Lindsay Lohan Goes Crazy

20050124lohan.jpgMan I love first hand accounts of celebrities being insane. If you’ve got some good stories, send them my way. As long as I’m not in the middle of something important like watching porn, I’ll most likely be thankful. Anyhoo, reader Lorie writes in:

I recently worked as an extra on LL’s upcoming film “Just My Luck.” The scene was set in an public relations firm where Lohan works. The walls were decorated with magazine covers, and way back in the very back of the set was one particular picture LL found disturbing. She was standing not three feet in front of me when she got this enraged look in her eye, stormed over to the wall and yanked down a picture of HILLARY DUFF! She told one of her minions to “get rid of this.” The picture was quickly replaced.