. Fuxy

    looka likw samantha ronson regrets her decision to date lindsay lohan based on increasing personal exposure

    never under estimate the power of the lohan cray cray

  29. captain america

    ……..some people just deserve to die?

  30. jd

    why is she so bloated? fugly……………

  31. Tell you a story, used to have mountains, hills have temple, the temple has an old monk. . .
    there is something more?
    welcome to my home…

  32. still looking good

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