Lindsay Lohan has her shit together, says judge

Lindsay Lohan is on the straight and narrow, according to the judge presiding over her probation case stemming from last year’s misdemeanor charges. Nothing like seeing a veritable booze tornado defy all odds and become a lesbian. *sniff* She was one of the greats. E! Online reports:

A Los Angeles judge agreed with the 22-year-old starlet’s attorney today when he determined that Lohan had “proper attendance” and “no missed dates” regarding the various obligations she has been required to attend as part of her probation from 2007’s twin-DUI debacle.

All I have to say is, they don’t make overprivileged child stars like they used to anymore. Britney’s cleaned herself up and now Lindsay. Christ, next you’re going to tell me Paris Hilton has stop killing homeless men with her death vagina. I’ve traveled into a parallel universe, haven’t I? I knew it. I bet I can fly in this one. Whee!

UPDATE: So I don’t have the power of flight. What I do have is the ability to bounce off the roof of a Prius into a bus. On that note, I’ll be typing with my tongue from here on outpbpt. Damfit.

Photos: Splash News