Lindsay Lohan filing a restraining order against dad

September 26th, 2008 // 26 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has reached the final straw with her father Michael Lohan. After another battle in the press this week, Chesty Chesteron of Chestrackistan has decided to file a restraining order against her old man. Page Six reports:

Sources said, that she’s “taking out an order of protection. He’s behaving so erratically that she’s terrified he’ll do something to her. She’s contacted her lawyer to arrange this.” Lindsay’s sister, Ali, “already has an order of protection against him, as does [mom] Dina. No one is speaking with him until he gets help.”

Jesus, don’t people hire hitmen anymore? Since when did Hollywood become a bunch of pansies? Somehow I can’t help but blame Ryan Seacrest. He knows what he did.


  1. Dave

    first she loves chicks

  2. hugefaggot


  3. Steve

    She is so pretty!

  4. havoc

    She muncha da carpet….


  5. Only one fist at at time, please

  6. Obama will lose to Palin

    I’d put a hit out on her, right between her butt cheeks.

  7. Samantha must has a big schlong or enormus tonge

  8. Gina

    Nothing wrong with Mike Lohan…the whole family is fucked up and crazy including the youngest kid.

    They threw Mike away just like Cher did to Sonny Bono.
    Sonny Bono paid for and created Cher, as thanks she threw him in the garbage. SAME deal but even WORSE here !!

    Mike Lohan did have a drinking problem but he’s fine now, I know the guy he’s a neighbor of mine. The ex has turned the kids on him and trying to put him under a bus


  9. HorribleJudgment

    Who cares? Everyone involved here is as ugly as sin. Lindsay’s face is leathery and weathered. She has the face of a 48 year old.

    Michael Lohan is all wrinkled and fugly. His face looks like it’s made of fucking clay that someone ran over with a truck. Blech.

    And Samantha Ronson has beady little pig eyes sunken into dark pockets of flesh, repulsive sausage lips, a weasel face, a head shaped like a corpse, and she looks like she smells like a corpse.

    A restraining order? Good. They should all stay away from each another. Their ugliness feeds off one another.

  10. ummm...yeah

    Who the fuck cares about this fucking skank and her fucked up family?
    Fish, stop fucking posting about her ,dam.

  11. Baconator

    Remeber when she used to be hot? me niether….

  12. miggs

    When did the entire female Lohan clan develop a severe penis phobia? You could have filled an Olympic pool with all the thick salty semen they’ve gulped down (especially Ali).

  13. Gina

    All these Disney “puppets” like Lohan, Spears, Cyrus act like wild monkeys and pull bad press shit to get out of there contracts.
    It worked for the Beatles with EMI and Mahria Carey and Sony right ?

    Dont beleive a thing you read or see set up by there press agents its all bullshit

  14. ph7


    You may restrain me at any time.

    - ph7

  15. Id like to take a sniff right after shes been ravaged by Ranson, just to complain afterward…

  16. Michelle Obama

    My pussy smells like the monkeyhouse at the zoo.

  17. John McCain

    I stink of desperation…and impending failure.

  18. John McCain

    I am suspending my campaign until Linsdsay is back on the cock.

  19. Obammy Mammy

    I heard Crackhead Obama filed a restaining order against Lindsay

  20. What Thefuckever

    I have PMS and the urge is overwhelming to smack those douche nozzle Lohan’s in the head for being so damned stupid.

    Oh and I will be voting for Obama just because Lindsay says he’s what our country needs. Yeah – - I don’t fuckin’ think so.


    Restraining order…? How about she file a restraining order on the career nosedive she’s presently in? Jesus: Bridge jumpers laugh at her descent…

  22. saratoga party

    her dad is a dick. luv you lindsay!!

  23. Lindsay Lover

    She has wonderful boobs…………….I *heart* her

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  25. She is so beautiful.

  26. This is the other SNOB I was talking about.

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