Lindsay Lohan has her shit together, says judge

July 16th, 2008 // 38 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is on the straight and narrow, according to the judge presiding over her probation case stemming from last year’s misdemeanor charges. Nothing like seeing a veritable booze tornado defy all odds and become a lesbian. *sniff* She was one of the greats. E! Online reports:

A Los Angeles judge agreed with the 22-year-old starlet’s attorney today when he determined that Lohan had “proper attendance” and “no missed dates” regarding the various obligations she has been required to attend as part of her probation from 2007′s twin-DUI debacle.

All I have to say is, they don’t make overprivileged child stars like they used to anymore. Britney’s cleaned herself up and now Lindsay. Christ, next you’re going to tell me Paris Hilton has stop killing homeless men with her death vagina. I’ve traveled into a parallel universe, haven’t I? I knew it. I bet I can fly in this one. Whee!

UPDATE: So I don’t have the power of flight. What I do have is the ability to bounce off the roof of a Prius into a bus. On that note, I’ll be typing with my tongue from here on outpbpt. Damfit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Wow times must be rough… looks like she’s shopping at Gap Kids now.

  2. granada

    That is one ugly dress. But good for Lindsay…let’s see how long this lasts.

  3. lamby

    I’m blind.

  4. mia

    yeah, good for her.

  5. jo smo

    where are the dirty upskirt shootin’ paps when you need em….

  6. It is amazing how much better she looks when her little Gollum girlfriend isn’t hanging on her arm…

  7. English Bob

    I’d be all over this chick like a rainbow on an oil slick….Does anyone else think that it’s probably NOT water in that bottle..?? You sly dog Lindsay….

  8. Spiderwoman

    That’s really great that she finally turned her life around. She had to since she was in deep shit with the law. I’m glad she finally left the partying scene. It does get boring after awhile. She looks much healthier now. But she still seems like a dyke, hanging out with that Sam chick.

  9. sameshitdifferentyear

    I got something “straight and narrow” right down here for ya Lindsay


    A nice tepid, shit-quality double-entendre to start the day…..

  10. Lidsay has been proved as a lesbian, even more, she has a personal account on (MILLMATCH). seems that she often wonders about it to look for bisexual funs. OMG, she make me sick!

  11. monkeyfightclub

    she was way hotter when she was out of control

  12. Miss Kitty

    WOW! Look at those saggy baps! And she’s only 22 years old?!?!?!?!

  13. #10 – please fuck off and die spammer

  14. Richard McBeef

    all my friends drive a low-rider

    saggin ass titties

  15. Ted Mosby

    Very hittable

  16. Did the judge say “She has her shit together” or did he say “I’d like to fuck her in the shitter”?

  17. Rome

    Her tits aren’t saggy, you morons. All boobs bigger than an A-cup droop a little bit, the bigger ones even more so.
    Unless all you’re accustomed to are plastic tits. Or no tits at all.

  18. Que

    Que yes please!

  19. Jonny S

    Honestly she looks healthy in this picture, no late nights snorting coke off a italian towel boy

  20. lancelot

    In spite of everything, Lindsay still looks great. She is a beautiful girl, even after putting her body through all kinds of hell, the weight losses and gains, the drugs and booze. She’ll never be as unbelievably hot as she was back in the Herbie days when Disney had to hide her charms, or the early Maxim photos when her young, natural body nearly burst with nubile luciousness. But she is still a great beauty.

  21. DoFreeBird

    What’s up? The middle of July and no pictures of Lindsey in a Bikini puking up her guts over a balcony on a group of Nuns? Whats this world coming to.

  22. Tom

    She’s still so hot. I want her bad.

  23. brianne

    she’s usually so gorgeous, but oh my god if that dress isnt awful!! the color washes her out, and it looks like she has the boobs of a 45 year old with 5 kids!

  24. I need to park my chevette in this red heads garage.

  25. ph7

    #24, I’m thinking my ride is pulling into the rear entrance. After a leisurely drive through the mountains.

  26. Dave

    Wow! She’s actually looking hot!!

  27. Richard McBeef

    @17 – so you have saggy tits too?

  28. hausfrau


  29. herbiefrog

    “traveled into a parallel universe” said the fish

    ok… apart from the

    the spelling

    looking great babe : )

    orange is so “one of those” colours

    quiet times coming… : )


    …then ? : )

  30. Randal

    When hasn’t she had her shit together? Lindsay has been doing everything she’s wanted to do since she started doing it! It’s other people who think otherwise and their opion does not matter.

    Lindsay, keep being you because no one does it better! Luv ya! xoxo


  31. Kate

    I can find nicer stuff that that shiteious dress at Target. Way to go Lindz.

  32. Kate

    I can find nicer stuff than that shiteious dress at Target. Way to go Lindz.

  33. leng

    I just feel a little strange that someone is keeping saying some celebrities and rich men joined the famous affairs site !!!***SugarDaddyconnect . c o m.. Did you notice that? absolutely a rumor!

  34. andy dick's vagina chin

    for some reason she looks like she’s really good at licking slit

  35. ………………………………She needs to S(H)IT?

  36. JPRichardson

    I sincerely lilke her “Twinky” legs. Too bad she has saggy boobs, no ass and no waist. He face looks OK though.

  37. Larry Jones

    Am I splitting hairs or she a bit cankl-y?

  38. Lurch

    Wow she looks alot better now

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