Lindsay Lohan on coke photo: ‘I was set up! Again.’

May 21st, 2010 // 43 Comments

If it’s not her father’s vast criminal empire stealing her passport, it’s somebody putting lines of coke on a table right before taking Lindsay Lohan’s picture. Why won’t the Illuminati leave her alone?! RadarOnline reports:

When reached by and asked to tell us what the white powder is, Lindsay at first replied: “What!??” directed her to look at the photo and the white powder on the table in front of her.
Lindsay then told “That’s a set up that’s so untrue.”

I don’t want to say Lindsay Lohan is a compulsive liar because I’m 90% positive she’s a paranoid schizophrenic. Based on her logic, there are more plots to make it look like she loves cocaine than Al Qaeda has to blow up infidels. They’re probably having meetings right now berating each other for their lack of commitment. “Seriously, you guys, why can’t we be more like those people making the freckle whore look like a druggie? They would’ve made the Great Satan pay for the Snooki creature yesterday.

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Coke Feet’ – 3.28.2010


  1. Rajiv

    HAHA Thats soo obvious

  2. Derp


  3. mer

    Are her shoes on fire?

  4. It's Me Fuckers

    why wasn’t she questioned about the shoe thing? Ffs, this girl needs help. I hope the judge doesn’t let her get away with the way she is handling her court dates and her parole. Everyone KNOWS she won’t spend 180 days in jail (it might dry her out though).

  5. dubba

    i kind of believe her…

    simply because no coke can remain in a room she is in long enough to get a picture before its up her nose.

  6. Deacon Jones

    That’s not blow, trust me.

    As a former “nosebutter” head, you do as much as you have, you dont drop/misplace pounds of it in your shoes and walk around. And it’s still dark out.

  7. Gweb

    Fish, you REALLY need to get over this Hohan obsession you seem to have. We’re all sick of you posting about this train wreck. She’s such a fucking disaster it’s boring.

  8. Shift

    Somebody just shoot her already and put her out of her misery.

  9. Poshicles

    Ummmm. . . . . why is it such a big deal she does coke so does half of hollywood. Other people may hind it better but its very common and if they don’t do coke they are on some of the other 1000 of drugs that are out there. And Deacon Jones you are right there is no way a coke head is going to let there supply fall all over the ground or at least if they did they wouldn’t be smiling.

  10. Jackson

    As an ex-junkie, I can honestly say there are a few pictures of me floating around with lines on the table. Of course I always knew it was there…if you haven’t done it you know where it is…just my .02

  11. ad nasuem

    Its obvious that she was high and her feet started to sweat giving her the awesome idea to put pounds of baby powder in her shoes to keep her feet dry. This is the thought process of a crackhead.

  12. Nero

    Set up or not,she’s gonna be fucked.

  13. Tek

    Yawn. Anything else happening?

  14. KumaTenshi


    No bail shit or anything this time, JUST FUCKING DO IT!!! Christ. Stupid ass moron judge!! I wish I could blatantly dick around with judges like this and have them be this lenient!!!

  15. LNK`

    I think it’s coke because she’s making the very unmistakable ‘coke face’. I make this same exact face if I blow a line or two. You’re high. You’re trying not to grind your teeth so you’re doing something weird with your mouth.

  16. Thanks for taking time to write this post…

  17. Chris

    No way in hell that is coke.
    You would NEVER let enough go to waste to even be able to taste it, I’m talking chewing straws, licking glass, etc, much less enough to cover your feet and throw up dust clouds when walking.
    That being said, if this were anyone other than a famous person, they’d be in jail. I am so tired of the double standards.
    What has this nasty bitch even done in the past several years worth mentioning?
    Lock her up, throw away the key, and stop talking about her ffs.

  18. l

    omg what pure and unadulterated idiocy


  19. Riiiight

    Occam’s Razor says that’s baby powder in a new pair of heels, which millions of girls use so they don’t get blisters. But if you want to insist it’s cocaine and make fools of yourselves, be my guest.

  20. more logical

    she was just wasted when she tried to put baby powder in her shoes….come on people.

  21. Matt

    It’s time for this dirty white whore to go to jail for a few years already.

  22. antimason

    why even bring up the illuminati? We KNOW they exist amongst us, and are plotting to do what amounts to be a hostile takeover of the world. Though their plan has been done stepping stones style.

    As long as people focus on her, and other pseudo celebs their plan is working.

    Wake up people!

  23. retards

    You dumbshits really will eat up anything these mindless celebs are doing won’t you? Even if it’s obviously staged by paparazzi just to get a revealing picture of someone with a bad wrap. Sure, Lilo is a fucking retard and deserves nothing less than to be in a mental insitution for the rest of her life but c’mon. Cocaine on her shoe? Can you not tell that was blatantly baby powder being thrown on her? There’s even a trail that STARTS not too far behind her. You think if she came down some stairs with that much coke on her, it would still be poofing into the air? The face isn’t a “coke” face. It’s a “wtf? bitch ass paparazzi fucked my shoe up” face. Besides, no coke head (especially Lindsay) would let that much coke go unsniffed.

    Again, Lilo is a fucking no use horrid skank of a coke head but this is obviously staged. Makes you wonder what other things the paparazzi will do to put celebrities in compromising positions for you asshats to drool over.

    By the way this picture is old as piss. You need to step up your Lilo obsession and faggotry. Perez HIlton called, he wants his gossip back.

  24. I hope the judge does not allow them get away with how it treats its audience and dates honest. I always knew he was there … if not, you know where

  25. gei wo ytige wen ba

  26. captain america

    no doubt: CASTOR SUGAR, folks.

  27. Badger Bob

    “there are more plots to make it look like she loves cocaine than Al Qaeda has to blow up infidels. ”

    funniest line EVER

  28. @#$%@#%^@$%&#&$^

    You all remember when JFK was assassinated and everyone said someone SHOT from the grassy knoll….WELL ARE WE THAT DESPERATE TO NOT SEE THAT SOMEONE THREW SOMETHING AT HER FUCKN FEET???!?!?!?!?!? LIKE COME ON!!

    A photographer or someone in the mix THREW something at her feet!!! Can’t ppl tell???

    If she did coke and it was caught on a very DARK video wayyyy back and everyone can’t prove much anymore, then aren’t these photographers getting desperate by throwing shit at ppl??? seriously!

    give her a break and maybe she’ll kick back on her own if she is doing the shit…making someone feel like shit and getting possibly more depressed can fuck someone up really bad…i know you guys are smart…come on, you ppl know what a suicide watch is right??


    btw,,,get your photographers recorded every once in a while, while they work on a hidden camera…it called QUALITY CONTROL…and in this pic i don’t see quality i see possible LIES…and a quality control video would prove it behind the scenes.

    Something is obviously fuckd with this pic!!

  29. Rhialto

    LiLo is as slippery as an eel.And that’s meant in the bad sense of the word.

  30. Gando

    She’d use powder to make her less slippery.

  31. i like yayo

    she´s on fire (lol)

  32. mike

    #2 concur with you – her shoe-bomber shoes are ready to go off

  33. M_D

    if shes on coke shes not just going to leave all that behind like la lee la lee la. she’d be on her hands and knees with a straw up her nose. looks like someone wanted a story and threw backing power or something at her.

  34. Boobie Clark

    It’s not coke in her shoes, duh. There’s NO QUESTION that she’s doing PLENTY of cocaine right now…none whatsoever…but that powder coming from her shoes is something else. If that was coke it’d be a rather substantial, valuable and highly useful amount. Plus, coke doesn’t get all dusty and talcum-like that way (not good coke, anyway), it’s sort of more moist and flaky and tends to clump up. And, coke-heads don’t hide it in their shoe unless necessary, it also gets melt-y when it’s too warm. She was either just goofing on the photogs or just got sloppy with the talcum powder in her rush to go out and act stupid again in her new dress.

    No one “set her up”, she was obviously posing for the TMZ pic with the lines on the table and she’s holding a straw in the photo. The frizzy-haired, swinger-looking woman on the right has coke-jaw in that picture, all clenched up tight and wired for sound. The dude in that pic has “swarthy, coke dealer/swinger” written all over him. Lindsay is the “celebrity whore/freak show” for this particular group of partiers and she’s being paid in blow, booze and airfare.

  35. cc

    It’s her face that I love the most in this pic ‘Huh, putting a kilo of flour in my shoes didn’t help dry my feet? Well, at least I can make pancakes.’

  36. Kelley

    I can’t believe that in this picture, she looks like a 48 year-old woman. This is only 23 years old ? Yikes …

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  40. LSquared

    I showed this photo to one of my close (and currently very sober) friends who has vast amounts of personal experience in the Lohan way of life. She agreed that it is not coke nor any other drug in her shoes but pointed out that many meth addicts powder their feet heavily and often because doing meth causes serious foot odor and moisture. So there you have it.

  41. Scientologists set her up!

    They can’t break Lindsay though, because she places no value on herself.

  42. marxsbabe

    Lindsay Lohan on coke photo: ‘I was set up! Again.’

    Yeah right and my c^^t juice taste like honey. Lindsay Lindsay. tell this to the Marines. stop fooling your audience just because they are victims of the bankrupt American education system doesn’t mean you had to add to that pile of scum. This is a crime that is a more unforgivable offense than convincing them that you are a “professional” actress with talent.

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