Lindsay Lohan goes blonde

March 8th, 2007 // 79 Comments

Lindsay Lohan spent six hours bleaching her hair blonde at the Neil George Salon in LA yesterday and then showed up to Mr Chow’s the same night looking like this. Because nothing says “I’m not as dumb as you think” than blonde hair. Is this how she expects to be taken more seriously? She’d get more respect if she was wearing a Hitler mustache and clown shoes.


  1. D'arcy

    The jokes are terrible. You know you’re at your sorry wit’s end when you need Hitler to bring a joke around.

    *wanders off into oblivion*

  2. Lowlands

    Blowdryhan seems to enjoy the grabbing…

  3. crestlin

    she looked posessed…now she’s in the same boat as the olsen twins…

  4. narcissus

    Her orange hair fits to her orange skin now..

  5. Truthseeker013

    Ummmm…excuse me…

  6. fame is funny

    she DOES look like that kid from malcom in the middle! ha!

    on a side note, how do you dye your hair halfway through a movie?

  7. pana1718


  8. ElatedPornStar

    She’ll never get respect, as long as she has freckles on her twat.

  9. icess64

    If the jokes on this site are so bad, then why visit the site at all, much less take the time to write comments?

  10. Chef

    I still like her best as a redhead…dark to blonde never works…

    And couldn’t they have lightened her brows a little…they’re w-a-y too dark for a blonde!

  11. WTF?


  12. kathleen170


    I totally agree with you. She looked best around like 2 or 3 years ago when she had her red hair and her skin wasn’t overly tanned and leathery. And my god, she desperately needs to lighten up those brows!

  13. licklick

    The dye job looks half-baked.

    Now she’s got fucked up skin and hair.

  14. Juliana

    Did NOBODY notice her toes? They look terrible. Maybe she should go get a pedicure.

  15. marjie

    I wonder when all of her hair will fall out.

  16. lilygirl

    But who is that guy with her? He looks the crack dealer that hangs out on my corner!
    Scary, and wierd.

  17. babygirl5187

    since when did it become okay to dress like the golden girls?

  18. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    That is NOT blonde, that is chicken fat yellow.
    Her toes are fucking bown/orange and her front teeth are starting to gap. I hate this cunt. Even Britney news is better than reading about this worn out ho.

  19. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    bown, brown, you get the idea…

  20. Stink

    I bet she’d get reeeeal mad if you threw some grape juice at her noggin. And by grape juice I mean a frozen can of the concentrated stuff.

  21. GG1000

    Geeez, look at those eyes! Like a cat in headlights. Have another line, Linds, we need another celebrity overdose to keep us entertained for a week or so.

  22. herbiefrog

    ok… we give in : ))

    …and yes the hair is fab )

  23. wink

    Deer in tha headlights…..! ! !

  24. I like it . . . but I really think she should go back to red and leave it alone. It was really pretty then.

  25. imran karim

    wasn’t the last time she was blond when she was anorexic

  26. Amy

    does anyone else find it amusing that her necklace reads “fairest of them all”?

  27. SallyUp

    jesus…look at those toe nails…she spends 6 hours bleeching her hair and but not 2 minutes washing her feet….bleaaahhh!!!!

  28. LeeLee

    At least it’s better than when her hair was black and it looked like she was trying to reprise her “ex-wife” costume from Mean Girls.

  29. six hours? did they do it hair by hair?

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