Lindsay Lohan hooks up with Wilmer Valderrama

February 28th, 2006 // 28 Comments

lindsay-lohan-with-fez.jpgLindsay Lohan was spotted going back to the SoHo Grand hotel room with her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama at 5:30 am yesterday. The two had been partying together at Lotus, and Us Weekly has already bought pictures of the two leaving the hotel together.

It’d be pretty irresponsible reporting to just assume the two hooked up and had sex, but considering I only wear pants about 12% of the day, I’m probably not in the running for the Pulitzer here. Plus I actually saw them having sex, so it’s not even an assumption. It’s a fact.



  1. Jeremy1Esq

    Who cares what your past is with someone. If she wants to have sex you, you do it. Lindsay sleeps with everyone, so this is a non story.

  2. Tania

    So they had hot wild sex…who cares. Maybe they’re back together, maybe they’re not. If they are it’ll be just a matter of time until they break up and she goes bulimic again.

  3. rds0811

    If I was Wilmer I’d try to distance myself from this cumpster.

  4. I bet she told him she loved him so much that she slept with 500 guys just to make him jealous. Wilmer must have the biggest penis ever cuz he gets way too many girls for being as ugly as he is.

  5. LadyG

    I’m not sure I really care, but how exactly did you see them having sex?

  6. nichole

    #5 I sincerely hope you’re kidding.

  7. HollyJ

    Since Lindsey is so incredibly lame, I’ll just post this little gem for you to enjoy. NSFW

  8. MustangLaura

    OMG I AM A GENIUS !!! Ok Ok Ok So On The Jennifer Aniston Book Post I Said HoHan Was Gonna Sleep With Everyone Somemore….. And Look Shes Starting With Numero Uno !!! Hahahahaahaha

  9. Pearly

    Wiimer certainly seems to be a glutton for punishment. He gets way too many girls for a guy named Wilmer. It just sounds too much like Wilbur…

  10. Personally, I love how she can get penetrated by every penis in Hollywood, yet still not seem even a bit whorish. Go Lindsay, us sluts have to stick together!

  11. robot_turkey

    Ah, to be 19-20 like Lindsay and have a pussy that looks like raw hamburger and smells like raw sewage! Ain’t young love grand?!

  12. Jum

    that girl should get an A+ in whoring around and spreading STD

  13. She looks like her skin would be rough and sandpapery.

  14. Mr. Fritz

    She looks good in this picture. It must be an older one; I love redheads. As I have posted before, I like girls with curves. She has an impish-whorish like quality. Too bad she needs to use the superindustrial strength douche.

  15. LoneWolf

    Wilmer is a man-whore. He gets more ass than a toilet seat. He’s the male Paris Hilton.

    Or the female Colin Farrell.

  16. What’s with these sllutty bone racks that wonder why people follow them around and ask questions that they don’t again Linds you made your bed, just lie in it. I think she’s gaining ground on Paris in the slut factor.

  17. ESQ

    It looks like Lindsey is vying for Paris’ position in Hollywood. Girls just hate competition.

  18. chelleann66

    BOO – TEE – CALL

  19. gogoboots

    Poor Wilmer he gets sucked back into Lindsay’s huge slut vagina. UGH!

  20. eatyourfeedback

    Whatever happened to her “falling” for Ryan Adams? Or the Olympics guy last week?

    Apparently she’s competing with Paris Hilton for the whore of the decade award.

  21. diddleysquat

    6 words I never thought I’d say: I wish I was Wilmer Valderrama

  22. LaydeeBug

    Ugh, a hasbeen in Hagsville City, Uvula.

  23. Jacq

    Ok, I’ll say it:
    I’d hit it.

  24. lola

    i don’t see what the problem is. if Lindsay and Wilmer wanna get back together then leave them to it whateva ne1 else says it aint gona change what they wana do isi n i think they good couple

  25. lola

    Lindsay Lohan is awesome !!!

  26. lola

    n if she wants to sleep with loadz of guys well good on her i think

  27. yommaroxbreessox

    well you know what? i don’t know if they are back together or not. he was laughing when they made a joke about her on his show, YO MOMMA. but maybe he’s just being good-spirited. you know, YO MOMMA is really a great show. the site is fantastic, i found it on mtv:

  28. she hooks up with every body, so what?

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