Lindsay Lohan getting visit from dad


Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan will be visiting the troubled actress at the Cirque Lodge rehabilitation center in Utah. The two haven’t seen each other in years due to Michael’s trouble with the law and abusive temper, but Lindsay has decided to let him visit. Page Six reports:

“It’s a part of the healing process,” a friend said. “Lindsay will see him later this week, but she will have counselors with her. It will not be alone.” … In order for him to be allowed to visit, Dina – who has a restraining order out against Michael – had to get it lifted. “Dina thinks it is a good idea,” the friend said. “Lindsay needs to deal with this and needs closure.”

Battling drug and alcohol addiction has probably left Lindsay in a fragile state. I’m pretty sure seeing her father for the first time in years might not have the desired results counselors are looking for. Especially considering the first words out of Michael’s mouth will be: “Whoa, where did those come from?” Later that evening authorities will be scratching their heads over how in the hell Lindsay managed to drive her SUV into the Statue of Liberty’s face.