Lindsay Lohan gets topless for credit cards

June 11th, 2008 // 87 Comments

After some heavy topics involving Jesus, gay people drinking and comas as self-improvement, I felt it’s time for some lighter fare. These are shots of Lindsay Lohan: the face of the 2008 UK Visa Swap which apparently involves charitable Europeans swapping used clothes. I dunno. But what I do know, is that I’m definitely feeling my “credit score” rising. Aww yeah. But, seriously, I’ve found David Bach’s DOLP system to be practical and effective for improving your credit. I’ll tell you all about it if someone can put a freaking shirt on Chesty LaRue up there. For the love of – this is a family site!

Photos: Splash News

  1. snarky

    Nice scowly face in every picture; what idiot told her to do that? She’s not attractive to begin with, and this just makes it worse. I will never understand the appeal of this girl. I could walk down the street and find pretty girls in a heartbeat.

  2. snarky

    Nice scowly face in every pictures; what idiot told her to do that? She’s not attractive to begin with, and this just makes it worse. I will never understand the appeal of this girl; I could walk down the street and find prettier girls than her in a heartbeat.

  3. snarky

    …and I’m a douche for posting twice…

  4. p0nk

    yes, it’s me. i’ve been wandering like an internet gypsy. still looking for a home.

  5. Grunion

    Well I guess it’s better than getting topless for crack like she did before.

  6. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    She looks just like the bimbo I drove over the bridge in Chappaquidick.

  7. Tom

    Ah, I love Lindsay! She’s such a ridiculous slut. I’d date or fuck her in a second if I could. Since I can’t, I’ll have a threesome with these pics, my right hand, and my imagination tonight.

  8. Dude

    What’s up with the blurred out/air brushed body?

  9. aja

    @ 28 – abortion scars? That made no sense. Did you mean Caesarian?

    PS – Lindsay looks hot as always. You’re a bunch of haters.

  10. meg

    anyone else notice that her cleavage is airbrushed those are not her tits lol

  11. Min

    Lindsay looks fine, but it’s a bad Photoshop job…she looks misproportioned in the first picture and something’s just wrong with her stomach…

  12. Do_FreeBird

    I would imagine it took about 20 yds of duct tape to keep those legs closed in pic #2

  13. She should suck in her stomache.

  14. biwp414

    She looks constipated.

  15. me

    i don’t get her look of concern…or confusion…or anger…whatever it is, is this attractive?

  16. abdo

    Lindsay..please stop posing like that!!
    Honey,,Face it ..You are not that sex idol

  17. Lol 64, that’s wht I was thinking!

  18. It's Joan Crawford Bitch!

    I’d say this girl’s desperation tour is over, but I think this is just the beginning my friends. Ironically, he credit is probably not good enough to get a credit card. However, I’m sure her maxed out cards are great for cutting lines!

  19. chesty larue isn’t a name i’ve heard of in a very long time. good call!

  20. simplicity


  21. Rundle

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am writing this letter to let you know, That the horrors that face this planet are in fact real, and hold much greater significance than holding this wretch of a woman on high. Furthermore, this waste of space has relinquished her fifteen minutes, and deserves no further attention. Not only does she not care about her health, and outward appearance, but she has reduced herself to taking off her clothing for cigarette ads. Where is the Lindsay of old, where is the sweet child that America fell in love with? Up my Butt, thats where. Feeding off the malnutricious droppings of the waste left behind by the things before her that were productive. So Nay, I say to anymore top rated films..Nay to commercials, nay to anything mainstream that my children may become aware of. No Lindsay, you are cast out of the light, the Masses have spoken. Heed the call of the righteous, for now is the time. He has spoken, and your calling is clear…PORN, for the love of God, share that vag with the less than fortunate. Maybe a soup kitchen at Thanksgiving, or my house in Palmdale, say maybe eight thirty tomorrow, but heed the call of the light, you must…it is the only way.

  22. Gabby Johnson


  23. Mike Hawk

    edit; credit cards, not smokes. Eh, you get the point..Creampies.

  24. Gabby Johnson

    edit; credit cards, not smokes. Eh, you get the point..Creampies.

  25. Gabby Johnson


  26. Cameron

    her tits are photoshopped! that doesn’t look right.

  27. butterfly

    Snarky, I totally agree! She always has that stupid angry scowl. I think its just HER. She is one pissed off little freckle. I think she’s a joke.

  28. Dav

    Whu must she always scowl or grimace? I don’t get it =\

  29. babetes

    Lindsay Lohan is my favorite. Someone told me she is datting a young billlionaire on -”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m. What kind of relationship she is looking for on that site? Long-term relationship or just a dating?

  30. You mean ofcourse: SHE NEEDS CREDIT!!

  31. ToTellTheTruth

    I wish this nasty spotted up bitch would quit thinking people want to see her naked….

  32. jay

    lindsey is hot, she needs to get her act together though…

  33. ferlo

    she doesn’t look like she’s doing so swell.

  34. ohtobeme

    looks like she’s not wearing anything under the coat in the last pic

  35. Nick

    Yeah, that’s what she needs.

  36. herbiefrog

    …you wish : )

    [didnt we already say goodbye ? ]


  37. LocoChick

    What a slut!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe, wait scratch that, yes I can believe that she would do that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whore!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants to see that x-( GROSS!!!!!!!!

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