Lindsay Lohan goes blonde

March 8th, 2007 // 79 Comments

Lindsay Lohan spent six hours bleaching her hair blonde at the Neil George Salon in LA yesterday and then showed up to Mr Chow’s the same night looking like this. Because nothing says “I’m not as dumb as you think” than blonde hair. Is this how she expects to be taken more seriously? She’d get more respect if she was wearing a Hitler mustache and clown shoes.


  1. danielle

    LOVE IT!

  2. RJ

    Wow, this site just gets lamer and lamer.

  3. ImaCracka

    What did she have to eat there?

    Cream of sum yung guy?


  4. Fehklar

    Then why do you fucking keep coming here if it’s so lame RJ?

  5. danielle



    But, I think it she had sushi.

  6. lookma_nohans

    She took her dealer to Mr. Chow’s?

  7. MrSemprini

    *gasp* Clown shoes AND a Hitler moustache? You know my secret shame…


    Have a nice day…

  8. llllllllll

    I suppose the blond bow on her shirt means she now matches…black eye brow/black pants, Blonde hair/blonde bow

  9. jpjrocks

    This iste is indeed getting really lame

  10. jrzmommy

    Damn that’s pretty awful. Not much to say here except that I hope she gets better.

  11. ImaCracka

    Yea I hate lame iste’s!!!!!!! lol… tard

  12. I wonder if she also dyed her snatch.

  13. She can spend 6 hours getting her hair done, but, not be able to stand up when she has to work. What a worthless ho, and an insult to us real blondes.

  14. llllllllll

    She can afford to not stand up when she works…I thought all celebrities earned their pay laying down?

  15. guymorgan


    because her works for some crap gossip site and wants people to loose faith in superficial

  16. TheKat

    Eeeeew, did anyone notice her toes? Someone’s in need of a pedi!!


    My experience is that redheads don’t care too much for blondes, and when a pretty redhead decides to “go blonde” she is basically saying “I’m confused about who I am”. Lindsay is confused about who she is. Go red, Lindsay! Bleached blondes are a dime-a-dozen.

  18. lookma_nohans


    Last time we all saw it, the saarlac pit was bald.

  19. DizzyIzzy

    Man, that looks like a bad wig. Baaaad wig. Hasn’t anyone told this girl that overprocessing kills your hair and overexposure kills your career. I would never go see any movie this chick is in because I wouldn’t be able to dissociate her character from her public image. Which is terrible. Hey Lindsay – think Tom Cruise, JenBen (or whatever they were called – Affleck and Lopez), or Rosie. Geez. Oh yeah, and nice meth face. I’m 36 and look younger than you. Yikes!

  20. RJ

    #4 hoping it would get better. apparently it’s not going to anytime soon.

  21. bergdof616

    I need to become a damn Hollywood hairstylist. Dunk the head is tub o’ bleach, then in a deep fryer….voila, now give me $800. Seriously, no one in Hollywood has good hair anymore.

  22. Wow Just Wow

    Goes from Long Island Red to this?

    She looks like a young Victoria Gotti.


  23. elizabeththewellread

    I hate this stupid cow.

  24. Wow Just Wow

    What’s up with her big toenail in photo 5?

    She looks like a giant tree sloth trying out for a part as Tony Montana’s furniture in Scarface.

  25. teetee

    Two words,
    FIRE CROTCH. Nuf said.

  26. lambman

    Yeah, I think I’m pretty much done with this site.

    The only reason to come here is to look at pictures and read the quoted blurbs…the commentary and “jokes” are hella lame.

    But the readers do put funny stuff in the comments though

  27. lambman

    If she’s supposed to be blond in her new movie that would explain why all she did on set was sleep in her trailer…because she had dark hair that day, but the movie just started filming and she just went blond

    # 18 – I don’t think Lindsay is “confused about who she is” I think she’s a working actress and is required to change her hair color for her job.

  28. Hecubus

    I can’t understand how anyone could find this bitch anything other than sickening, I mean honestly she really makes me feel physically sick just looking at her.

    She’s got one of those ‘I’m a complete bitch’ faces, like Elizabeth Taylor, a spoiled cat or that kid from Malcom in middle.

  29. veggi

    she’s nuttier than squirrel shit.

  30. guymorgan

    Wow I am suprised at how many people from other gossip sites are employed to slag off the superficial.

    They are so obvious!

  31. Chouli

    Why is she dressed like my grandma on bingo night?

  32. veggi

    @31- what does that even mean, weirdo?

  33. Tekniqz

    I’d hit it.

  34. Zoey

    Her roots need doing.

  35. schack

    wait, I had that shirt… it was the good old days, 1990. i looped the corner of it into a matching plastic shirt-corner-looper,
    oh, and I was SEVEN YEARS OLD

  36. Italian Stallion

    #36 so…you got pics of that…?

  37. Jenster

    seriously, why does she think that looks good? she looked rediculis the last time she dyed it blond.

  38. guymorgan


    Now I am suprised at how many retards there are on here too.

    (actually that’s a lie, I am not suprised at all…)

  39. libertine

    she looks like her mother.

  40. 86

    That shirt is hideous.

  41. jrzmommy

    because she looked so good the first time she went blonde……….

  42. Damn, somebody needs to go to Tranny School to learn how to look less like a pig in a wig.

  43. Wow, when I insisted she get a dye job, I meant a GOOD dye job, like oh, say BACK to her natural hair color!

    She looks like the epitome of Long Island/New Jersey/Brooklyn trash.

  44. Nikk The Templar

    Uhhh…uhhh…umm….what the hell is that and why is it making my genitals itch?

  45. HollyJ

    i think the blonde pleasantly accentuates her rashy-looking orange freckles and crack wrinkles

  46. Lowlands

    With iron selfdiscipline i’m forcing myself to start with the remaining administration.I’d put it on the blowdryhan post because then my attention don’t get distracted.I haven’t yet my thick glasses on but that hair is not blond but flaxen.Must be her real color…

  47. HughJorganthethird

    I’m pretty sure she had the Almond su Crack followed by a nice Vicodan Hot -Pot. For dessert? Jizz I’m guessing..

  48. Lowlands

    I see on the 2nd pic this brotha is licking his lips while grabbing her from behind…

  49. jrzmommy

    I saw that on the Nature Channel recently

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