Lindsay Lohan has it together

April 15th, 2010 // 68 Comments

Seen here stumbling out of Bar 210 last night, Lindsay Lohan skipped a deposition yesterday in the case involving her allegedly hijacking an employee’s car in an insane car chase. Because why defend yourself from jail time when you can try on clothes then drink mojitos until you believe you were a test tube baby? TMZ reports:

Just hours after Lindsay bailed on an important deposition — where she was supposed to answer accusations stemming from an alleged alcohol-fueled car chase in 2007 — LiLo was seen browsing in a Beverly Hills clothing boutique.
Lindsay claimed she was too busy to attend the all-day deposition.

The lawyers essentially said if Lindsay didn’t stay for an entire day it wasn’t worth having her giving a deposition at all. Which makes no fucking sense. Who even tries to depose Lindsay Lohan in the first place? Seriously, does anyone think she remembers a thing that happened more than five seconds ago? She spends 90% of her day walking around startled at her surroundings. “Where’d this bar come from?” “How’d all that coke just disappear?” “Why’s there a penis in my mouth?”


  1. xylus

    Don’t you… umm.. actually need money to shop?

  2. Irene Barcelo

    This girl is out of control! Grow up, Lindsay.

  3. dani

    Lindsay’s life is like a car crash. You feel sorry for the people involved, but you just can’t stop watching…

  4. merilhepburn

    Secretly jealous of her life style. Fuck, I’m the same age as her and most kids my age are just as out of control, I just think it’s our awesome generation.

  5. Jimmy

    She’s really becoming a pig with lipstick. No matter how much lipstick, she’s still a pig!

  6. Beeotch

    Is she even still making money?

  7. Crusty

    Here and now, I’ll give $5000 to “Save the Kids in Haiti” or whatever if I can arrange to party just once with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, together..

    Someone else will have to pick up the bar tab..

    Fish, set it up..

  8. farty mcshitface

    she looks like she has scored herself another pair of totally impractical shoes. looks like a pair of stilt shoes which are perfect for walking around drunk at 4:30 am outside of a club or coke buddy’s house.
    yeh, just forget about that damned court case there lindsay, you will be just fine!

  9. Rhialto

    Wind,Water,Fire and Earth have spoken to us.Yes…………We must do it!

  10. Stuey

    I think it’s bullsh!t that she can do that but if one of us did that they would throw our asses in jail.

    She isn’t a celebrity anymore, and even if she was, throw her coked out ass in jail. Man I wish I was a judge in Hollywood, all the F’ers would be in the slammer.

  11. Check those crack whore fingernails in photo #3.

  12. AnnaDraconida

    Holy cow, she looks rough…

  13. Darth

    The ancient Messianic Prophecies are right #9.I’ve never felt The Force as powerful as it’s now before.

  14. Armando

    How is that this skank isn’t broke and sucking cock for coke bumps?
    Who the hell would let her shop in their store?

  15. mamamiasweetpeaches

    How is she still ALIVE?

  16. Katie

    Why don’t they just throw this bitch in jail already, with her numerous failures to comply with various court orders (skipping alcohol education classes as well)?

    On another note, even though she is thin from all the cocaine, her legs are still shapeless sausages, just smaller shapeless sausages.

  17. Tek

    I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but other than the pics in wich she’s wasted… she actually doesn’t look bad.

  18. snarkyscreenname

    I cannot stand her legs!! They are hideous, and staying true to her PWT roots, she is showing them off in a pair of daisy dukes made from BLACK jeans. Who DOES that?? ugh…whats sad is that she didn’t HAVE to be like this. She was a cute kid. She could be pretty and she could have had some class, its not like she is stuck in the tar hills or something. Yeck

  19. Katie


    Actually she did HAVE to be like this. She was raised by trashy dysfunctional retards from Long Island so really she didn’t stand a chance. Daddy’s twit pic, case point:

  20. Sloane

    All the kiddies watching “Parent Trap” better demand a refund!

  21. Kelly

    I hope that if Dr. Drew’s prediction that she is going to lose a limb comes true, it will be both of her sausage legs. She could do without those, or at least cover them up.

  22. Gozer

    Lindsey nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………….stopppppppppppppppppppp….you are breaking my heart…..your poor miserable Hollywood soul……boo hooooooo

  23. cc

    See, that’s the beauty of being drunk all the time. When are never sober, you just don’t miss it.

    Seriously though, how do these people manage to dodge the law all the time, especially to shop and get drunk? I’d love to simply skip being deposed and see how long it takes to be served with a warrant.

  24. rex

    maybe we should start viewing lohan’s life as an epic testament to how resilient the human body can be, even when one constantly attempts to sabotage it.

  25. c

    Is that coke I see by her nose in #3? Geesh.

  26. Fas(c)hionista

    merilhepburn is a moron.

  27. Sean

    You know, I don’t actually want Lindsay to die. She has more entertainment value alive. And more value to the economy. Think how many paparazzi she keeps employed. Think how many coke dealers kids will go to college. Think how many doctors next BMW will be paid for treating the people she spreads VD to.

    That said, I have taken her in my Dead Pool the last 3 years and she has fucked me every time.

  28. Ego

    it’s only a matter of time before she does porn. Hopefully before she OD’s or dies of alcohol poisoning or both.

  29. miike

    She was actually pretty hot at one time but now she just looks like a disgusting skank.

  30. miike

    She was actually pretty hot at one time but now she just looks like a disgusting skank.

  31. small asian penis

    Go Lindsey it’s a Wednesday!

  32. small asian penis

    Can’t a motherfucker get drunk on a Wednesday?

  33. Chupacabra

    wait a minute, that guy behind her is wearing espadrilles!

  34. rex

    I’d pay a bundle for seats to see a cage match between lohan and tila where they both have chainsaws.

  35. Unbelieveable

    This kind of BS really pisses me off. She’s getting drunk on a nightly basis, yet the celebrity suckup judge she has for her case tells her “good luck” when she allows her to violate her probation by missing alcohol education classes. And turns a blind eye to the photographic evidence of her being a continuous drunk (with no daily alcoholic monitoring required, mind you). Now she gives the middle finger salute to a felony kidnapping deposition after arriving 90 minutes late, saying she’s too busy to be deposed & goes out shopping. Then gets drunk again. This BS has got to stop; someone has to put their foot down.

    It’s up to the judges in the cases she’s involved in to pull her ass into court & read her the riot act, then hold her in contempt. Either that, or the judges involved need to be replaced with no nonsense judges who will put their foot up her ass if she tries to pull any more garbage like this. If you or I did any of the crap she’s pulling, we’d end up in jail…

  36. dude

    you judgmental assholes have no friggin clue and half are hypocrites. besides that i wish she would try to get into college, there ain’t that much wrong with her. i had sex with as many people at her age, maybe more, and took probably a hundred times more drugs and i got thru it just fine. it’s called living up your twenties so ur not a friggin dope addict later when you have kids. i can think of a hundred celebs that’ll be on my deadpool before lindsay. who, by the way did i mention, i’d nail like the messiah on good friday..

  37. Valerie

    I got drunk yesterday, on a Wednesday : )

    Yeah she’s getting a little fatter lately.

  38. justifiable

    #36 ” i had sex with as many people at her age, maybe more, and took probably a hundred times more drugs and i got thru it just fine.”

    No, you apparently “got through it” only after a large portion of your brain cells either died or just plain committed suicide out of sheer embarrassment. Because if you think Lindsay Lohan’s drunk driving arrests, mulitple lawsuits, criminal charges, drug taking and general falling down drunk or stoned every night of the week means 1) she doesn’t have much wrong with her that college couldn’t fix and 2) she could ever be college material, you’re fucking brain dead and need to be committed for your own good. Please, never have kids. Child Protective Services has more than enough to do these days.

  39. JJ Daddy-O

    Might Lindsay Lohan be this generation’s Keith Richards? Minus the talent, of course… but she seems to have the survival talents of a radioactive cockroach after Armageddon…

  40. herbiefrog

    who gave you fuckers theright

    to tell others how to live… ?

    …maybeeeeee eee that’s what’s wr o ng

    with this f******************** world you believe is reality ?

  41. bitch PLEASE

    I swear this bitch is a cough drop away from death…

  42. MLVC

    I wonder if it reeks downstairs?/? I’d still lick her log launcher.

  43. hm. too bad.

    shes getting fat. someone with breasts like hers should not continuously inflate and deflate or they will get even droopier.
    She normally looks pretty actually…her makeup usually looks nice and she wears a lot of black with her hair in her face so you cant tell, but shes getting fat and sloppy.

  44. titsonsnack

    Clothes shopping… Doesn’t she have racks and racks and racks of clothing she’s never even worn before taking up her entire Hoarders apartment? Like, so much clothing and shoes that she can’t even enter the room they’re all stored in?

  45. captain america

    after the whites the BLACKS?
    did she forgot the “Yellow-ones”?(asians)

  46. bmose

    They should have a TV show called “Hollywood Justice’ showing celebs getting away with all kinds of shit. Didn’t the last “Judge” say “I’m pulling for you”, before letting her go?

  47. dude

    @38 yep that post was for exactly people like you who have no fuckin clue. not that i owe you any explanation but fwiw i got into mensa after cleaning up so if i have that many brain cells after the fact then i’d bet i’m still brighter than you. also i have four kids and three are honor roll students. now that’s not to say lindsay could get into college as-is but short of being in a vegetative state just about anyone can be tutored into qualifying. yeah even a dope like you.

  48. disgusted with paps

    The paparazzi are the scum of the earth. They are going to be the death of this girl. Everyone of them is guilty. I think it is time for hollywood to start hiring some of the very people who hunt them down…and then turn it back on them. In short, hire papps to photograph papps, 24/7, until they know what it is like, until they beg for forgiveness and promise — in writing — to crawl back under the rocks they come from and never hold a camera again.

  49. Arska

    Paparazzis are guilty for this? Um, no, I believe it’s Lindsay who is doing drugs, drinking alcohol and getting in legal troubles without anyone forcing her.

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