Lindsay Lohan gets topless for credit cards

June 11th, 2008 // 87 Comments

After some heavy topics involving Jesus, gay people drinking and comas as self-improvement, I felt it’s time for some lighter fare. These are shots of Lindsay Lohan: the face of the 2008 UK Visa Swap which apparently involves charitable Europeans swapping used clothes. I dunno. But what I do know, is that I’m definitely feeling my “credit score” rising. Aww yeah. But, seriously, I’ve found David Bach’s DOLP system to be practical and effective for improving your credit. I’ll tell you all about it if someone can put a freaking shirt on Chesty LaRue up there. For the love of – this is a family site!

Photos: Splash News

  1. ----

    Why is she making the same stupid facial expression in every photograph?

  2. And here I thought she got naked whenever you pulled out your credit card…

  3. NotLindsey

    WAR old used pussy in a old looking (for a twenty-something) average girl body.

  4. If her tits were fighting, I’d (ahem) come between them…

  5. granada

    #1 – Exactly. She looks the same in every picture. Horrible photography.

  6. Ted Mosby

    I’ve hit that. She left an orange stain on my weiner.

  7. miggs

    She looks like David Hasselhoff wearing his swimsuit high on his waist and trying to hold in his gut for an hour on Baywatch.

  8. p0nk

    @2 well done!
    apparently the vaginal-magnetic card reader surgery was a success.

  9. CaptObvious

    I have no formal training, but I’d like to make a guess: Photoshop might have been used in preparing these advertisements.

  10. chaz

    is she saying “what,? you dont want me to take my clothes off? u sure? i can pull this jacket back………. u sure? cause ill do it”

  11. ? ? Id live to eat her freckled pale ass, then put her on her knees, pinch one off and get a blumpkin! ? ?

  12. Lola

    so it is true that she’s broke…. she’s now resorting to taking off her clothes for credit cards…. nice one lindsay….. let’s hope you don’t blow your $15 paycheck from this AD on something completely useless. I really don’t see what’s interesting about this girl. No one cares if you’re a lesbo or you’re straight or you’re a whore. Well we all know you’re a whore.
    Average girl, fake hair, fake boobs, no talent, no money. Nothing to offer anyone. What’s even more sad is that you actually had alot of potential to make something of yourself. Now look at you? What a waste

  13. The Gorgeous One

    What blahhh photos . . .

  14. Lara

    what did LiLO left leg told her right leg?
    -Nothing – THEY NEVER MET!!!!

  15. Lara

    what did LiLO left leg told her right leg?
    -Nothing – THEY NEVER MET!!!!

  16. Ed

    Sometimes I have shits that look almost exactly like Lindsay’s skin. They’re always floaters, too. It must be something I ate, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

  17. p0nk

    14 & 15, that joke would be even funnier in English.

  18. Lara

    I don’t get it!!! How did I write it wrong?

  19. She has the cleavage of a much less disease ridden woman…

  20. p0nk

    sorry lara, i don’t mean to go grammar nazi on you, but how about “What did LiLo’s left leg tell her right leg?”

    still, it was a good joke.

  21. Melissa

    Swap what???

  22. deacon jones

    Turtlehead Alert!
    Someones got a turtlehead judging by that expession!

  23. nipolian

    Just when the US finally closed the lid on this nasty hole’s popularity, the dumbshit British have to go and make her their coverskank for Visa. Way to go fuckheads!

  24. Barack Obama

    Ah luvs white wimmens titties.

  25. Lara

    It’s all good pOnk, gets a bit confusing once you speak 5 languages… But it was funny right????

  26. PunkA

    Dear Fish,

    If Lilo is not either a)drunk, b)on drugs, c)crashing her car or d) all of the above

    keep her of your site. She sucks when she is sober. Just boring as hell.

    Your Readers

  27. Auntie Kryst

    @26 Well said, I’ll sign that letter. In the words of John Hancock, “Gimme that mutherfuckin’ pen!”

  28. 10pound

    Not sexy. Whats up with that skirt being pulled up over her belly like that? Must be hiding abortion scars.

  29. Jumpin_J

    “Barack”, once again showing you’re a sexist, racist, and most probably the most loathesome and unfunny person on the planet. All that in just one sentence, too. How I wish we could all live up to the bar you set, but that’s just not possible. Sigh.

  30. nipolian

    Maybe while she’s in the UK she will pull a Molly Ringwald and go into Euro-reclusion for a decade or two, only to resurface 35 lbs overweight, balding, and even more worthless than when she left. You Brits want her… can fucking have her!

  31. I don’t speak 5 languages, my tongue can only handle one. And it’s called “multiple orgasms”.

  32. ***

    @24. I’m curious as to whether or not you’ll send these chat scripts to Obama’s new home [The White House] when he wins … or chicken out and jump in a fiery ditch like you were made to do.

  33. ***

    “multiple delusions” *cough*

  34. coffeebean

    @32 – Don’t go sayiing Obama and chicken in the same sentence. You will get him all excited.

  35. Lara

    @ Jimbo -prove it!

  36. LOL

    She looks pissed off

  37. nipolian

    #27 – Auntie……You definitely brought your A-game today my friend…..that was hilarious!!!!!

  38. ***

    @34. So, should I also not mention rice AND beans in the same sentence when addressing you?

  39. pistola

    i agree with #1 and #5… she looks slightly pissed off in every picture. what does being pissed off have to do with a visa?!… stupid

  40. Chupacabra

    well at least she has work, so she can quit going to people’s homes and stealing their clothes.

  41. Que

    Que nice!

  42. Lara

    @31 -Jimbo again! But than again on a second thought… no thanks…If you really could do what you falsely advertise you wouldn’t be at the superficial all day, would you now? Realistically you would be very busy with a legion of woman following you around and worshipping you. Go back to your collector edition star wars figurines… ;)

  43. Auntie Kryst

    @37 Thanks and right back at you. I’m still laughing about the little problem back in the 1940s.. That was some funny shit.

  44. veggi

    39- everything!!

    is that really you p0nk????? Where the hell ya been??

  45. Jimbollina Seville

    She really does have a nice perky pair of plumbs

  46. Her career is over. Next.

  47. And I go cookoo for cocopuffs..

    I don’t know what I’m saying anymore I snorted all my expired medications last night.

  48. ph7

    Overseas commercials = Dead Career.

    It’s the premise behind Lost In Translation.

  49. Juliet

    Why does she always look so ANGRY?!! Lindsay, this is not a good look for you. It seems that this perpetual brow-furrowing has created some deep wrinkles between your eyebrows… the drug use and sun damage probably didn’t help with the premature aging…

  50. Lindsey is such a plain jane slut

    Why does anyone think Ho-Han is attractive? There are thousands of much better looking women all over NYC. Heck, Jersey Mall Girls looks better. If she weren’t a celebrity whore, she’d be nothing. Natch.

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