Lindsay Lohan hearts liquor

October 16th, 2007 // 77 Comments

I’m at a loss for words to deliver this news, but, it appears Lindsay Lohan was drinking this weekend. Gasp! How can this be? She’s been to rehab three times. Could it be she actually stayed at a resort with no quantifiable rehabilitative practices? Nah, that’s just crazy talk. E! Online reports:

However, don’t think Linds has gone all suburban soccer mom on us–yet. According to some Utah locals, Lindsay was spotted at a Park City club Friday night. And despite her two-month stint in rehab, our barwitness thought Linds looked less than refreshed.

In the future, when scientists unearth Lindsay’s corpse, they’ll discover she runs on pure alcohol. She can survive without oxygen, water, and food. As long as she’s filled to the brim with Mojito’s, Lindsay will keep running. Yes, it will be a fascinating time until Dr. Johnson spills his whiskey tonic into her open chest cavity and – Holy Christ! She’s alive! Hide our precious moon beer! Ah, my eyes, she burnt it with her crotch! Johnson, you booze-hound, look what you’ve done! Oh, the humanity.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ced

    She would heart liquor given shes an alcoholic and all

  2. rat_whisprrrr

    Go figure……….

  3. Looks like she’s wearing the newspaper.

  4. Big Digger

    She needs my wee wee in her poop hole.

  5. rat_whisprrrr

    Wonder why none of the pap peeps go TO THE CLUBS……then they could get pics there and stop all the speculations…….I wanna be kinda like Maxwell Smart with my trusty camera shoe

  6. Riotboy

    Money well spent on rehab.


  7. dawn

    If she was really drinking, I’m sure that someone would have taken a picture. Everyone has a camera phone these days. Just because someone goes to a club/pub doesn’t mean that they are drinking.

  8. Yeah…so who DOESN’T run on pure alcohol? Doesn’t everybody? Oh just me and Linds? Whatever.

  9. Hey FRIST,
    I’d be one of those also. After 5 days of drinking in Chicago, I should be able to go a couple of days without re-charging.

  10. Italian Stallion

    Eminem looks like a little girl in this picture…………..

  11. p911gt10c

    Lilo has a drink. Wow. And the sky is blue.

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  12. ph7

    Glad to see our party girl is back in action. She’s got to be a great drunken fuck.

  13. Gerald_Tarrant

    When I was on the wagon I would still go to the bars with my friends. Guess what else, at 1 AM I do look less than refreshed.

  14. ssdd

    Can this freckled mess of a whore ever breathe withOUT her mouth hanging open??…

  15. Forst

    sixteenth! – ish.

  16. Lindsay Drinks to Forget

    I’d drink too if Riley Giles put his dick inside me. Or worse yet, was photographed with me.

  17. yaya_sucka

    uh. drinking in utah doesn’t count. it’s impossible to get drunk with the alochol laws they have public bars.

  18. Hemlock Queen

    If this is true then it’s hilarious. And it happened even sooner than I thought! I was given her a few more weeks? Why? Willpower I guess. But this IS Blohan we’re talking about.

    #18 what’s with the drinking laws?

  19. Dick Richards

    Man, who gives a fuck?! Let her drink her liquor. Maybe it’ll kill her. Or, in a second-person fashion, help her to die of aids.

  20. TS

    Drinks which use one ptype of alcohol can have no more than one ounce of alcohol, and drinks that use multiple alcohols can have no more than 1.5 oz total alcohol content. That means no long Islands for you, FRIST and TT.

    Hey, #1, as you point is…?

  21. TS

    #1, and your point is…?

    Fuck, that didn’t work too well the first time around.

  22. BunnyButt

    1. Why is she still in Utah?!?!?

    2. I didn’t know they allowed alcohol in Utah. Or any other form of fun.

  23. dbone


  24. havoc

    I don’t believe it.

    Wait a minute, yeah I do.


  25. TS,
    That’s the main reason you’ll never find me in Utah.
    Hell, even a weak Margarita has a couple of oz’s of alcohol in it. Mine of course, have a only one ounce…………..of lime juice.

  26. Dar

    You go, Lindsay! Just remember: Tap beer is much cheaper than drugs, hard liquor, and bottled beer, so you should be able to get by a bit longer on what money you have left.

    Also, you may have to switch to those generic cigarettes too. They taste like cardboard, but they’re cheap!

  27. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Do they have rehab for mouth-breathers?

  28. Hey BunnyButt,
    I bet it would have been fun, drinking or not.

  29. Dina Lohan

    Awww, that’s my girl!


  30. nixy26

    Why is she wearing an engagement/wedding ring in these pics??


    FUNNY comments, Fish. By the way, does anyone know who the Fish is? Was he given an earthly name? I’m kinda new here.

    Lindsay’s an ass hat.

  32. That’s no engagement ring, she got that from the gum machine outside of WalGreens.

  33. P-britty

    # 18 and #19…

    I live in Utah and I will tell you, drinking at the bars here is expensive and it’s about the same as drinking watered down beer. The beer content is something around 3% and the bartenders are only allowed something around 1.5 ouces of alcohol per drink. Your better staying home and getting trashed on your own stuff. ALSO – you can only buy liquor from government liquor stores, and they cannot keep things cold in the liquor stores, you cannot buy mixers at these liquor stores – you then have to go all the way to the grocery store to buy mixers/limes/lemons/etc.

    So, what does all this mean?? Even if Linds HOHAN was drinking, she probably wasn’t getting drunk – considering she is now poor (…

  34. @34,
    Kansas is the same fucking way, you can buy wine, but not a wine opener. Liquor is the ONLY thing they sell, no cigs, no ice, or those stupid coozie things.

  35. Hey FRIST,
    I’ll fuck Utah, is she Dakota’s sister?

  36. Ooba Gooba

    Hey Dina! Is Lindsay still in “an amazing place”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    This chick is such a skank.

  37. Wow………what a shocker.

    She should just wear a shirt that says “Will Blow You For Booze And Coke”.

  38. Hey TT, what’s a coozie?

    All this talk about liquor is makin me THIRSTY.

    It’s ok, only 3 more hours…only 3…

  39. FRIST,
    Those stupid things to put on beer cans and bottles to keep then cold. Which I never use, I don’t have them long enough to get warm or hot.

  40. Ript1&0

    Firecrotches are awesome. Mine most definitely is. Drunk, sober, night, day, handcuffed to the back row at the Paramount… whatever’s clever.

  41. haroof

    i’m in love with this coked up skank.

    something about her…

  42. TS

    Yeah, I have only been there once and it’s for the birds. No need to go back. You can’t even buy alcohol on Sundays. You have to be 19 to buy tobacco (at least you did when I was there). Fuck Utah is right, FRIST.

  43. Balls Johnson

    I’d hit it.

  44. drink pourer

    I have a friend who bartends at the bar she was at in PC. She was DEFINITELY drinking that night. I have camera phone proof. And for all the Utah haters, it’s cool. We’d prefer you stay out anyhow. You have to love other things than booze to live there.

  45. PunkA

    Utah is the BOMB. Trust me, if you have ever been to Park City, you’d love it. Seriously good restaurants, great party atmosphere. There is a reason it hosts the Sundance Film Festival every year.

    As for booze, the liquor laws are better than most ocunties in Texas. Can get it 7 days a week. But yeah, the hard stuff is at a state liquor store, so that makes it tough for people I guess.

    Anyway, if LiLo can party in Utah, so can anyone else.

  46. haha #43 I feel the same

  47. Hey TS, you can’t buy liquor in the liquor store here on Sundays, they are closed. I’d have to go into Idaho. I loved living in CA. You could buy a bottle of vodka at freaking Safeway!!! For like 10 bucks!!! For the BIG bottle!!!

    That’s it, I’m moving…

  48. TS

    We’re not hatrers. The skliing is great. You just suck at pouring drinks. And fuck the Jazz too. In fact, it is kinda for the birds now that I think about it. And it’s full of religious zealots. Yeah, we’re haters. Fuck the Mormons. Fuckin freaks.

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