Lindsay Lohan getting in more trouble

August 10th, 2006 // 61 Comments

  1. urbanjungle

    What is up with that creepy guy with the camera in the 2nd photo? Has his tongue out and everything.

  2. Living the Dream baby, living the dream.

  3. rabbit

    Anyone else think her legs look extra thick here? Esp. pic #1? How does a tweaker have fat legs. Is she seriously to the point where she has become so tolerant to speed that she eats on it? A LOT? Ugh. She’s SPUN 4 sure.

  4. sita

    so much undeserved ego…

  5. gem18

    I think the reason Lindsey wears so many different bathing suits is because of her smelly “fire crotch”. All her underware/bikini selections are, “disposable, one-time use only!”

  6. whatever

    #12 – effing hilarious. esp. since i like 20 minutes from jersey and we wish they would blow up all the bridges

  7. #47, ffordegroupie LOL!!!!

  8. Hey, I like MD20/20.

  9. ElatedPornStar

    Even though Blohan is a dirty, disease ridden slut of an excuse for a human, I’d still hit it. I like her hair when its put down like that. Any other way and she looks like a sack of assholes.

  10. herbiefrog

    57 ok do check out the dina

    oh wait didnt we mean the dino?

    apparently not ?

  11. thesarahficial

    who cares about this douchebag?

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