Lindsay Lohan has a gun. Even better.

April 29th, 2010 // 80 Comments

Apparently it’s Photo Shoots with a Death Wish Day, because here’s Lindsay Lohan posing with a gun for photographer Tyler Shields. And by posing I mean these are just candid shots of her typical night.

Captions under the pics.

EDIT: Video after the jump.


  1. End Black History Month

  2. tata

    las pic is HILAAAARiOUSSS

  3. She looks disgusting…

  4. chelsea

    i only like the second one. the rest she looks distorted… man she’s really gotten ugly from her not taking care of herself.

  5. Ben

    That is some skilled photography work there. Seriously, did the guy use an iphone in a dark room? What a fucking hack.

  6. Moll

    The stark difference between her face and neck is the scariest thing ever. And her head looks so shopped in the first one! Definitely shelving this mama in the “fail” category.

  7. Taz

    she looks like death

  8. Taz

    if she was laying in my bed like in pic 3 I’d do it

  9. PoisonIvyLeague

    I never thought I would say this about her, but this is really sad.

  10. Matthew

    that dude should be scared of his life and again she’s thinking on her next coke benge or party.

  11. Kirk

    you really need to stop wasting your time and this space on Lohan. She hasn’t been attractive for at least 5 years now. Ugh.

  12. Sport

    Sad that anyone would give this drugged out skank any work whatsoever.

  13. StopthisTramps

    Fish why are you so obsessed with ho-han over the last few days? Perhaps you feel that by covering her train wreck stories she might give you a sympathy bang for being her only remaining fan on the web.

  14. None

    She weighs like 20 lbs and is towering over this twink

  15. OPS

    Nice to see Lindsay in her most natural position in pic #3.

  16. OPS

    Typical night on the town in pic #4.

  17. shawnark

    I hope they got that gun back after the shoot!

  18. Chris

    Tyler Shields looks like a complete Terry Richardson plagiarist. And Terry Richardson is pretty unoriginal himself…

  19. Mr. Mister

    She’s the ultimate argument for giving women prescriptions for cigarettes and cocaine. Stay sexy, ladies.

  20. Rebecca

    I don’t get it… who is she doing these photoshoots for? where do these pictures end up? I think Teli Tequila is more marketable at this point.

  21. Rebecca

    I don’t get it… who is she doing these photoshoots for? where do these pictures end up? I think Teli Tequila is more marketable at this point.

  22. Erik

    If you stop posting about this nasty skank, we’ll all eventually forget about her.

  23. Erik

    If you stop posting about this nasty skank, we’ll all eventually forget about her.

  24. Dude Love

    Wouldn’t mind finding her in photo #3 in my bed when I come home from work today.

  25. SO RIGHT

    I have a few things to say to Lindsay: 1) trim your hair…it’s pulling down your face and you don’t look healthy with it that long, 2) keep your hair auburn or dark — you look older with lighter hair, 3) soften the make-up. you’re really just a young woman and not a 40 year old vamp, so soft pinks on lips with less facial makeup is the way to go for you, soften the mascara, 4) add a few pounds so you look a little younger, 5) do something other than hang out in clubs. exercise, find a hobby or something you like to do or something where you’re giving back to society, 6) dress with more class — less trash, 7) go back to school. Get an education while trying out for movies. Change something in your life or nothing in your life will change. There — my 2 cents.

  26. Flower

    My God! How does one go from A-list actress to soft porn so fast? What’s next for this poor lost woman? Assuming, of course, that she has that many “next’s” left?

  27. WOW

    Does anyone else see the resemblance between that guy and Samantha Ronson?

  28. Dread not

    Let me guess, that gun is one of those novelty items, like one of those cigarette lighter deals. Only this gun, you pull the trigger and it shoots bullets full of coke up your nose. Lindsay, you are crafty one.

  29. oh i know

    think she shoud use pic #3 for her Father’s Day card…… ;)

  30. nikki

    Pic #1: ohai, it’s the Joker.

    She’s so fugly it’s not even funny anymore.

  31. tom cruise

    Last pic is like Final Destination, only she can’t stop the future. she’s gonna end up a dead $500 hooker with sperm all over her.
    i just called it.

  32. ohmy

    Living the good and fun vamp life. Been there. Hot as fuck.

  33. Kristin

    thats an actual apartment? damn they ruined that room. ANYWAYS i loveeeee her heels. coke whore look is good for her

  34. wow

    She looks hot. I don’t care if it is photoshop or makeup but she looks good.

  35. ddsds

    shes pretty hot except for her face, but most of all, the implants that are under the muscle and not that big at least, but still unnatural and rock hard lookin in some positions

  36. Giorgio!

    She is so effing hot in that video, damn, that is a body built for fucking.

  37. Admiral Nimitz

    Let us know when she puts the gun in her mouth and uses it……

  38. Stella


  39. J.H. Christ

    Armed robbery will be her only means of supporting the drug habit soon….

  40. J.H. Christ

    She wouldn’t make a dime as a hooker….

  41. n

    wow the video is pretty irie i see her being found in a motel hacked to bits one day…sorta sad

  42. lalala

    Good question # 20!!
    Also, why is there a papparazzi video camera in the shoot, and why is the video leaked?? OH I KNOW!!! SHE GOT PAID FROM HOLLYWOODTV !! How low is that?? she really is desperate for cash.
    she kinda looks hot is some of them but boy her face is so fucked up from the drugs. And shes gained a lil weight in her face also. Might be the wrickles sagging down her face. shes only 23!!!

  43. gah

    WTF. Ok so the pics look kinda cool, but anyone instantly looks ten times better when the contrast is bumped up so high all your flaws melt away. When a picture is so contrasted that your nose is almost gone it’s pretty bad. Try it – take a photo of yourself and bump up the brightness and then contrast that fucker to the max, you’ll look like you belong in vogue.

    Back to what I was saying about the pics looking cool. They look cool until you watch the video. In the pictures she’s this sultry vixen vamping it up – in reality when you watch the video she’s hobbling and shaking on those heels and mugging awkwardly and holding the gun on her lip for about two hundred years in fifty different poses.

    That little turd photographer is a fuckin amateur. ME TAKE EDGY PICTURE, WONK WONK. ME ARTIST. ME SHOOTING LINDSAY LOHAN.

    What are these even fuckin for?
    What the fuck does Lohan even do other than go to clubs and crop up in celeb gossip sites? When I was 20 I thought it was the big spit to hang out in bars every night.

  44. whatsong

    Anyone know what song is playing at 2:28 and again at 6:19

  45. small asian penis

    Yup, still looks like a kid playing in lingerie. The gun doesn’t work.

  46. They both look so gorgeous with each other I am very glad about it this one is really a very nice for me.

  47. bar room hero

    this is some fucked up shit…

    The blood splatters look more like a knife attack than gunshots. WTF??

  48. captain america

    but please remember: SHE IS STILL BROKE WITH A FLAT TYRE!!
    she must act like a prostitute to attract american assholes, folks!!

  49. Shot shot it lindsay be done with your self PLLLEEEEAAASSSEE Shot the damm thing right in your mouth.

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