Lindsay Lohan hitting the bottle again

Lindsay Lohan got down with some Grey Goose over the weekend while partying with Brody Jenner of MTV’s The Hills in NYC. Lindsay’s friends and rep deny she was drinking, but observers noticed she was definitely in the sack. NY Daily News reports:

One source contends that drinks were showing on Linds on Friday. Confronted by paparazzi at the Beatrice, “she started going berserk,” claims a witness. “She didn’t want them taking shots of her with Brody.”

How dare they take pictures of Lindsay when she’s only hooking up with one guy? She’s got a reputation to uphold as a three-man whore-bot. The least the paps could’ve done was provided her with a homeless guy to have sex with on top of some garbage cans. It’s called chivalry. Maybe you guys should look it up sometime.

Photos: Splash News