Lindsay Lohan hooks up with three dudes in 24 hours

December 31st, 2007 // 74 Comments

Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend in Capri where she hooked up with three guys in less than 24 hours. Starting with the waiter pictured above here’s a rundown of Lindsay’s conquests as reported by the Daily Mail:

Dude #1 Alexandra Di Nunzio:
The pair exchanged phone numbers at a film showing which the actress attended with Heroes star and friend Hayden Panettiere, 18.
But she dumped her friend shortly afterwards to meet up with, and lock lips with, Di Nunzio.
The pair enjoyed a meal together before getting cosy on a hotel sofa together.

Dude #2 Eduardo Costas:
The older man looked like the cat who got the cream after his passionate embrace with the young star who recently reconciled with her father and is said to be leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle.

Dude #3 Dario Faiella
The son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri shared a few intimate moments with the actress, who is also said to be dating the ex-love of troubled pop star Britney Spears — 28-year-old music producer JR Rotem.

It’s nice to see Lindsay Lohan is back to her true form. And by true form, I mean a bionic humping machine secretly created by the government.


  1. everyonepoops


  2. e

    nice weave.

  3. she had to get her italian meatballs

  4. tcre


  5. Rancid

    What is herpes?

  6. kirsten

    I’m no fan of Lindsay…but this story is dumb and total hearsay. I mean the first guy she got “cozy” with so maybe there was an attraction. The second mentions an “embrace” which could have been just a friendly hug you’d greet a friend with, and the third name is mentioned with no apparent details. The title makes it sound like oooh she fucked 3 guys in one day, scandalous…but that clearly is not the case. Superficial sucks lately…these stories are just boring. Yawn.

  7. Caitlin

    She looks SO different lately – like her mom, really. Also, her mascara is majorly smudged.

  8. What a suprise.

    Rehab is for drugs……..not for whorishness.

  9. Black Adam

    She’s 21 and gorgeous. Pretty much a recipe for sexual promiscuity.

  10. LindsayMustNotShower

    kirsten is correct. As best as I can tell there is no proof she had sex with anyone. I have all my DNA equipment and I will happily check the Lohan cootch for male DNA. If this girl is that addicted to sex then how come no one can get any pictures of Lilowith her pants down and a dick in her mouth?

  11. p0nk

    she didn’t do all three of them at the same time? she’s slowing down.

  12. Guy

    The first guy looks kind of odd/attractive…

  13. Adelle


    i wish you all sucess, love and lots of true friends!!!!!!!

    God bless us all!

    God bless this great country called USA!!!!

    best wishes,

    Adelle from Rio de Janeiro.

  14. Martin Bormann

    Ach! This story is worse than the Wunderwaffen!

  15. Angela


  16. Carnevale

    @13-Happy New Year back at ya Adelle. Now since you said happy New Year to me and I said it back to you we are now great friends (thats how it works in the USA, trust me on that ). Can I stay at your house during Carnevale? I never been to Carnevale but I would go if I had a place to stay. Just asking. I do so want to go to Rio.

  17. put the ugly people in the back

    Nah that’s a slow night for Lohand. Come on folks you know beter than that. 3 guys??? Meh she eats 3 guys a day for breakfast.

    But gosh is it ever heartwarming to see the life changing difference rehab can make. It practically makes me want to become a filthy crack head alchoholic slut whore just so I can know the joyous miracle of being rehabilitated.

  18. shallow val

    Strawberry, Strawberry, she’s the neighborhood ho…..

  19. Juliana

    to 16 – you are the most stupid white shit i have seen in a while.
    btw it’s carnaval , not whatever the fuck you said.

  20. 10pound


  21. 19
    Juliana – December 31, 2007 4:01 PM

    to 16 – you are the most stupid white shit i have seen in a while.


    Before you correct someone……

    Who’s the stupid shit?

  22. 10pound

    Way to go #19, proving stupidity AND arrogance are entertaining.

    PS. You spelled it wrong.

  23. SophieGotMyBack

    Thanks for watching my back Sophie. I knew carnaval was correct. And to Juliana, Damn girl if you had spent some time learning in school instead of talking to your friends you would see that I ain’t the stupidest white shit on this planet.

  24. Newton

    She looks stoned out-of-her-mind. What ever goes up must come down.

  25. English Major

    # 19 and # 22-

    What are you guys – the Superficial grammar and spelling Nazis. Both of you need to lighten up. This site is for entertainment purposes only, and not for would be Editors. If you both want to correct each others typos, why don’t you both get your red pens out and teach 6th grade English.

    PS – If you find any typos in this, it is because I need glasses. Sorry.

  26. Jones

    What is she famous for again? She has NEVER been at all appealing to me. Give it a few years and she’ll be living in a nice trailer park. Destiny, IMO.

  27. WTF

    #19 and #22 – It’s new years and you 2 need fun that you must never get. Lighten up and have some. It’s obvious you got 16′s point or you couldn’t have felt a need to correct. Who gives a shit? two losers who idea of a good time is to be the judges at a spelling bee. The way people type here you two must be having a blast.

  28. g.o.d.

    It is spelled ‘Carnaval’ in Portuguese; ‘Carnival’ in English.

  29. Mick

    She is dirty looking.

  30. sawzy

    hate all you want, but taking her sex life into overdrive proves to ME that she is seriously sticking to her rehab plan. once you get out of rehab and need to fill that “void” you will find something. sex provides a natural high, sort of like running. so if getting laid a lot is not a sign of success, Lindsay or not, .i dunno what is.

  31. katerina

    sawzy, she was fuckin in rehab too. and she’s not off drugs. that ugly troll lookin dude who follows her around everywhere is her dealer bro. theres pics of himsittin next to her in capri. she’s also has std’s. i heard it was hiv, but maybe sumthin else. that’s why shes been actin all weird lately. she doesnt give a shit now that she has an std. i hope the guys who fuck her used protection :x

  32. maz

    damn she needs to go back to red hair..

  33. Supervixn


    Do you guys remember when Hayden was walking down the street to a club and the paps were filming her and some girl was like, “Give it to ‘em Lindsay!” and Hayden was like, “Don’t call me Lindsay you fuckin’ cunt”.

    Um, they’re friends now?

  34. starship

    > It practically makes me want to become a filthy crack head alchoholic
    > slut whore just so I can know the joyous miracle of being rehabilitated.

    #17 Mmmmm You seem like my kind of babe. Need any help with that?

  35. TotalClass

    Story is true with sad ending..I waiting in line and got up to number 6 but the ride closed for the night. Bummer.

  36. Yourfairytale

    I hate her, but I can’t blame her. She needs to tap all the Latin ass she can right now. I say go for it.

  37. veggi

    Good for her! She’s young and she should have whatever fun she wants – she was a working actress as a child, not like you lazy witless losers.

  38. utxdoni

    Well she’s sober, you can see that by the clear whites of her eyes….that, and the bored spitless look on her face.

  39. d

    so have i. what abo0ut it?

  40. Susan A

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  42. I don’t like anything at all about the girl – but I do think she’s looking better lately than ever. She actually looks really good.


  44. A Lindz fan

    She’s getting a little psycho. She seems to be hate-fucking the entire world. While it may look like fun to be-bop through Italy, I don’t think LiLo is having as much fun as it appears.

    Is it an STD? I don’t think so. I’ve heard LL has always been careful about using condoms and the only disease I know she has is a urinary-tract infection.

    The real disease she suffers from is psychological — nymphomania. I think it’s that everywhere she goes, everyone just wants to molest her and she figures she’ll never find true love, so why not? She’s abandoning herself. This is not controlled, recreational fucking, but clinical nymphomania, such as I’ve never seen in a celeb before. She doesn’t even try to hide it.

  45. Matthew


  46. 1MILF Hunter

    What a jizz bag.

  47. Kimmie

    She looks better than before rehad!

  48. Kimmie

    She looks better than before rehab!

  49. Styxchix

    Why the huge interest in her? All she does is float around from rehab to event and inbetween can’t even act in any halfway decent films. She’s too much fuss over nothing…

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