Lindsay Lohan is definitely not wearing a bra

August 21st, 2009 // 127 Comments

Here’s a braless Lindsay Lohan in SoHo yesterday and why the hell is she wearing a pillowcase as a shirt? I thought this chick did nothing but buy clothes with Samantha Ronson’s money 24/7. Okay, that wasn’t fair. Sometimes she buys Red Bull.

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  1. nastyjay


  2. Jose

    Yayyyy forrr bralessness! Love that shit!

  3. chango666

    Oh yes I would . . . in a heartbeat . . .

  4. Screaming Meat Nugget

    What the hell is that thing on the cell phone?

  5. stupidass

    what a nasty chick i can’t believe anyone thinks sh…………….




  6. DrainBamaged

    2nd last pic is funny as hell, fish lips. hahaha

  7. Richard McBeef

    Not a smart move Linds. Those milk udders already knock your knees soon they will be knocking your ankles.

  8. Max Planck

    Smoker suck..even when not wearing bras.

  9. Richard McBeef

    WTMF is that guy with the ripped up shirt and leopard shoes. Is that how the gays are dressing these days?

  10. pasteve

    Puss in boots!

  11. Valerie

    9–It’s Santa Monica. Anything goes.

  12. Randal

    Lindsay has always been on the cutting edge of style, setting trends in the industry for others to follow. The white curtain silk top and the boots make an amazing statement that only Lindsay can make. Luv ya girl!


  13. Valerie

    11–SHIT! Nevermind, never been to SoHo. Hung over ><

  14. kris

    #5 is SOOOO right, she is gross!!

  15. Mal Gusto

    there is that douche puss on the right. What the fuck is his name. The little fuckin hanger on….something German I think. He is like the poor man’s Andy Dick

  16. stupidass

    yeah, kris totally missed my joke

  17. tbonerex

    How retarded do you have to be to walk down the street wearing a goddam see-through smock, no bra and HUGE sunglasses and then decide to “block” the paparazzi by putting your hand (man-hand mind you) over your frakking glasses?!?!

    Dumbest f-ing chick on the planet.

  18. Yeah, that’s it Lindsay— cover your face from the camera, while leaving your visible tits on display— thats a good slut.

    There was a time when I would have peed on my Grandmother to get a peek at those tits. Sadly, she has gone the way of Madonna. Nearly hideous to look at.

    By the way– Samantha Ronson has money? For what???

  19. Your Mom

    God she is gross. I don’t and never did see the infatuation with her. The “even somebody like ME could have a shot at somebody that gross” attraction by the D&D idiots that frequent these boards while mashing the keyboard with the obese fingers the whole time calling an anorexic model fat? I think I see it now.

    And what’s up with the f’tard, Kanye wanna be behind her with a shirt that is “tied” together? F’him.

    That is all.

  20. FKMaster

    Just hurry up and release that sex tape and maybe we will reconsider

  21. jp

    what’s up with the collagen? It is always hit or miss. And when I say miss, I mean stapling a piece of shit to your face maybe the equivalent.

  22. RK

    I need to see video of this for added bounciness.

  23. Megan

    Funny how on the first episode of the new Project Runway she was critiquing a guy for sending a model out with a see-through gown on, saying it was unwearable. Why the fuck was she on that show anyway? She knows nothing about fashion, let alone life, and I’m surprised she didn’t say to everyone: “I like it, but it’d be a lot better dowsed in coke… and could you sew 20 penises to it?”

  24. Deacon Jones

    Very, VERY nice.

    I would shoot my load almost instantly with her bent over a couch wearing that outfit. 5-6 pumps then *SMACK* in the back of the head

  25. chris

    pic # 8, what a fudge packer

  26. Kate

    This SKANK is retarded. Yesterday was in the low 90′s here in NYC…BOOTS??? What an asshole. Fake hair {to hide her bald head}, fake tit’s {can’t move}, hedious wardrobe {no taste} UGLY FAKE FISH LIPS {for Sam’s amusement}, no jobs, no friends, no talent and class. BATH LINDSEY…BATH THIS YEAR!

  27. GB

    Guys must mistake her for a professional all the time.

  28. Say No to Gay Fish

    She’s a dyke because no man will touch her….

  29. lololololol

    #12 randal is an obvious homosexual, and not the cool kind that act normal; he’s obviously an aids infested flamer!!!!

  30. pep

    Besides the fresh injection of botox, that Hero Crane top is fabulous. She looks good in it. good job LL.

  31. WASP

    She really has no friends left. We should all be nice to her like the mental health commercial tells us.

  32. lololololol

    are you guys sure she’s a lesbian? she’s been dating that dude, sam, for a while now.

  33. Balls Jackson

    so that’s what black gays will look like in the year 2045….. Awesome.

  34. lololololol

    any guy who comments on her sense in fashion instead of her tits or how much of a whorish slutty skank she is obviously enjoys dick in their ass.

  35. Bigo

    Isn’t that Russell Brand on the phone?

    I give Lindsay one more year till her tits fall down to her belly button.

  36. Chupacabra

    yep it was 90 in NY yesterday. Stupid to wear hot fucking boots.

    Next, when is she just gonna get to doing porn already?

  37. lololololol


    i think those boots look fine on her, especially with that top and those shorts…that’s how crackwhores are supposed to dress.

  38. lololololol


    i think those boots look fine on her, especially with that top and those shorts…that’s how crackwhores are supposed to dress.

  39. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I would hit that with assunder but she is not aging well at all. What’s she now, 35?

  40. ginger

    She looks like she needs to wash her crotch

  41. alisa

    blah blah blah blah i’m sure her shirt costs more than your whole outfit

  42. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Daisy dukes and a bed sheet. So much class..

  43. BOGIE


  44. joe m

    Why do so many perverts keep staring at Lindsay’s beautiful body?
    Probably because they’re own girlfriends and wives are ugly.

  45. burchio

    WTF happened to her lips?
    She looks like a 50 years old whore!

  46. i’m surprised DELGO isn’t commenting. He must be over Lindsay’s fire crotch.

  47. elaine


  48. Sleuthy

    Actually, I think that’s Sam Ronson in drag behind her in the black tank top.

  49. Jerry Garcia

    With that parade of fags as company it’s no wonder she gave up dick for tuna

  50. IKE

    If she put on 10 pounds she’d be hot.
    I bet a lot of the weight would go to her boobs.

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