Lindsay Lohan hooks up with three dudes in 24 hours

December 31st, 2007 // 74 Comments

Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend in Capri where she hooked up with three guys in less than 24 hours. Starting with the waiter pictured above here’s a rundown of Lindsay’s conquests as reported by the Daily Mail:

Dude #1 Alexandra Di Nunzio:
The pair exchanged phone numbers at a film showing which the actress attended with Heroes star and friend Hayden Panettiere, 18.
But she dumped her friend shortly afterwards to meet up with, and lock lips with, Di Nunzio.
The pair enjoyed a meal together before getting cosy on a hotel sofa together.

Dude #2 Eduardo Costas:
The older man looked like the cat who got the cream after his passionate embrace with the young star who recently reconciled with her father and is said to be leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle.

Dude #3 Dario Faiella
The son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri shared a few intimate moments with the actress, who is also said to be dating the ex-love of troubled pop star Britney Spears — 28-year-old music producer JR Rotem.

It’s nice to see Lindsay Lohan is back to her true form. And by true form, I mean a bionic humping machine secretly created by the government.


  1. Grape Ape Pees Wine on You

    This story isn’t true…it’s even beneath the gossip blogs to “report” on this.

    Before everybody starts calls me a Lindsay apologist…I don’t have any respect for this piece of filth. I’ll be the first person to say that Lindsay Lohan does many things that most people find repugnant. I don’t think that she wouldn’t do this, or that it’s not a plausible story.

    There’s just no evidence here that supports the claim.

    Bad Fish.

  2. Brad

    #22,23,24. How does it feel to be owned so fucking bad? #19 Juliana was absolutely correct. And #24, way to spell it Carnevale three times in your original post and then say “Thanks for watching my back Sophie. I knew carnaval was correct.”


  3. welcome back lindsay

    Sorry but is it just me… or does she look like she’s had a nose job (recently!)??

    I know people say shit like this all the time and it’s annoying, but seriously, look at the pic of her looking left (on her own) Close up it looks like her nose is really different, it is freaking really straight but slightly turning up like a god damn ski slope

  4. john

    Is that a genital wart on the side of her nose?

  5. FRT

    Ahhh…the Irish…ya gotta love them!

    Fuck and drink all day…and then go to Catholic Church on Sunday!

  6. lambman

    she is a super-ho its pretty impressive.

    but she has been looking damn fine lately, looks better with red hair, but still been looking hot overall

  7. sidv

    #6 – Hearsay? This is not a courtroom, and if it was I believe the evidence presented is “adequite”. I don’t need to stick my hand in water to know it’s wet, and I don’t need a DNA lab to tell me Hohan is covered in semen.

  8. And you know why?
    Because the assholes expect they can fuck for free. And as a bonus the’re getting free attention. On the other hand they feel a bit sorrow too. Because she was pretty close to becoming a star herself but is reckognised as a today’s LOSER!!
    The most funny part is: SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT YET!!

  9. I would’t have minded being cock number four she sucked that night, since her lips would have been all nice and strechy and her throat would have been numb. Besides, I like making chicks cry when they say “No!” What? I also like putting on stilettos and dancing on live kittens. Don’t judge me.

  10. #10
    ### 10

    Check the URL I put for website and there you have proof, the Daily Mail has got it!! She’s with the third guy Dario
    He’s ugly, I think that old Eduardo dude looked better

  11. my comment

    That waiter she’s talking to is pretty cute.

    Lohan on the other hand, looks about 50 years old in that bleached horsey ponytail. She’s truly living in a world of delusion.

  12. Vale

    Who is Eduardo Costas?!? Maybe the spanish brother of Edoardo Costa…

  13. Queenie

    That first guy is GORGEOUS

  14. yodolayheehoo

    haha #59, I think you are hilarious! I’m glad I read through all the ridiculous posts above just to get to you. I didn’t feel like that I’m wasting at work was well…wasted. :)

  15. yodolayheehoo

    haha #59, I think you are hilarious! I’m glad I read through all the ridiculous posts above just to get to you. I don’t feel like *the time* that I’m wasting at work was well…wasted. :)

  16. czervick

    Di Nunzio? This story is definitely made up. Di Nunzio is the Italian cheeseball in Caddyshack. “ooh, wouldn’t you like to know Di Nunzio?”

  17. 10pound

    Brad (52) drinks my pee

  18. WildwolfWoman

    I say BULLSHIT!!!!! you fuckers accuse every woman celeb of fucking anybody and everybody……she’s talented and gorgeous, although I agree red hair is better…reguardless she doesn’t look that old…all be it older than her age. (not that much).But so did I at that age !!! I say rock on girl and fuck what morons think !!!!!!!

  19. jason

    i don’t think she is beautiful, but many friends from said she is good. for god sake i don’t know the reason, but i think they are reasonable for i know they are picky. you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….and they are beautiful and charming….

  20. mofoghetto

    You gotta give her some credit, she’s at least crossing her legs in recent pics.

    Poor Snatcharazzi!

  21. sinalea

    At this point… I seriously doubt she hasn’t tried sex with at least 3 guys at a time yet.

  22. Aims

    I agree with number 33. Blonde hair is everywhere in hollywood and I’m sick of it. The “fried dead bleached hair with extensions stuck in it” is just so out…

  23. You gotta give her some credit, she’s at least crossing her legs in recent pics

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