Lindsay Lohan has best manners ever


The always classy Lindsay Lohan allegedly spit an hors d’oeuvres back onto the tray because she didn’t like it. She was at a Hollywood industry party and grabbed an hors d’oeuvres from a passing waiter but after tasting it yelled, “This tastes like shit” and spit it back onto the tray.

As eyes rolled, Ms. Train Wreck snagged a napkin and daintily patted her pie-hole as the horrified waiter tossed his napkin over her disgusting spit-out, stalked straight to the kitchen and dumped the contaminated tray!

At this point they can pretty much make up whatever story they want about Lindsay Lohan and it’ll sound okay. She lit a homeless man on fire to see if they were flammable? Sure, why not. She spent half an hour talking into her juicebox thinking it was a phone? Yeah, that’s our Lindsay. If they ever make a documentary about her they could splice in footage from The Three Stooges and nobody would tell the difference.