Lindsay Lohan getting in more trouble

August 10th, 2006 // 61 Comments

  1. ImSuicidal

    “She is a brat”

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the internet, years ago this little skank would NEVER have been called out on this shit, Now somebody writes her a letter and it’s on the blogs within the hour.

    Hey Lindsay, you better calm down, hard to afford Valtrex when you’re unemployed and broke.

    Oh, and I hear Tom Cruise just bought stock in Chapstick, it helps him while he’s loving the cock.

  3. missykissy

    I can’t believe she’s got bloomers on.

  4. PaisleyMoon

    Blowhan the ultimate ugly untalented cunt, is crashing and burning. Don’t I love it? Soon she’s be sharing an efficiency apartment and a bottle of MD20/20 with Tara Reid.

  5. okiedoke

    Still waiting on the report as to WHY this chick is a celebrity.

  6. DancingQueen

    OH MY GAWD!! I saw her FIRECROTCH!!

  7. What else is new??

    This actually makes the news???

    Why are we talking about her anyway??

    She doesn’t deserve attention.

  8. Cat

    At least she’s *wearing* panties this time. Maybe she learned her lesson after flashing her cooch to a bunch of children at an awards show.

  9. jrzmommy

    They could tell me that Lindsay Lohan is solely responsible for the release of the Snakehead fish into the Chesapeake Bay, the resurgence of tuberculosis, was the other gunman on the grassy knoll in Dallas and is hiding Amelia Earhardt bound and gagged in her trailer “on location” and I’d belive it.

  10. spatz

    wasnt she like 15 when they did herbie?

  11. Verbal Osmosis

    3rd rate celebrity. I hope she gets evicted from her neighborhood, I’d love to see her out on the street crying while paparazzi snap away.

  12. Lindsay has all the class of a pair of cum stained panties left under the bleachers of a highschool football field somewhere in Jersey. The girl just looks like she smells like crotch.

  13. jrzmommy

    12–HEY HEY HEY HEY–You mean NORTH Jersey!

  14. Why is she even famous??? I mean, I ‘ve heard that if you suck the right dick (love the TC buying stock in chapstick, btw Spindoc) you can get what you want, but why is she STILL famous?

  15. willers

    The Chateau Marmont tolarated John Belushi even up to the point where he OD’ed on heroin and cocaine speedballs.

    and now theyre threatening to kick out Lindsay?! she must really be pissing people off there. they can handlea drug-fueled Belushi but Lohan is a lot worse.

  16. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    I heard Lindsay misread the title of Herbie, she actually read it as “Herpe Fully Loaded,” thought it was a movie about her life and signed on.

  17. She switched to bloomers because normal panties get eaten by her ginormous firecrotch and they also don’t ride up her hemmoroid lined ass (speedbumps to Tommy Cruise). How long before the Barbra Walters Special? How long before even Hollywood is done with her? Where, oh, where is the Black Dahlia’s killer when you need him?

  18. diabolik

    One of my best friends worked on Just My Luck and he said a lot of the same shit. The whole crew hated her. She’d call in when she was already supposed to be on set, so of course they’d have to scramble to set up other stuff to shoot without her. They went way behind schedule and it was all her fault. Plus, the fact that she was a coke-head was commonly assumed. All this is second-hand of course and probably not true…after all it was just my best friend who was telling me this WHILE he was working on the movie…

  19. Nikk The Templar

    “The Chateau Marmont tolarated John Belushi even up to the point where he OD’ed on heroin and cocaine speedballs.

    and now theyre threatening to kick out Lindsay?! she must really be pissing people off there. they can handle a drug-fueled Belushi but Lohan is a lot worse.”


    You know you’re fucking up when even the Chateau won’t handle your ass…..

  20. Thanks to the internet, her reputation will continue to go down the drain. More and more executives and directors are going to black list her.

    Since she has no control over her spending habits and does not bother accumulating proper assets, it should be funny to watch her go from millionire to nill.

  21. AmericanMcKrout

    Nasty, nasty piece. Did anyone else see the bit with her and Ann-Margret? Not even in this little skank’s dreams could she ever hope to lick A-M’s toenails. How long before VD claims her pathetic life? (Just praying that there is a strain of VD strong enough to do the job…)

  22. Jacq

    #12 – Jersey girls ain’t trash – people pick-up trash.

  23. PunjabPete

    22 – I am rpetty sure her crotch ahs been reading a lot of Nietzsche… It is the only explanation for her continued existence…

    Just think… Her resistence is breeding a Super-Lohan…

  24. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    @23 PMSL!!

  25. perhaps i should mail her some free funderpants?

  26. CoJo

    Perhaps the production company for Georgia Rules (who was putting her up here) finally stopped paying the tab…

  27. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    WTF? You say in practically the same sentence that she is getting kicked out but that its not true?!!? Superfish, c’mon, there has to be some better dirt than this. Personally, I think the entire site has gone downhill adn when I first starting reading it I used to promote it like a motherfucker. But now lately I would feel like a clown if I told anybody to “check out the superfish for some good stories.” Even my retarded friends would fall asleep while thier mommy read it to them!

  28. nc72

    The Hiltons probably bought the hotel…

  29. mw

    I don’t know a lot about designer handbags but is that supposed to look like she just pulled it out of a dumpster?? I mean it goes with her overall trashy look but still, a Dior bag shouldn’t look like someone wiped their ass with it, should it?

  30. The Devil's Prom Date

    Here’s the thing: those underpants aren’t baggy- they’re actually skin-tight.

    Lindsay, babe- more with the penicillin, less witht the oxycontin.

    And some soap. Try some soap, too.

  31. wheremydamnbaby

    hey at least she’s not in a bikini, maybe she should just wear one under her clothes at least that would look better than those “panties”

  32. herbiefrog

    i just love pic #4
    the dior bag strap
    looks more like six inches to us
    and only smells of leather

    …oh and coke
    …oh and dope
    …oh and oxy


    lol babe :)
    don’t burn out too soon :))

    p.s. i only do white panties, so thanks for that

  33. I predict that Lindsay will soon piss off enough people in Hollywood where even John Waters won’t cast her in one of his films.

  34. Help me out here. What’s another word for “damn whore?”

  35. herbiefrog

    #37 i think its…

    damn that sl has the wooden trim
    who would want a wooden trim?
    …who would want a wooden trim?
    …who would want a wooden trim?

    and… ?

  36. Do Freebird

    She has top wear baggy/no underwear. The Firecrotch ointment she has to slather on her (not very) private parts gets rubed right off if her cooz cover is too tight.

    And as far as this budding Jersey Controvery. I’ve lived in both parts of the states. Girls in the North emulate New Yawk Trash. South Jersey Girls emulate Soufh Philly Trash. And Girls who are down the shore emulate Lanic Siddy Trash.

  37. Just a guess here, see if anybody disagrees. I’m just guessing she has some nasty B.O. You know, you’re going to work in the morning and sitting next to you is somebody wearing clothes from last night at the club and they’re just going home….and they smell like a mixture of vinigar and tomatoe soup and feet? I’m thinking she pretty much smells like that all the time.

  38. Good point. She should just wear a bikini under her clothes. It would save her a lot of trouble.

  39. guest1234567

    The Greeks made Lohan, but then again, so has everybody else.

  40. herbiefrog

    #42 how did this get back to lohan ?

    i thought it was about the greeks…

    …didnt they leve a big
    thing :)
    …somewhere around ?

    …i’m sure i saw it
    …as clear as i saw that pig fly :)

    lol babe )

  41. Do Freebird

    slutty bore
    diseaze’s galore
    (blew the entire) Marine Core (Semper Fi baby)
    Freckles galore
    herpes sore
    revolving door
    (anally violate me) with an oar
    trashy decor
    filming hardcore
    slimy cunt (doesn’t rhyme, but I like it).

    THank you very much.

  42. biatcho

    1st pic from the left on the bottom row – the woman in the backgrund is covering her eyes & protecting herself from all the nasty whorosity that is Lindsey Lohan. For God’s sakes get the children out of here!!!

    And yes #40 I imagine she & her crotchrot stink of stale cigarettes & the floor of an old irish Bar that has accumulated decades of people’s piss, shit & sick.

  43. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Her whole existence sickens me. I really can’t stand that these no-talent twats are allowed to run around doing whatever they want, and get paid MILLIONS to do it. When is her slightly more than 15 minutes going to be up? I can’t wait til years from now when we see the THS on her, which reveals how in the year 2008 she had to rob a liquor store to buy more crack and herpes meds.

  44. ffordegroupie

    I love that at least one irritating Hollywood brat is getting called out for her bad behavior — even by types who normally will suck up to any celeb, no matter how obnoxious.

    And I love how the web allows us to mercilessly mock and exchange every nasty little tidbit, and preserve it forevermore so that they will never get away from it.

    Pariahs is next guys!

  45. Leslie Sloane Zelnik, why would the guy come out and say who he is. He is part of the “lowly” crew, he would lose his job. Come on now CSZ, you are better than that.


    Your Dad, Jerry Sloane Zelnik

  46. Those are jimmy choo sandals! and thats a dior bag! this hideous fool doesnt DESERVE such beautiful things!


  47. yasmin3000y

    stupid bitch. DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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