Lindsay Lohan [Insert Failure Here]

Lindsay Lohan continued to excel at life this weekend by managing to get kicked off a film and banned from Trousdale within 12 hours of each other. Page Six reports:

“Samantha was DJ-ing and went to sit with her friends when Lindsay stormed over and threw a glass at her head. Glass flew everywhere, and Samantha looked really shaken up. The club owner asked Lindsay to leave and was overheard saying she’ll never come back.”

I think the thing that disappoints me most about Lindsay lately is her lack of commitment. I mean, Christ, how hard is it to pack a derringer these days when you’re somehow still “famous?” One time I saw Lindsay carrying an entire meth lab in her purse and the doorman just sort of laughed then went about his business before she made eye contact and latched onto his wallet like a lamprey. (That’s how she feeds.)