Lindsay Lohan hasn’t killed anyone on set of new movie – yet

The producers for Lindsay Lohan’s new movie Labor Pains are saying “so far, so good” on her behavior. Or at least the film’s publicists are saying that because, for all we know, Lindsay could be lighting the crews’ cigarettes with her vagina. (You heard it here first.) People reports:

“We were a little bit reluctant to work with her,” Lati Grobman, one of the producers, tells PEOPLE. “But she’s been amazing.”
“The difference between her and the other girls that are naughty in the business is that she’s actually talented. It’s not [like] Paris Hilton and the rest of them. We took the chance. It’s good that we did. So far, so good.”

Though the producers wish Lindsay would quit one annoying little habit: Acting like a lesbian. She’s not fooling anyone. Especially after having sex with all the Teamsters, and a homeless man who wandered too close to set. Poor bastard just wanted some scraps from the snack table. Let’s just say he bit off more than he could chew… I’m actually serious. He had half a Cornish hen in his mouth before Lindsay tackled him.

Photos: Splash News